Get some sweet-ass STAPLEGENIUS.COM(ics) comics and swag:

COMICS and BOOKS (I had some hand in):

All 304 pages of MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE in one lovely square-bound edition--every story, every issue, every special, a slew of pin-ups by my cartooning friends and idols, and a blush-inducing introduction by ZANDER CANNON

The complete SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE collection! An all-new 52 page adventure wraps snugly around the three SMV tales originally seen in the MUSCLES AND FIGHTS anthology series, as well as 2009's 24 Hour Comic.

The second thrilling, time-twisting adventure of CONTINUITY GUY! Will he man-up and embrace his destiny, or will the past come to defeat him first? Will it even matter that book one is totally unavailable for purchase? ...Nah.

The LUTEFISK SUSHI 'D' bento box, chock-full of mini-comics by MN cartoonists. I was Featured Artist for the box and corresponding show in August of 2010. I also have work in the other three Sushi boxes, of which you can still buy B and C at the same link.

FALSE WITNESS: THE MICHELE BACHMANN STORY is a series written by BILL PRENDERGAST and features the work of several MN cartoonists including myself in every issue. Its funny, eye-opening, and informative.

The "MUSCLES AND FIGHTS" empire, edited by BUD BURGY and AMADO RODRIQUEZ. Featuring art by myself and an army of other fantastic local talent. SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE stories appear in M&F 1,2,and 3, and I team-up with both ZANDER CANNON and RYAN DOW for two yarns in the Halloween-themed MUSCLES AND FRIGHTS.

BIG FUNNY--another fantastic project from the people who brought you LUTEFISK SUSHI. BIG FUNNY is an old, fashioned newspaper comics section--both in it's full page comics and it's imposing physical size. I was a contributor, as well as a co-editor and curator of the August 2009 show.

"SUPERHEROES, STRIP ARTISTS, and TALKING ANIMALS" by BRITT AAMODT is a series of essays on contemporary MN cartoonists (complete with their artwork). It features essays on many of my friends and heroes, and even me! Best of all it is put out by the MN HISTORICAL SOCIETY press and is actually something I can show my parents and relatives (for a change).

UPTOWN GIRL volumes 3 and 4. UG vol.3 features the 3rd UG Annual written by me with art by series creator BOB LIPSKI. UG vol.4 features and illustrated introduction by me as well as the 'MEAN MR MUSTARD' short I did for 'UPTOWN GIRL PRESENTS #1'. Both books can be ordered by contacting BOB at the email address on the link.

SUPER MAXI-PAD GIRL #3 features a 'Dark Knight Returns' parody written/lay-outs by me with art by series creator DANIEL J OLSON

SUPER FANTASTICA COMIX is an anthology series from the DANIEL J OLSON empire. I had work in all four issues (as well as doing the cover for the fourth), but as of now only the 1st and 4th issue are available.

GOOD MINNESOTAN #3--put out by 2-D CLOUD and features the cult-classic "SHRINER" by yours truely. There are 4 issues of GOOD MINNESOTAN and each is more than worth the read!

 SHIRTS available at:*



Super Seekins Bros

Super Seekins Bros--Black

Continuity Guy

Manly Tales of Cowardice (#1 cover)

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