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My buddy ZANDER CANNON has a young son, JIN, and Jin is KA-RAAAAAAZY about ULTRAMAN.  Zander recently asked me to do a drawing of ULTRAMAN that would be hung with pride on Jin’s wall.  I am already at least 3 pin-ups deep in debt to Zander, so ‘No’ wasn’t an option (not that I’d have said no anyway).  But to sweeten an already sweet and flattering pot Zander told me whatever I did would be hanging next to an ULTRAMAN by GEOF DARROW, and who could say no to THAT?!  Also…the pressure was now on full-blast.  This is what I came up with:

I knew I wanted to color whatever it was I was going to do for Ultraman, so I decided to go with watercolor.  Why? I dunno. I don’t usually use watercolor.  In fact, all I had to work with was an elementary schoolish set of generic kid watercolors to work with.  It just sounded like a good challenge though, so I ran with it.  Wish I had seen SARAH GLIDDEN’s watercoloring presentation from MIX before diving in, but I still think it turned out pretty good.  “Hanging Next To Geof Darrow” good?  I guess Jin will have to be the judge of that.  Anyway, before I go here’s a step in the process, when I was about halfway done:


SOUTHPAW SWEDE–part 1(of 2)

Once upon a time, my friend STEVE STWALLEY had a dream.  Well…he had a couple dreams.  The first dream was to form the International Cartoonist Conspiracy.  Having completed that, he decided to move onto dream #2–doing an anthology comic and calling it “WEIRD ILLUSTRATED”!  Steve put out a call, and I answered with…

So I’ll get into the genesis of the SWEDE later, but I can tell you a few things like:

     This is the first story I ever drew using a PENTEL POCKET BRUSH.   At the time (late 2004/early 2005/whenever this was exactly) the Pocket Brush was a new-fangled thing ZANDER CANNON had just smuggled into the country and we few brave souls who had one were trying to figure out HOW THE FUCK YOU USE THEM!  Clearly, I had a ways to go…  Speaking of a ways to go–KEVIN CANNON was still a good 7 years away from doing the first NORDEAST COMICS SUMMIT.  I had no idea you shouldn’t underline dialogue.  NO IDEA!!!


“The Young Earth Chronicles”–part 1(of 12)–aka “The most epic fail in the history of the Cartoonist Conspiracy”

Once upon a time ago in 2007, there was this epic fail.  So that’s how this happened…

   Ok. So here’s what I remember kinda sorta happening: Sometime during or after 2006’s 24 Hour Comic Day Conspiracy Poo-Bah STEVE STWALLEY proposed the notion that since 24 HCD–even at only once a year–was a bear of an effort, and what might be more fun of an experiment would be to meet once a month for 12 hours for one year straight.  The over-all idea was then you’d have a full 144 page graphic novel in 365 days!  What a great idea (in theory)! 

      So we gave it a whack.  As is our way we decided to meet at the MN Center for Book Arts once a month from 8am-8pm (or as long as you could. You didn’t have to do all 12 pages then and there just so long as you finished your 12 pages by the next month). I remember showing up some Saturday morning of some month in late 2006/early 2007 a little after 8.  ZANDER CANNON was already there (which is kinda funny considering how this story ends).  All in all those there that first Saturday to give the 144 Page Graphic Novel Challenge a try were Zander, Steve, KEVIN CANNONERIC LAPPEGARD**, CURTIS SQUARE-BRIGGS (I think), DAVID STEINLICHT (or was he just there for the open studio? Or was this how the Open Studio started? Ugh. My memory is so fuzzy on this. I think I blocked it out), and myself.  There may have been a few others.  I don’t know.  What I do know though is that WE ALL FAILED!!! **

     To be fair we didn’t all fail at once.  I know I made it 3 months. As did I think Steve(though he may have gone longer). Maybe Kevin too.  I’ll try to get the facts straighter for future posts.

     ** Ok technically Zander hasn’t failed. He’s still plugging away very slowly on his story ‘HECK’.  He’s dedicated to finishing it…some day.  He posts bits of it every so often HERE.  And ERIC LAPPEGARD tragically passes away that year.  So I give him a pass(even though he technically quit after the first month the quitting quitter!).  But to be fair he started his SCHMAPPLES webcomic around the same time, so again I forgive the quitting quitter quittertons quitting.


Zander Cannon’s “HECK”, also: “CHRONO CUTENESS!”



 One of the best kept secrets of the web these days has to be ZANDER CANNON’s “HECK” comic.   It’s the story of HECTOR–a man dealing with his past, the portal to hell beneath the home he inherited from his dead father, and his friend ELLIOT who has been turned into a mummy.  HECK began as a part of the ill-fated “122 Page Project” several years back that everyone who started gave up on quickly (myself included) .  Except Zander, it seems, who has been quietly working on it and has finally began posting it a page at a time.  So go check it out.  You’ll be glad you did!

   Speaking of one page at a time web comics:  “CONTINUITY GUY: CHRONO CHAOS” by myself and BUD BURGY has a new page up.  SPACE RIBS is back, and damn if he isn’t adorable!


LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘D’ opening photos, or “tonight we are all vampires”


   As you may have heard me mention (to the point you probably blocked me on Facebook yesterday) LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘D’ opened last night.  As always, I came armed with my camera: 

   I got there around 6pm as the AE crew and some of the “LUTEFISK SUSHI QUORUM of 12” members did some last-minute gettin’ ready for the 7pm public opening.

   The ‘Candy Sushi’ that LUPI, MIKE TOFT, and I made earlier in the day.

   The wonderful signage KEVIN CANNON made.  Now everything was SET!  We were ready to face the public!  The artists were starting to roll in and…… camera died.  Well, it said I had filled the memory to capacity (after 4 pictures), which I found weird since I had dumped all the photos on it earlier in the day.  Anyway…people filed in.  Talking was done.  Art was admired.  Gin was poured liberally from my trunk stash.  And the a couple hours later…

   My old buddy and pro photographer KRISSY DRAKE arrived and showed my wife how to make the camera work.  Huzzah!  This is also the point at which we all turned into red-eyed vampires.  THAT was weird, lemme tell ya.

  SEE!  I couldn’t resist the ‘dark gift’ of vampirism and immediately turned my wife.

  DAN “Van Helsing” OLSON rushed in and tried to stake me to stop the madness from spreading.  Luckily, he failed.

   BRITT HAMMERBERG–infected!!!

   Despite cash bets to the contrary, MATT KRISKE shows up…and is immediately attacked by Lestat-esque blood-lust.

   Once we were all Twilighted-up, we got back to the socializing at hand.  It was nearing 10pm and the once-massive crowd was thinning, but good times were still being had by local legends such as WILL DINKSI, AARON POLIWODA, TIM SIEVERT, ZANDER CANNON, SARAH MOREAN, STEVEN STWALLEY, BRITT, MARK McGINTY, VanHelsing, and longest-time collaborator DAN “DON” MURPHY.

  SHAD PETOSKY and KEVIN “C” CANNON talk about important subjects as RYAN DOW eavesdrops.

   My wife NICHOLE chats it up with LUPI and VanHelsing’s wife AJ.

  Look!  There’s AE founder and all around awesome person JAMIE SCHUMACHER!  

  TIME JUMP!!!  At 10pm AE turned into a pumpkin, so some of us headed over to the official Conspiracy watering hole–the world-famous YACHT CLUB!  There’s STEVE STWALLEY’s wife LEIGH-ANNE chatting it up with cartoonist  and Roe Family singer ADAM WIRTZFELD, the delightful RITA PANTON, and Conspiracy Founding Member MIKE TOFT.

   The newly christened DON chats it up Quorum member KRISTIN THOMPSON, while LANCE WARD and STWALLEY gab.

   ZANDER and SARAH are chatting about how much the upcoming MIX–MINNEAPOLIS INDIE XPO–is going to rock  (I’m assuming–about their conversation.  MIX is most certainly going to rock.  We can call that fact).

   “D” and “C” enjoy drinks and mull over where to have the annual retreat/hazing initiation of “D” with “A” and “B“.

  Have I mentioned how much JAMIE SCHUMACHER rocks?!  Seriously, we should all be so lucky to be so awesome.

    Anyway…that was more or less it.  People started peetering out.  Festivities for me ended around 1am.  It was easily one of the best nights of my life.  

    More pictures and re-caps of the night can be found HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and even HERE at the CITY PAGES.  Thanks again to everyone in the teeming crowd–friends both old and new, and strangers alike– who came to the show, making it such a massive night.   It’s one I’ll never forget!


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–the pin-ups (part 1 of 2) featuring Zander Cannon, Jon Sloan, and Eric Lappegard

   As that issue 5 was originally broken up into two “volumes”(issues), this left a lot of space for pin-ups.  Thanks muchly to everyone who donated their time and art into making this issue awesome, including:

   ZANDER CANNON strikes again with possibly the MANLIEST pin-up yet.

   Fellow Conspirator and martial-arts hooligan JON SLOAN catches Fleming mugging for the camera.  Jon keeps telling me he’s got a MANLY TALE of his own up his sleeve (and I look forward to seeing it, but save it for issue #25, Jon!  I’ll be begging for one then.),  so until that happens be sure to regularly check out his webcomic SA-BOM JIM.

    Finally (and I know I’ve posted this before, but…) the pin-up for issue #5 that started it all.  Thanks, ERIK.  I miss you:


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–pgs 4 & 5(of 45), also: “Big Time Documentry”

    This issue already has more action in it than the previous 4, plus all the spin-off material (24 Hour Day, Free Comic Book Day, and crossover specials) combined.  I think MANLY TALES is really more about talking and character development and INaction than anything else, so pages like these are really going to be far and few between.  Although issue 7 (which I’m over a third of the way done inking as I type this) is one big action sequence, so I’ll make up for all the gab now and then as the series progresses.  Also, revisiting these pages makes me realize I really need to figure out a way to bring King George back–this guy just rocks as a villain.

   ALSO:  During C2E2 word spread that a documentry starring ZANDER AND KEVIN CANNON had been released.  This mini-doc was done to  pre-promote BRITT AAMODT’s upcoming book “Superheroes, Strip Artists, & Talking Animals: Minnesota’s Contemporary Cartoonists”.  Well, if you look real close at the doc you might catch a glimpse of a “FAR ARDEN” pin-up I did, along with works by many other beloved cartoonists (both local and not).  And when the book comes out, if you read real slow you might even find a whole bunch of crap about me as well…



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