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TC: FCBD–part 4(of 12)–by Bastian and Dank, also: More fun with ‘THE GEEK REPORT’, your weekly ‘CONTINUITY GUY’ reminder, and ‘Book Fest’ and ‘Fallcon’ this Saturday!

BRIAN BASTIAN:  This is probably the most realistic moment in the book…well the bowing down part anyway. I’d totally have bowed down if that had happened to me. And then it’s followed by one page of more or less filler. It’s just setting up the next page.

DANK:  As I mentioned before, Brian gave a me a couple of ideas of what he had in mind for AVID READER’s look to be.  I remember one of them was a guy in a book suit, which I did some test drawings of.  They turned out okay, but when I tried drawing the demonized book, it just looked kinda stupid.  My train of thought then focused on creating the DEMON first, and then the ‘safe’ version.  What I decided was that this story was set in a comic shop–and a SUPERHERO-centric one at that.  What I decided was that if super-villains really existed the one you just would NOT want to run into in real life is Venom.  What a creepy fuck Venom would be in real life (and I’m talking the McFarlane-era Venom, not the shitty SPIDER-MAN 3 one).  So I decided the demon would have Venom-ish qualities to fit into the surroundings, and it was from there I came up with making AVID READER an old-fashioned Little Old Lady Librarian.  Plus the joke on page 3 of Avid Reader being a GUY in the suit took on a whole new dimension.  Overall, I like how it turned out (that panel of AVID READER shooting fire-beams from its eyes however…).  FUN FACT!–I was reading a collection of the DARWYN COOKE’s ‘THE SPIRIT’ when I drew this, ergo the SPIRIT poster.   

ALSO:  BUD BURGY has really been hitting the pages for CONTINIUITY GUY: CHRONO CHOAS out of the cosmic park.  Be sure to check in on it as he updates a new page weekly(ish).

ANDSpeaking of Bud, I was with him this weekend co-hosting the latest episode of THE GEEK REPORT (along with LANCE WARD and ATHENA CURRIER).  This week’s guest was KEVIN CANNON and we chatted with him and ran down our personal ‘TOP 5″ lists of geek reverence.

FINALLY:  Both BRIAN BASTIAN and myself will be IN PUBLIC and SELLING OUR COMICS (including the all-new collection for the TOMMY CHICAGO mini-series we did together) at separate events this SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16th!  I will be at the TWIN CITIES BOOK FESTIVAL in Minneapolis, and Brian will be at FALLCON in St Paul.  Stop by either–or both!


MATT CHICOREL vs ‘MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE’, also: ‘GEEK REPORTICUS’, and’When Cartoonists go camping…”

  One of my favorite things about doing a series like MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE is seeing other people’s drawings of the MTOC cast, and I’ve been lucky enough to get lots of said drawings.  Recently I got a whole slew of’em (yay!).  The first came from Milwaukee cartoonist, ‘MUSCLES and FIGHTS’ co-contributor, and a guy I feel I can (after a weekend of hard-core nerd partying) actually call a friend–MATT CHICOREL:


   You might remember Matt from some rad LOST jams we did together last spring.  And while he lives far away, there is always a chance you might be seeing us do something else together in the next year or so.  Maybe.. Just sayin’…

   ALSO: It was a big weekend for me!  Not only did I get to hang out with some friends and guest host on their THE GEEK REPORT  podcast (with special guest/old friend ALEX KUNO) I also went camping with some of my other friends for the 1st ANNUAL CARTOONIST CAMPING TRIP.  Not surprisingly, all hell broke loose:

   So yeah…I was pretty drunk…and I’m MOSTLY sure events didn’t go down EXACTLY like that.  For instance…

  Here is KEVIN CANNON and I enjoying each others company–about 10 beers and a couple of glasses of Lemonade/Root Beer/Whiskey concoctions before the ‘pretty lights’.  So who else was nearly killed you may be asking…

  ATHENA’s “BOOTH BEARD” JASON , myself, ATHENA CURRIER, LARS MARTINSON, KEVIN CANNON, JAMIE SCHUMACHER, BRITT HAMMERBERG, LUPI McGINTY, and SARAH MOREAN (Click on their links to your immediate right for more on them and their wonderful works.  NICK, MARK, and STRAWBERRY MAMA not pictured).    Thanks for fun times, gang!  Can’t wait for next year!  And thanks again to MATT CHICOREL!   YAY FRIENDS!



    Very rarely these days do I enjoy opening the mail.  It’s mostly bills and collection agencies looking for the people who owner the house before us.  But sometimes, just sometimes, you get something really amazing out of nowhere:

   WHA!  Out of nowhere!  The very awesome ATHENA CURRIER of the delightful “ACTION ATHENA” webcomic sends this living encapsulation of the fun had at the  LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘D’ opening.  It also came with a very flattering letter and coolest confetti ever:

   Thanks a million times yourself, Athena!  Some Athena Fun Facts:

1) Her webcomic ACTION ATHENA updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

2) She does a weekly indie comics news round-up on THE DAILY CROSS HATCH.

3) She is also now a co-host of new radio show THE GEEK REPORT–which you can listen to online HERE!

   Oh!—and I think we Cartoonist Conspirators should all get hidden tattoos of the Conspiracy logo with the following written around it:


Right on, Sister!



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