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HELL FREEZES OVER!!!–Unanticipated comics now available for purchase online

TC 2 --Front Cover

TC 2 --Front Cover

    After months of Brians friendly “Hey…ummm….you think you can actually list that comic I am publishing thru your P.O.D. service?” letters and this blogs much-ignored write-in campaign, COMIXPRESS has teamed up with Lucifer (The Morningstar, The Price of Darkness, His Most Dark Worship) and finally made TOMMY CHICAGO (vol.2) #’s 1 and 2 available for purchase to YOU, the sinner!!!

 Get’em while they’re toasty…FREEZING TOASTY!

TOMMY CHICAGO (vol.2) #2– Front cover


TC 2 --Front Cover

TC 2 --Front Cover

      So here is the front cover for issue two of TOMMY CHICAGO which, much like issue one, is  STILL NOT AVAILABLE at comixpress, but you can probably order by harrassing them directly at:

     Also, don’t forget my Cartoonist Conspiracy sisters and brothers and I will be drawing, selling our comics, and taking any and all admiration for our art hang at Diamonds for this weekends ART-A-WHIRL in Minneapolis.  Today we’ll be there from Noon to 8pm.

   More info on the Conspiracy show/table and ART-A-WHIRL in general go to:



     TOMMY CHICAGO is a comedy and action comic started about 6 years ago by writer Brian Bastian and artist Bob Lipski about the exploits and of a not so well-intentioned detective (T.C), his loyal kid sidekick Jimmy, put-upon waitress Stella, and the various villians of TC’s native Chilitown, USA (including the Ugly Rose, Weezer, Supreme Nacho, and many others).
     While I didn’t actually start reading TC until around issue 8 or so, it immediatly became my favorite comic, so much so that I insisted Brian and Bob do a TC back-up story for the first issue of my comic MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE.
     Shortly after that, I asked Brian if he’d write a script for MANLY TALES #4 wherein TC and the MANLY TALES gang would meet, fight, and eventually team-up in a classic comic crossover fashion. Brian agreed to and I was pleased as punch!
     In the months leading up to the actual production of the crossover in MTOC#4, Bob found out he was gunna be a daddy and decided he was going to have to limit his comic drawing commitments exclusivly to his monthly comic UPTOWN GIRL. Seeing my chance to be a part of the book I loved so, I asked Brian(and Bob) if could take over the art on TC, so Brian could at least finish the 12 issues story arc he was planning. Both thought it was a good idea, and the release of MTOC#4 confirmed that “good idea-ness”.
    But Brian got a idea. I don’t know if I’d classify it as a “better” idea, but it was certainly a “different” idea.
And his idea was this:
    Brian would convince Bob to finish the 12 issue run of TOMMY CHICAGO volume 1 (of which they had 3 more issues to do…and Bob DID agree), while he and I started TOMMY CHICAGO volume 2, a series that takes place 3 years AFTER volume one! (The stories of what happened in between those 3 years would be told in the TOMMY CHICAGO FREE COMIC BOOK DAY tales–and my first TC book would be the 2008 FREE COMIC BOOK DAY story, which was part 2 of this three year tale.)

     Anyway…in the time between Brian’s idea and now, we have done about 150 pages of post-TOMMY CHICAGO volume one content.
    And finally, last month at the microcon comic convention, Brian and Bob FINALLY released the 12th and final issue of TOMMY CHICAGO (vol.1). It was a pretty stellar comic that managed to tie-up 11 issues and 6 years worth of scatalogical content in nice 30-some page package.
    So, CONGRATS Brian and Bob! Ya done good!

    To wrap this up, I should note as a way to acknowldge the change between Bob’s art on volume 1 and mine on volume 2, we decided for the cover of issue 12 I would pencil and Bob would ink, and heres how that turned out….



‘Bout Time

Umemployment=getting around to bloggin’.

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