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UG v. TC v. MTOC–by Bastian, Lipski, and Dank–pg 15(of 60), also: Dan Olson rocks the party, and”Stock Profile #7″

The UPTOWN GIRL vs TOMMY CHICAGO vs MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE crossover from 2008 was written by BRIAN BASTIAN, pencilled (and inked) by BOB LIPSKI, and inked (and pencilled) by me.   Brian and Bob are here to join me for some reflections on this project:

BASTIAN:  This is my favorite part of the book, and it almost didn’t happen. Originally this was going to be a 48 page book, so I just started writing, confident that I’d figure out how to end the story by the time I near the end (see also: Everything I had written up to this point).  So when I got near the end I realized I was going to need more pages, and also I needed some more character interaction, which I’ll go into more detail later (we do have 45 pages left to go) but “Fleming hits on Ruby” just popped into my head, and I knew right away it had to be done, as long as Bob and Danno would approve adding 12 pages to the story.  I think I had Danno right when I said “Fleming hits on Ruby” and Bob…well I went to the hospital the day after his daughter was born to visit, and I asked him as I was leaving. I’m pretty sure he thought I was just a leprechaun offering him some delicious candy.  The point is it was worth it.

LIPSKI:  My characters don’t date. They don’t date each other or anyone else, so it was fun to see Fleming hit on Ruby.

DANK:  I agree having Fleming get his creep-on with Ruby was a stroke of genius.  Like I mentioned somewhere in the commentary for MTOC #0, I hadn’t given much thought to Fleming as a sexual being, so making him the sort of sexual being who was never going to get any with his sad approach was perfect.  Its also helped set-up almost immediately in my mind how MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #10 was going to open….estimated print date: 2047.

    ALSO:  I should have mentioned this earlier, but I recently wrote a SUPER MAXI-PAD GIRL story for my friend DANIEL J OLSON’s award-winning comic of the same name that Dan is illustrating.  I should also mention that comic-issue #3–is debuting at Chicago’s C2E2 in April, where Dan will be tabling.  Here’s a preview of the sweetness to come:

   Oh!–I’ll be at c2E2 with Dan.  I probably should have mentioned that,

   FINALLY:  There have been several interesting versions of today’s Daily Goal Sketch, but my client chose by far the most boring.  So I did all I could to turn in the most boring sketch imaginable.  ENJOY!


COUNTDOWN to…24 Hour Comic Day, Fallcon, the new TOMMY CHICAGO, and TOBY AND SARA–day 2(or 4)

    24 HOUR COMIC BOOK DAY is THIS SATURDAY (October 3rd).  The website/blog for the MPLS/STPL 24 Hour Day event is HERE.  IF you are not in MN but still want to participate, go to the “MAIN” 24 Hour Comic Day site and see if there is an event near you.  Now onto the new stuff I’m getting ready for FALLCON (OCT 10th and 11th)…

    Yes!  TOMMY CHICAGO #3(of 4) will be debuting at FALLCON.  As usual it’s written by TC creator and often collaborator BRIAN BASTIAN, and drawn by me.  As you can see, the ROBOT TOMMY CHICAGO saga rages on, and Robot TC is learning how to make friends in his new metallic form.

Tommy Chicago #3 --page 5
Tommy Chicago #3 –page 5

  TC’s sidekick JIMMY is also talking to strangers and making friends…



    And what would TOMMY CHICAGO be without some villanous scheming?  And so, SUPREME NACHO, WEEZER, and DR SPORK are up to something…

TOMMY CHICAGO #3; page 8

TOMMY CHICAGO #3; page 8

    Yep.  To find what happens, swing by my or Brian’s table at FALLCON (though well probably be within spitting distance of each other) and pick up a copy of TOMMY CHICAGO #3 …and #’s 1 and 2 if you need those too.  You can also buy them online HERE.

  ALSO:  The Minneapolis cells own expatriate MIKE SGIER will have a new issue of his series TOBY AND SARA…sometime soon.  In the meanwhiles, you can read the series so far HERE, and also look at this pin-up I did of the T&S crew



MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–Guest Artist Spectacular–pg 13(of 14)–by Bob Lipski and Brian Bastian

pg 13--art: Bob Lipski, words: Brian Bastian

pg 13--art: Bob Lipski, words: Brian Bastian

    BRIAN BASTIAN:  just struck a child! QUICK! CALL THE POLICE!!! 

    BOB LIPSKI:  is crazy–CRAZY DEDICATED TO COMICS!  Bob created the comic UPTOWN GIRL one afternoon back in 2002 and didn’t stop doing a new 24 page issue of it every month until very shortly ago when he hit issue #75!!!  Counting the various UPTOWN GIRL specials, one-shots, and extended issues of the regular run he also did during that time, BOB surpassed over 2000 pages of UPTOWN GIRL.  He is now working on a several hundred page UPTOWN GIRL original graphic novel, which is written by Brian Bastain and due sometime in 2010.   Oh yeah, Bob also drew the first 12 issues of TOMMY CHICAGO  during that 7 year span, too (this is the same TOMMY CHICAGO I later took over art chores on after Bob found a spare weekend to procreate and get married).  That, my friends, is crazy dedicated to comics.



pg 7

pg 7

    Here we go leaving the easy to ink backgrounds of outer space… BAH!

    So a lot happened behind the scenes between pages 6 and 7 during the production of this book.  I was almost done pencilling it and about to hand off the pages to STEVE to letter when good friend DANIEL J OLSON had asked if there was any way that I would be able to contribute anything to his fourth SUPER FANTASTICA COMIX anthology.  I had already drawn the cover for SFC#4, and this I had kind of done knowing that between PHENOMENAL TANGENTS and a few other things there would be no way I’d be able to get anything done for SFC.  But then I realized…the theme for SFC#4 was “SCIENCE FAIR”, and the opening 6 pages for PHENOMENAL TANGETS involved “science” and by only submitting 6 pages of a 26 page story would be totally not “fair” to any SFC readers.  So I pitched this idea at Dan and he said he’d love to run the first 6 pages.

     So Steve and I went immediately into making sure the first 6 pages were done ASAP.  I had them pencilled already, but Steve would be the letterer on PHENOMENAL TANGENTS, and he’s a busy guy so he had to go into personal overtime to get those pages lettered quickly.  Which he did!  And I cranked the inking out in a little over a week.  And despite our time constraints I was still super happy with how those pages turned out.  My buddy ZANDER even told me those pages were the most beautiful he’d ever seen me do.  Aw, shucks!  The SUPER FANTASTICA COMIX anthology turned out pretty beautiful itself, and can be purchased here.

    After all that excitement, Steve and I went back to the previously agreed upon schedule where he would get a pretty liberal amount of time to letter pages, and I would work on other things while he was doing that–like the TOMMY CHICAGO “FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2009” SPECIAL.  Eventually I finished the TC story and Steve had some pages lettered and ready for me to ink.  The Saturday I was going to go to Steve’s and pick those pages up, a pipe burst in our house.  I quickly scanned the internet for a reliable plumber who wouldn’t screw us over ’cause he had to work on Saturday, and found ERIK NELSON.  Having repairmen in the house has always been weird for me…what to do with myself while they toil?  Usually I sit nervously, but that day I remembered  “Oh yeah–COMICS!”   So I got some pages from Steve and brought them home to work on while Erik put my ancient plumbing back together.  While I was inking page seven Erik walked by and said: “OH! You’re a cartoonist?!  Me too!  Hey…weren’t you at the CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY meeting last month…?” 

    So yes, in the small world we live I had randomly called the only plumber in Minnesota who was also the newest member of the Conspiracy.  Crazy!  We have since become buddies, and his art will appear on this very website next month as a part of a special, secret project (well, slightly less secret now, I guess).  And it’s all thanks to comics….



pg 3

pg 3


       Somewhere between GALACTUS and SUPREME NACHO(a villian from the comic TOMMY CHICAGOI draw for BRIAN BASTIAN) is DHARKSTAND!  He was a blast to draw, and like all new things/characters, it was fun learning all the neat details of DHARKSTAND–all of which were totally moot by the time I memorized them since  I will probably never draw him again.  Ah well.  Steve did a few rough drafts of characters, and I think DHARKSTAND was one of them.  Someone please remind me to post those when the story has reached it’s conclusion.


    As I mentioned yesterday, while both STEVEand I had contributed a few basic ideas to the story (“A giant head!” “Somebody randomly time travels!” “Totally out-of-date ‘modern’ references!”), Steve was going to be responsible for writing the whole thing.  I did however have a hand in “MAPPING” how the story was going to be written.  I had come up with a idea based on my love/hate of ridiculous gimmicks in superhero comics, specifically the GATEFOLD–which if you don’t know is where in a comic either the cover or a page within will look like a single image, but instead of being able to turn the page, the page itself is merely just folded and keeps going, and unfolding, and going, and unfolding, and going…

    So I started wondering–even as a joke, could the GATEFOLD be feasibly done within the context of a mini-comic?  Mini-comics are usually printed either at home on a printer or in a Kinkos on a photocopier, so that certainly limits your choices when it comes to trying something new.  But after a little thinking (and some gluing) I was able to come up with what I thought was a good idea…


As we can see, the cover to the printed version looks normal…


We open the comic up.  The inside cover…page one…nothing out of the ordinary here…


WAH!  As you can (kinda) see, as we turn to page 2 the cover is still sticking out on the left.  So to get to page 2, the page itself HAS NOT TURNED OVER.  It has merely OPENED UP to an image TWICE THE SIZE of page 1…


WAH AGAIN!  As you can once again (kinda) see, the cover is still sticking out to the left, only NOW it is just on the BOTTOM HALF of the entire page.  For page 3 has not appeared by turning, it has appeared by FOLDING UP–creating an image 4 TIMES THE SIZE of page 1!

   This pattern repeats through-out the book.  One normal sized page followed by one twice as long and completed with an 11″ x 17″ finale.  This pattern also required that every three pages(on the 11×17″ image) Steve had to come up with not only a giant splash page-worthy image, but also a new “Chapter” title (this was also done in homage to Jack Kirby the Writer, who would on some titles have a new chapter every 2 to 4 pages for no go reason….I’m looking in your direction, KAMANDI!).

    So thats the story of the layout and how it effected Steve’s writing.  Up next:  The amazing story of how Steve crafted the script….if he has the time to write that….if he doesn’t I’ll just make some stuff up.

    ALSO:   Page 10 (of 45) of the CONTINUITY GUY graphic novella is now up on BUD BURGY’s website.  Bud’s drawing it.  I wrote it.  It’s lots of fun.  Bud even posted a WHO’s WHO to the CONTINUITY GUY tale for those who are lost.  Great work, Bud!


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–issue three–pg 14(of 16), also: Me at Zinefest…?

pg 14

pg 14

    …To Be Continued…

    As promised I’m on the drawing horse currently.  Just finished my work on FALSE WITNESS issue 2(and remember, you can still buy issue 1 at, and am now pencilling TOMMY CHICAGO #3(written by Brian Bastian, I’m drawing it at a smaller than usual size(about 7″x11″, I usually do 11″x17″) to get it done sooner, and it’s a fun and interesting challenge. So I hope to get thru that by the end of August(if not sooner) and then will pencil MANLY TALES #7 and  ink MANLY TALES #6(it’s already pencilled).  Yay, creativity!

***Also, SARAH MOREAN did a quasi wrap-up of ZINEFEST on THE DAILY CROSSHATCH, but really it’s more about tips on how to throw a good con(which from an exhibitors standpoint she knows how to do, no doubt). It’s a nice article with lots of great points, and if you squint REALLY HARD at the second picture you can kinda make me out behind Ryan Dow’s Buddha stand-up.


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–issue one–pin-ups–Bob Lipski

by: Bob Lipski

by: Bob Lipski

    When I was planning/working on the first issue of MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE I knew that I really wanted to include artists from the vast cartooning community we have here in Minneapolis/St Paul–many of whom I’m lucky enough to call friends, and almost all of whom I met through the International Cartoonist Conspiracy ( 

    My plan was to include in each issue pin-ups by local artists, and in some cases back-up features. BOB LIPSKI ( came out blasting with BOTH for issue one.

    The pin-up above was done during FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2007 at Jimmy Jam Comics(RIP) in Rochester, MN. Bob, myself, and a few other writers and artists were on hand to meet the fans(not of us, obviously) and do $1.oo sketches–with all the profits going to the Rochester Public Library to buy more comics. So, yes. I had to pay for Bob’s pin-up, but it was worth it.

    I do however know for a fact Bob would have done the pin-up for free. How do I know this–cause Bob actually did the back-up stories for the first TWO issues of MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE.

    The back-up story for issue one was a TOMMY CHICAGO tale by Bob and BRIAN BASTIAN (, and goes towards explaining issue one’s cover (  …you know, in case you read the whole thing and thought: “Wait…wasn’t TOMMY CHICAGO supposed to be guest-starring?” which I know none of you did.  I specifically commissioned the TC tale since it was at the time my favorite mini-comic. My second favorite mini-comic was Bob’s UPTOWN GIRL, and he did one of those tales for issue two.

    Thanks again Bob (and Brian)!



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