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WEEKEND PIN-UP: Kevin Cannon, also: Indy Comics Week

    Wish I could have timed it so this pin-up by KEVIN CANNON was the Xmas post, cause really there is no finer gift than a drawing by Kevin of your character (such as this one which was the back cover for the print edition of MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #4).  Or a drawing of ANYTHING by Kevin for that matter.  When you see his name on a book–BUY IT!  You will never, ever be sorry.

   Speaking of buying comics and being sorry, this Wednesday (December 30th) I and several of my fellow Conspirators will be taking part in INDY COMIC WEEK at the SOURCE COMICS AND GAMES.  Enjoy the official spiel below, and I hope to see you there!

“Welcome the opportunity to feature some of our favorite aspects of the greater comic book community” said Dominic Postiglione, co-owner of the Source “Independent & Alternative comic book creators and cartoonists drive the diverse world of graphic literature right up to the bleeding edge of popular culture.” Postiglione continued “A graphic literaure blender that is constantly changing, evolving and delivering something new and enticing in who knows what format?”
A Mini Indy Comicon is especially appropiate given the regions rather strange history of being a geographical breeder reactor for comic book creators and cartoonists. The Source, a long time supporter of Independent & Alternative Creators, welcomes the opportunity to showcase a much valued and often underserved segment of the industry, that is a virtual creative nuclear reactor.
Look for 14-20 Independent & Alternative Creators to be in attendance at the Source Mini Indy Comicon. They will be doing sketch’s, discussing & promoting, their work and interfacing with the people in attendance! There will also be complimentary soda, snacks, and a very special prize drawing! The Source will also be featuring over 250 Independent & Alternative comic book titles and cartoons in various formats at the store during the week.
“This is a highly rarified gathering of very talented individuals!” Postiglione summarized “And we’re inviting the general public,  seasoned comic fans, new comers and anyone else who is interested in graphic literature, to attend this very special and free event!”
The only claim to fame Dominic Postiglione co-owner of the Eisner Spirit of Retailing Award winning Source Comics & Games make is “the comic book I like the least, I like more that the comic book you like the most!”
Please add the Source Mini Indy ComiCon to your event calendar
Event Name:
 Source Mini Indy ComiCon 
Event Date/Time: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 – 5PM to 9PM
Event Description: Showcasing the Independent & Alternative World of Comic Books 
Event Location: Source Comics & Games 1601 W. Larpenteur Ave Falcon Heights, MN 55113
Graphics Available: Numerous. By request 
Contact: Dominic Postiglione, Source Comics & Games, 1601 West Larpenteur Avenue
              Falcon Heights, Minnesota 55113 
              651.645.0386 –  –  
Admission: FREE! 

Guest Creator List: Available by request.


The Source Comics & Games of Falcon Heights, Minnesota is pleased and proud to announce that the 1st Annual Source Mini Indy Comicon will take place at the store on Wednesday, December 30th from 5PM to 9PM. In addition, all week from December 28th to January 3rd, the Source will be exclusively featuring Independent & Alternative Comic Book Creators work on the new release rack!


WEEKEND PIN-UP: by Natasha

   This Weekend Pin-Up is by NATASHA, one of the two minature humans I have living in my house.  I actually ended up inking it because she didn’t want to (she also thought her drawing was no good to begin with.  Boy was she wrong!).  I did my best not to embellish in any way, and it pretty much looks exactly the way she drew it.   Like last weeks pin-up, this one also originally appeared in MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #4.  Thanks, Natasha!


Weekend Pin-Up: by Chole, also: Lots of comic events going on in Minneapolis

   Ok, so I guess I’m doing this “Weekend Pin-Up” thing for real (cause if there is one thing this blog is lacking, it’s regularly updated content).  I’ll start off the WPU with this pin-up by CHOLE, that appears (coincidently enough) in MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #4.  Chole, by the way, is my wife.  Not just content to be a pretty face on the shoulder of a hunchback, she’s also a skilled artist in her own right.  In fact this pin-up is about one of 10 she did of BETSY ROSSBOT.  So when I start to run dry of pin-ups in a few months, you can rest assured you’ll probably see them all. (WHAT’S THIS?!  A CRASS AND SUBTLE WAY OF SAYING THIS FEATURE WON’T LAST INDEFINATLY UNLESS YOU, THE READER, DO A PIN-UP YOURSELF?!  Perhaps….perhaps…)  Thanks, Wifey-Poo.

Ok…so lots going on this Saturday.  First up, friend of the blog DAVID STEINLICHT is having a book signing for his recently released collection CORNERED at BIG BRAIN COMICS.  It runs from 4-6 (or to put it another way, it starts right after the OPEN STUDIO Conspiracy meeting ends).    But what to do in those hours before the signing (if you aren’t at the Open Studio, that is)?  Well, you should head on over to the EASTSIDE FOOD CO-OP in Northeast Minneapolis for their 6th Anniversary Party.  In addition to free samples and all-natural foodstuffs, there is also some art up by just a few of the many Northeast Minneapolis cartoonists, including myself, DAVID AND MARY SANDBERG, LUPI McGINTY, DANIEL J OLSON, and the Conspiracy poobah himself STEVEN STWALLEY.  This show came about because of my 24 Hour Comic from this year, and the LION KING “Circle of Life” song can be cued up any second now…


Weekend Pin-UP: Lance Ward Strikes Again!

     OH THE HUMANITY!!!!    Well…not really.  Dead ATLANTIS LAD’s are as common as cell phones these days.  As it seems are some  Weekend Pin-Ups by guest artists–especially if that guest artist’s name is LANCE WARD.  After Lance did the pin-up a couple weeks ago, he toyed with the idea of doing a MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE/KLONKO crossover.  He didn’t get much beyond some ideas and a cover, but oh man what a cover…

   See, told ya.  Anyway, thanks for the great art Lance!

 Hmmm….”Weekend Pin-Up”…maybe this should become a regular thing…



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