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   Ok…I could tell you what CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY #5 is about.  I could tell you a couple of our heroes learn there is more to their powers than even their CSA overlords know.  I could tell you through a series a dreams we learn about what motivates our main characters.  I could tell you lots of thing.  But you can read it all for yourself, so I won’t bother.  Instead…instead I’ll talk about my young teen mind being blown by S-E-X.

    See, before I read WATCHMEN– before I even read HARD BOILED–I read CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY #5.  Up until then I had no idea you could get away with nudity and sex in a comic that wasn’t OMAHA THE CAT DANCER, especially not a comic involving SUPER HEROES!  But CC#5 did…well…IT!  I was shocked–SHOCKED!  My mind was opened!  I now had a comic I had to hide from my mom.  So thank you Will Shetterly and Vince Stone, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have spent the last 7 years drawing dicks and boobs in the CONSPIRACY jams.



   Well as you can see, our heroes spend the majority of CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY #4 sitting around drinking and talking (and you can read this and EVERY issue of CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY here).  This might seem like a basic set-up**, but it’s a pretty damn good yarn.  Not only does the plot thicken on what the future holds for our dear Cap cause he’s been taking a super serum steroid and is now cut-off from his supply, but it also hints at the idea said serum may do more than just amp up our heroes muscles.  AND our rag-tag band of heroes discover their (probably doomed) destiny.  Also, my favorite character of the series M’sieur Hex  debuts (he’s the Prince looking fella on the cover….HEY WAIT!  Will and Vince were in Minnesota at the time they made this series in the 80’s.  So was Prince!  I wonder…).

** Example of how CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY has influenced me to this day:  ALL my comics are pretty much just people sitting around and talking.  Thanks Will and Vince!



   CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY #3 by WILL SHETTERLY and VINCE STONE is a really, really good issue.  Will and Vince were finally past the premise-setting constraints of the first 2 issues and were now getting into the meat of the story and characters and plot(TWISTS!).  Read it for yourself today!



     So like issue #1 of CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY, there was a “Special Edition” of issue #2.  The new cover aside, writer WILL SHETTERLY and artist VINCE STONE slightly cleaned up ad greytoned the original #2 for what was then a growing audience.  In an afterward Shetterly discusses how issue #2 was a demanding task since he went from getting a long-gestating origin story off his chest with issue #1, and now had to tell an actual long-form tale over the course of the following 11 issues (of the original mini-series.  There was a second 4 issue series as well).  How did Shetterly meet this challenge?–Find out for yourself by reading the enitre series HERE!  For FREE and everything!

   Also:  I know some of you (Hi, Bud!) are missing the Staplegenius RETROSPECTICUS I’ve been doing on the weekends, but I think I’ll be doing the CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY’s for a while instead.  I’m having more fun drawing these than scanning my shitty old comics.  Sorry.  The Retrospecticus WILL return though.  We have the whole year, after all.



    No new ‘RETROSPECTICUS’ this weekend.  They are taking progressively longer to produce as each issue not only gets longer, but more scan-worthy as well.  So hopefully I’ll have the one for issue #7 in a few weeks.  In the meanwhile, here’s another cover from CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY cover re-creation series I’m doing this year.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go read CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY for yourself.  Like I’ve said before.  I’ve been re-reading the series as I draw each cover and man did WILL SHETTERLY and VINCE STONE do a bang-up job on that series back in the day.  It’s really fun stuff.  And so far they haven’t threatened legal action, so that’s pretty sweet.


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘C’–pg 3/4(of 6), also: “CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY” returns, and “I miss your pointy hat”

This “one week only”  tale was written by now-frequent collaborator/writer BRIAN BASTIAN.   It was originally the second story featured in MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #0, but also a part of our submission for LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘C’ .  Brian is here to join us–once again!–for some behind-the-scenes retrospectacizing on this 6 page epic:

BRIAN BASTIAN:  I don’t know what to say about this page.

DANNO KLONOWSKI:  I do.  It’s about one of my favorite things I’ve ever drawn.

BASTIAN:  My favorite part about writing comics is when I put something in that I have no idea how the artist will pull it off, but I know it’ll be awesome.  Here’s a great example of that. 

DANK:  I feel the same way when I’m writing something for someone else.  It’s a good feeling.

BASTIAN:  I think I just wrote “add any Star Wars characters you want”.  I especially enjoy the Death Star Atlantis Lad.  It would have been tough, but I would have liked to see an Admiral Ackbar.

DANK:  It wouldn’t have been impossible, and now I think I know what to draw you for Xmas.

  ALSO:  A few months ago when this blog started I did a “cover” of the cover to CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY #1.  It was a blast to do, and I think a nice way to say “Thank You” to WILL SHETTERLY and VINCE STONE, whose work on the Cap inspired me ‘lo those many years ago to waste my life drawing comics (and I couldn’t be happier!).   And when I was done with it, I just wanted to keep going and do the covers to all 18 issues.  Time went on.  I got wrapped up in other ventures.  That plan fell by the wayside.   But I’ve been so inspired of late by things like SLOTH FIGHT and GO! GO! ILLUSTRATION that over the weekend I made a challenge to myself: 

    I will–by December 31st, 2010–do every CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY cover.

   It seems like a feasible goal.  So…here we go.  May I present the cover to CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY #1 (special edition), the re-written/re-drawn re-do of issue one that Will and Vince put out towards the run of the series (I think thats the timeline). 

   In addition to being  a blast to draw, I should note I’m also re-reading each issue I do.  Its been fun revisiting these old friends.  And YOU  can read the whole series for yourself over at .

  Finally:  As lame as the ‘classic’ Electro is, I’m still smitten with his ultra-lame costume.  The EGO it would take to wear that in public and commit evil!  Astounding.  And I can see why they revised him quite extensively for a new generation: 


MISC: EXPLOSIVE neighborhood news and Captain Confederacy #1 (un)covered

Captain Confederacy #1 "covered"--after Vince Stone

Captain Confederacy #1 "covered"--after Vince Stone

1) The shout-out I did in MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #1 to the Holland Neighborhood’s yearly HOTDISH REVOLUTION was shouted-back in a very nice write up which quoted heavily from this here blog. Yes, its only taken 3 years but I am now officially part of my neighborhood.

2) The Lowry Bridge, a Northeast Minneapolis landmark went BOOM! over the weekend.

3) CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY #1 (UN)COVERED–  I don’t know if you’re aware of the website, but its a place where artists do “covers” of comic book covers, and there has been some pretty great work up there.  At this months Conspiracy jam we did some “covers”. I liked it so much a I did a few afterwards, too, and by far my favorite is CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY #1.

     For those of you unfamiliar with CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY you can read some (and I’m guessing eventually ALL) of the series at, but heres a quick synopsis:

   Back in the late 80’s SteelDragon Press put out a 12 issue CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY series by writer WILL SHETTERLY ( and artist VINCE STONE (  The series followed a government sponsored team of super heroes (and villians!) in an alternative universe where the South succeeded in seceding, splintering the US and spurning a super-powered Cold War.  The 12 issue series followed CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY as he tried to make sense of his life, his image, and his countries place in the world. ( Part one is at )  In an interesting side-note, and the series also featured back-up stories called ANT BOY by mini-comics legend/First Fella of Hamtramck, Michigan MATT FEAZELL (

     In the early 90’s Marvel’s EPIC line put out a 4 issue series that dealt with the world-wide super-powers issue, as seen thru the eyes of our heroes, of course. This mini-series was also by Shetterly and Stone.  (Part one is at

   So…why did I do CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY #1?
   Well, long ago when I was in eight grade I was lucky enough to spend a day skipping school so I could attend a young writers conference. In addition to the joys of state-sponsored truancy, I was fortunate enough to have a couple of seminars that discussed two of my favorite topics–sci-fi and comics. And my instructor for this best day of non-school ever–Will Shetterly.

     Cut to the a comic convention a few months later (FALLCON!) where I was able to find and purchase the original CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY series(and two specials which we “re-dos” of the first two issues as both Shetterly and Stones work evolved over the course of the series), and it was not too long after that the second series came out. I was in CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY heaven. The stories were mature and thought-provoking, and the art was inspiring. On top of all of that, it came out of Minnesota!   As a young kid seeing anything in comic form from Minnesota was amazing and validating, and seeing something as brilliant as CAP be born here solidified for me making comics was more than just a pipe dream–it was a potential reality.
       So yes, I grew up. I never gave up on comics. I kept drawing and writing. I may not be a big name but I derive no greater joy in life than when I’m immersed in my world of making comics–be it the ones I make for the self-publishing/mini-comics/blogging world, or the ones I even occasionally get paid for.  All my grown-up friends are not only great people, but they are also cartoonists I met through a group started right here in Minneapolis– the International Cartoonist Conspiracy– and who I get to play with via the medium of jam comics, collaborations, and anthologies.
    And I feel I owe a great debt to Will and Vince and CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY (and MATT FEAZELL!) for all this happening.
   So thanks fellas, I appreciate everything.

Oh…I suppose I should compare and contrast before we go…heres my cover next to Vince’s original. See ya’ll tomorrow.



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