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Manly Tales of Cowardice #7–part 12(of 12–THE END!), also: “I’m all over the road!”

PREVIOUSLY:  Carnage/mayhem/etc.  AND NOW:  The conclusion…

   DUM-DUM-DUM!!!  So there you go. The Omega Atlantis Lad has arrived!  Everyone is out to get Fleming once and for all!  Betsy sticks around for some reason! What will happen next?…well find out in MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #8!–and yes it’s all done and ready to go.  It’s not even been in print, and it will be making it’s internet debut soon!  BUT BEFORE THAT–Another MANLY TALES internet debut!MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE # 1/2!!!  Yes, issue one-half!  It’s the even all-newer than the other one you’ve never seen issue of Manly Tales which is guest-written by STEVEN STWALLEY and features art by me!  Just in time for the new year–ALL-NEW MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE!–Starting JANUARY 2011!  In the meanwhile, starting Monday we’ll kick 2010’s ass into 2011 with the super amazing guest pin-up artwork  from Manly Tales #7–featuring CARL NELSON, MICHAEL FURIOUS, and yes even PETER BAGGE!  And while you’re on the internet…

*** I have submitted a couple of drawings to the wonderful REPANELED blog–where cartoonists redo beloved comic panels–which should be up now (or will be real soon).  Either way, there is nothing but great art on there–check it out!).

*** I’ll also have my classic CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY #1 “cover” up on REJECTED BY COVERED soon too.  For a reject it sure spawned a lot of great stuff for me–including ‘covers’ of the whole first 12 issues of CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY and interviews with the CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY series creators!

***  Finally, I threw in my two cents for the Daily Cross Hatch’s BEST DAMN COMICS OF 2010.  Get ready for the Top 5s from some of your favorite creators.  Not sure how I ended up in there.


TC: FCBD–part 9(of 12)–by Bastian and Dank, also: I go all ‘cross hatchy’ on your ass

BASTIAN:  I just couldn’t figure out what type of evil chanting would work for something like this, so I just wrote “evil chanting” and figured you’d come up with something, and unlike every sports team I support, you didn’t let me down. I’ve always wondered if they actually mean something, but I think if I found out there were, it would creep me out even more. 

DANK:  Actually Brian, I don’t think it’ll creep you out too much.  Like you said, in the script there was no written incantation for Mark to read from the Necronomicon, so I reused the one I had Dick Cheney chant in IT’S WAR 2: THE WAR ON HOMELAND SECURITY(which you can read in its entirety HERE, though God, why would you?).  The devil-wording (or whatever it is) is an actual Satanic verse I got out of a friends book.  It’s from a poem about the beauty and power of nature or something equally UN-evil like that.

BASTIAN:   I’m sure I think the whole Marvel Zombie thing is a lot more hilarious than it probably is. I’m sure back in the day I actually got excited at the concept of Werewolf Captain America too.  Ah to be young and dumb again.

DANK:  Just realized we never answered the question of who would win that fight.  My guess–Werewolf Jonah Jameson’s Kid would sucker-punch’em both.

ALSO:  You probably already know this–since I’m guessing if you’ve read this far you know me all too well–but I wrote a recap of my experience at last weekends TWIN CITIES BOOK FEST for my favorite indie comic news website–THE DAILY CROSS HATCH.  I felt like I was writing an article for the coolest school newspaper ever, and was honored to be asked to be ‘a part of the team’, if only for a day.  Many thanks to SARAH MOREAN for giving me a platform for my rantings.  When I sent Sarah my ‘rehash’ I sent her A LOT of pictures.  Obviously she couldn’t use them all, but here are two of/from my buddy KEVIN CANNON I feel must go somewhere, so why not here:

  I didn’t bring any paper to BOOK FEST, hoping it wouldn’t turn into “that kind of show”.  About an hour in when I looked over and saw Keivn doodling, I was instantly jealous.  Anyway, here’s the awesomeness he made:


“14 Year-Old Genetically-Altered Martial Arts-Trained Slugs #1″–(part 3 of 3)–by Dan Murphy and myself, also: “Podcasticus Rex!”

And now…the thrilling conclusion…

   WHOA!  CONTINUITY NIGHTMARE!  So I guess the next SLUGS story I’m going to post next–14YOGAMATS 2: “Secret of the Salt” (our TMNT 2 parody)–actually was done before we did this story.  Oops.  Now that Paprica Spice reference isn’t funny at all!   Yeah….that’s why it’s not funny…  Ok, just one more 11 page epic SLUGS tale and I’ll have all this out of my system.  Thank you for your patience.

   ALSO:  My friends and local cartoonists LANCE WARD, BUB BURGY, ATHENA CURRIER, and TED ANDERSON have started a radio show called “THE GEEK REPORT”, which is all about the local indie comics scene, as well as the ‘bigger picture’ in the geek world.  Technically the show isn’t on the radio yet, but it will be soon.  In the meanwhile, they have been doing ‘test’ shows which you can download as podcasts–and I’m on the latest episode!!!   It’s good clean listening fun.  AND my friend SARAH MOREAN also has a new indie comics podcast going called THE CROSS HATCH PODCAST, and you can find that on itunes.  So there you go–some good listenin’ for you while you toil away at the art desk (or whatever it is you do when listening to podcasts).  ENJOY!



    Very rarely these days do I enjoy opening the mail.  It’s mostly bills and collection agencies looking for the people who owner the house before us.  But sometimes, just sometimes, you get something really amazing out of nowhere:

   WHA!  Out of nowhere!  The very awesome ATHENA CURRIER of the delightful “ACTION ATHENA” webcomic sends this living encapsulation of the fun had at the  LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘D’ opening.  It also came with a very flattering letter and coolest confetti ever:

   Thanks a million times yourself, Athena!  Some Athena Fun Facts:

1) Her webcomic ACTION ATHENA updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

2) She does a weekly indie comics news round-up on THE DAILY CROSS HATCH.

3) She is also now a co-host of new radio show THE GEEK REPORT–which you can listen to online HERE!

   Oh!—and I think we Cartoonist Conspirators should all get hidden tattoos of the Conspiracy logo with the following written around it:


Right on, Sister!


UG v. TC v. MTOC–by Bastian, Lipski, and Dank–pg 40(of 60), also: “10 days to the ‘CONTINUITY GUY’ book, one day of ‘Cross Hatch’ love” and “I like the Venture Bros version better”

The UPTOWN GIRL vs TOMMY CHICAGO vs MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE crossover from 2008 was written by BRIAN BASTIAN, pencilled (and inked) by BOB LIPSKI, and inked (and pencilled) by me.   Brian and Bob are here to join me for some reflections on this project:

BASTIAN:  I was really slow to figure out that the lightbulb was in the background (it is in the background, right?) but it makes the page 22.3% funnier. Also I don’t think I’d ever have been able to pull of a helmet gag like this in a regular Uptown Girl story, so I was thrilled to include it here.

LIPSKI:  I’m always amazed how Danno can have Atlantis Lad express himself to the point where no dialogue is needed.  My characters talk endlessly to drive home a point, but Danno nails it.

DANK:  Thanks Bob!  And as far as the light bulb gag goes…if I recall correctly Bob had pencilled a lightbulb.  I’ve never been a terribly big fan of the lightbulb cliché so I thought it would be funny to make the lightbulb a part of the scene.  Aparently it worked–at least 22.3% of it did.

  ALSO: Here we are..another Tuesday…and no new CONTINUITY GUY page to post.  Instead I’ll remind you that the PRINT VERSION is at the printers and will debut on APRIL 2nd at ALTERED ESTHETICS GALLERY  (UPDATETHE DAILY CROSS HATCH shares some CONTINUITY GUY love.  Thanks Athena!) .  Not only will it be there, but if you’re in the greater Chicago area between APRIL 16th and 18th it’ll be available at C2E2!  Neither Bud or I have a table, but our good friend DANIEL J OLSON will be giving us some real estate at his table! But more on C2E2 in the days to come…

  FINALLY:  Dr. Strange…add’em to the list of Marvel characters I’ve never wanted to read and learn more about.  Maybe the original Ditko stuff is good, but until my public library carries it I’ll never know.  Ah well, at least DR ORPHEUS rocks:


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #0–pg 3(of 23), also: some love from the “crosshatch”, and (no) Daily Goal Sketch

   So ever since I had started doing MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE and decided I would be killing off an ATLANTIS LAD in every story, the one question I never really bothered with was “Where the hell do all those corpses go?”.  So in late 2007 when I sat down to do a 24 Hour Comic, all I knew is that I wanted to do a MANLY TALES story.  I had no idea for plots, gags, or anything like that.  So the first idea that jumped into mind at 10am when it was time to start was to answer that question.   Thats one of my favorite things about doing a whole series with a few key characters–eventually every question I or anyone else could ask me about them will be answered.

   Also, my table-mate at last weeks Indy Comics Week event ATHENA CURRIER did a lovely write-up the event (including some blush-worthy words about me and this here site itself) at THE DAILY CROSSHATCH.  Thanks Athena, my day is made!

   About the Daily Goal Sketch…the client I do those for has been really spotty with attendance lately (thats why none yesterday or today).  Additionally, it’s kind of a pain to scan those in each day I do have one, so I think I’m going to wait a week or so and see if I can’t build-up a backlog I only have to scan in once a week, and then hopefully there will be one every day.  Ok?  Ok.


SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE–24 Hour Comic 2009–pg 11(of 24), also: Sarah Morean’s documentry on 24 Hour Comic Day, and a pin-up by Vas Littlecrow

pg 11

pg 11

     Hey speaking of 24 Hour Comic Book Day 2009 (since, you know, that’s where this story came from)…  SARAH MOREAN of mini-comics and The Daily Cross Hatch fame has just released A DOCUMENTRY she made about 24 Hour Comic Day 2009 here in Minneapolis!  Check it out!

    Also:  The following pin-up is of me, not the MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE gang, and was drawn at FALLCON by VAS LITTLECROW…while hula-hooping…and singing….  However, VAS and her husband LOKI are also putting the finishing touches on a funny and strange 3 page MANLY TALES story they were inspired to do after the first day of Fallcon, and I’ll post that as soon as it’s sent my way.  Until then, enjoy:




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