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MIX–the Minneapolis Indie Xpo–is this Saturday, and there will be some sweet new stuff by me to purchase; also: “The return of CONTINUITY GUY!”

  So as you SHOULD know, MIX–THE MINNEAPOLIS INDIE XPO–is this Saturday.  I like to go into cons with SOMETHING new, and MIX is no exception:


   So I pitched Erik the idea of doing a team-up of my SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE characters and his WALKABOUT character (which is…well…ERIK!), and he agreed.  So I wrote a story he totally re-wrote and then drew. Its one of the weirdest and funniest things I’ve ever worked on (I did the inking).  We were a page and cover short, so I drew those and Erik inked’em.  The result is a $2 gem you shouldn’t pass up.

The collected TOMMY CHICAGO by BRIAN BASTIAN and myself:

   The 4-issue TOMMY CHICAGO series I did with Brian is now finished and collected in one easy to buy book.  I’ve LITERALLY heard a couple of you say “I’ll wait for the trade.”  You now LITERALLY have no excuse.

   LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘D’ by a bunch of awesome people and myself:

   The new mini-collections of MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE (featuring new covers and introductions by the likes of BRIAN BASTIAN and MATT RISNES) will also be available.  Sadly, I didn’t a chance to finish MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #8 before the show (though I am inking it!).  At any rate, I hope to see you all and everyone you can tell at the SOAP FACTORY tomorrow!

OH!  And before I go–the sequel that at least a few of you have been waiting for: “CONTINUITY GUY: CHRONO CHAOS” has begun posting!  As before. It was drawn by BUD BURGYU and  written by myself.   A new page of CG:CC will be my new favorite thing to look forward to every week, and I hope yours!


UG v.TC v. MTOC–by Bastian, Lipski, and Dank–pgs 37 and 38(of 60), also: “SMV: WALKABOUT” sneak peek, and “Colin Farrell worms his way onto this blog AGAIN!”

The UPTOWN GIRL vs TOMMY CHICAGO vs MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE crossover from 2008 was written by BRIAN BASTIAN, pencilled (and inked) by BOB LIPSKI, and inked (and pencilled) by me.   Brian and Bob are here to join me for some reflections on this project:

BASTIAN:  Whenever I find I’ve written myself into a corner, I fall back on “Tommy Chicago is ignorant and/or outraged”.  So far it hasn’t failed me.  Although his rant is something I have wondered about from time to time.  You never see anyone selling/ordering “Cow” in a restaurant.  Why not?  “Because” is the answer I usually get.  Anyway..I also love the cow in the headlock.  Great stuff all around.

LIPSKI:  Yeah, that’s a guy wrestling a cow…  I really can see Tommy Chicago’s point in his argument here.  It also is similar to why an orange is called an orange but a banana isn’t called a yellow.  Did the name of the color come first?  Or did the fruit?  Which is it?

DANK:  I think the heart of these pages (cow headlock aside) is the pure hate that exists between Fleming and TC.  I almost think Brian and I have to do an ‘ODD COUPLE’ adaptation featuring these two.  Ruby Tuesday and Uptown Girl can cameo as their respective put-upon ex-wives.  Stage play adaptation starring your own creations is the future of the comics industry.  You read it here first….and now I have to go call Top Shelf…

   ALSO:  ERIK NELSON is a cartoonist, plumber, future husband, and all-around great guy.  I’m glad to already call him friend, and now I can call him COLLABORATOR!  Erik and I have done a SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE short together that will debut at SPRINGCON (and I may possibly even have some copies for C2E2).  This short was written by me, the re-written and pencilled by Erik.  I came in with the inks, and the end result is the weirdest thing I have done in quite some time. It’s psychedelic, political, and violent.  Fun Stuff!   Anyway, here’s a sneak peek:

   FINALLY:  Todays Daily Goal Sketch–BULLSEYE–is total Kismet considering who we based the “villain” of the UPTOWN GIRL/TC/MANLY TALES crossover on.  And yes, he was the only good part of that awful Affleck vehicle:


SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE–24 Hour Comic 2009–Covers! Continuity Guy! Carlos!

cover--godless, communist edition

   Ok, I lied yesterday. We’re not quite done with SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE and 24 Hour Comic Day 2009 yet.

   After the event was over…days after…I got down to doing some covers for the inevitable print edition.  I actually did the front cover twice.  And for purities sake I tried to sticking to the 24 Hour ethos and did each cover in an hour timeframe.   I’m not 100% satisfied with the above front cover image, but I wasn’t satisfied with my first attempt either.  I think I need to do it one more time and combine the text of the above with the image from this:


    I’ll bet you can even do that sort of amalgamating on a computer nowadays.  I’ll have to hire a 6 years old to show me how.  Anyway… I think it was Plato who said “If there is a front cover, there must be a back one too, dummy!”  So here’s that:


   As you can see, my back cover is a “cover” of the GI JOE comic I used as a random idea generator during 24 Hour Comic Day.  Pretty clever!  Well…not really, but I have an excellent back-up plan.  See, towards the end of the event Conspirator CARLOS MERINO (who literally puts the ‘International’ back into INTERNATIONAL CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY) handed me the following awesomeness:

Me, as seen thru the bleary, tired, Spanish eyes of Carlos Merino

   I’m not sure what Carlos means by “I COMMAND THIS EVENT”.  I think he’s trying to say I am the local ‘organizer’ of 24 Hour Day.   That, or after 24 hours of being awake, I was literally trying to steer Book Arts.  Who can say?  And by “LUCKY” I think he means he’s grateful I didn’t resort to cannibalism. 

   So, that’s that done.  And don’t forget to check out this weeks page of CONTINUITY GUY, the graphic novella I wrote and BUD BURGY is carving into wonderfulness.  One of the ‘STAPLEGENIUS FOUR’–the mythical and hermitic NELS himself–makes a cameo!


SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE–24 Hour Comic 2009–pg 24(of 24)–THE END!

pg 24--The End!

pg 24--The End!

   Hey, look at that!  Without even trying I was able to totally tie the story together with what had come before!  I think one of my better skills is the ability to actually make nonsense into something that almost seems planned out.  I love doing the last (connecting) panels on pages of the Conspiracy Jams for just this reason.  Anyway…that wraps up 24 Hour Comic Day 2009.  I hope no one has been too offended.  Only 11 more months to 24 Hour Comic Day 2010!!!


SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE–24 Hour Comic 2009–pg 23(of 24)

pg 23

pg 23

   I don’t remember at the circumstances of how it came up in conversation, but at some point while I was pencilling this comic at 24 Hour Comic Day I ended up promising BUD BURGY and RYAN DOW that I would have them falling in love in my comic as a response to something that one of them just said.  Sadly, the origin conversation is lost to the mists of time, but that spurned on the bottom panel which shall now live forever as some ones and zeros on the innernets.  That, and cause you just KNOW if the Democrates had their way they’d totally do what I have shown they accomplished here.


SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE–24 Hour Comic 2009–pg 22(of 24)

pg 22

pg 22

   Ah yes…no finer “save” for a story that has no ending than to suddenly jump it into the future, thereby leaving it wide open to do whatever you want.  You know, basically starting over…with 2 more pages to go.


SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE–24 Hour Comic 2009–pg 21(of 24)

pg 21

pg 21

  Another page of filler, and…



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