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The Young Earth Chronicles–part 7(of 12), also: “Bleeding Cool likes us! They really like us!”

   This comic was designed to be a hodge-podge of offensive.  So enter the swearing.  The gobs and gobs of swearing.

   ALSO:  Like I said in the last post, DANIEL J OLSON ventured to Chicago for C2E2 to debut the new issue of SUPER MAXI-PAD GIRL I plotted, as well his and my other books.  What a super guy!  Well one of the really good things to come out of it was a super nice write-up on both Dan and I from uber-nerd web-destination BLEEDING COOL.  You can read the full look at C2E2 here, but here’s the important bit:

When you read a title like Super Maxi-Pad Girl, you can’t help but stop and stare at the brightly colored cover. Birthed from an argument between collaborating duo and married couple, Daniel J. Olson and AJ Niehaus, Super Maxi-Pad Girl has a style all to its own.

You want girl power, then check out this hilarious black white comic that has been called the Best Indie Surprise of 2008. The comic features a super-heroine titled (can you guess?) Super Maxi-Pad Girl! With a curvaceous body, bright blue eyes, and no arms, this pad is fighting villains as dastardly as The Period but for only once a month.

This book is great for 24 pages filled with laugh out loud jokes about that certain time of the month and knocking down that taboo of a woman’s menstruation. It answers important questions like, what does Super Maxi Pad do when to fill her off season during a pregnancy? Start a school for wizardry? Become a pro wrestler? And even better is the League of Feminine Products who help fight alongside Super Maxi Pad Girl.

Alongside this power couple writer/creator team, Danno Klonowski, has helped plot and write many of the Super Maxi-Pad Girl story lines which are riddled with heart-pounding action. Like in Issue #3 where Super Max-Pad Girl because a dark futuristic vigilante…I won’t give away too much because this book should definitely be bought.

Super Maxi-Pad Girl is an independently printed comic book and you can find it at C2E2 at Artist Alley Booth (N7). You can also go to their website and order Super Maxi-Pad Girl online! Check out to find issues and more of Daniel Olson’s awesome comics. While Klonowski was unable to make it to C2E2 I was able to check out all of his non-Super Maxi-Pad Girl work, such as, Tommy Chicago and Manly Tales of Cowardice. I recommend checking out his site as well,!


The Young Earth Chronicles–part 6(of 12), also: “I am not at C2E2” and “Lipski and Bastian kinda sorta not really failed the 144 Hour Graphic Novel Challenge too”

    There. I sent the bomb from part one back in time.  That plot hole is all closed up.  Now to open up some more. OH!  And I was big fan of MICHAEL CHERKAS art on the ‘SECRET INVASION’ comic growing up, and I think these 3 pages really show that.


 ALSO: So right now I should be in Chicago with DANIEL J OLSON at the second annual C2E2 comic convention thingy.  We went last year and had a blast being in artists alley and the plan for this year was more of the same.  But for me anyway, life got in the way.  So Dan is there and I am not.  Wah.  One of the key reasons for us going and sharing a table this year is that I am the plotting mastermind behind the final 3 issues of Dan’s SUPER MAXI-PAD GIRL series, the first part of which debuts at C2E2 TODAY!  So if you’re there–pick it up!  Or buy it from Dan at one of the many Minnesota cons he’ll be doing in 2011. Or, you know, I’m sure it’ll be available soon on his website. 

     FINALLY:  I had totally forgotten about this, but BOB LIPSKI and BRIAN BASTIAN kinda sorta not really participated in the 144 Page Graphic Novel Challenge.  Here, I’ll let regular Brian Bastian explain:

     “Bob told me about the 12 page per month thing and asked if I wanted to write for him for it. We decided to combine two story ideas I had come up with for the ill fated uptown girl cartoon. I started just working on it during my downtime at work, seeing as I only had to write 12 pages a month. And then the whole thing just seemed to fall apart, with everyone quitting on it. So it just sat, not just unfinished, but barely started.

     Then Bob was stopping the monthly book and wanted to do original graphic novels and he wanted to do the story we had been working on. So I dusted it off and finished it up. I think I ended it at page 140 so as to give him 4 pages to play around with. And let me tell you that script was a piece of shit. The non-plot bits were good, but the story made no sense, had weird leaps of logic and was just shit. Bob started drawing it (even though it was shit. I can’t stress that enough) and he was extending a lot of the pages because I had crammed a lot into each page. And he started asking me plot questions and about clearing some stuff up (I’m sure he knew it was shit too) so then I started rewriting pages, adding some pages, clearing up the plot a lot. So this combined with Bob taking his time drawing it and extending pages added quite a bit.

     When he was close to done, he sent me a list of scenes/rewrites/etc he wanted and I worked all that out. Then I also spent an afternoon in a coffee shop looking over the pages, reading it and making sure it made sense, then I went and added more stuff, until we were both happy with it. And it was a whole lot better. I did get to spend a couple days with a proof copy and I made one last run through looking for spelling mistakes and changing and tightening up some more dialogue. And now hopefully it’ll be out at springcon. And also hopefully people won’t think its shit. Although if they do, I’ll be really glad we didn’t go with the first draft. So yeah, that’s what I remember, Bob might have more memories why we didn’t do the 144 challenge, but if he doesn’t say anything about how much the first script sucked, he’s lying.”


1: Countdown to C2E2–LIFT-OFF!!!!

C2E2 begins Friday in Chicago, and I’ll be there mooching table space from co-Conspirator DANIEL J OLSONtable C-11 to be precise.  Actually, by the time you read this I’ll be in a car with Dan, his wife/writing partner AJ, and my wife Nichole on our way there.  Please don’t rob our houses. 

   Here’s the new cover for MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #4, featuring the new streamlined look and KEVIN CANNON’s sweet logo.  You’ll be able to purchase it, the issue it encapsulates, and the 5 other issues of MANLY TALES (all with new covers) in one affordable package at C2E2.  In fact, for a full list of EVERYTHING Dan and I will be selling at C2E2, continue scrolling down.  But first…

   WHAT’LL BE UP WITH STAPLEGENIUS.COM FOR THE NEXT WEEK OR SO:  My guess is that I won’t really be able to post much of anything while in Chicago, so I’ll most likely be maintaining blogio silence until we return.  Hopefully I’ll be back with a shite-ton of pictures I can caption-up with patented and much loved smarm as a wrap-up report of C2E2 sometime early-to-mid next week.  I’ll also be posting a new CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY cover next weekend.  I’ll be back in full force on the 26th as I begin posting MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5, the Daily Goal Sketches, and whatever else crosses my path.  Until then: Crass commercialism!!!


** The aforementioned MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE 1-6 pack, and the MANLY TALES specials pack.  I’ll also bring a few other things with “just in case”….oh, unlikelihood….

** All three issues of Dan and AJ’s SUPER MAXI-PAD GIRL, including the ALL-NEW issue #3 which features a story written by me and drawn (as every story is) by Dan.  There will also be a new (and some old) SMPG buttons,  and the rarest of collector items–the hand-made SMPG dolls!!!

** The CONTINUITY GUY graphic novella by BUD BURGY (art) and myself (story).  And don’t forget, while technically table-less, Bud will be around and happy to sign a copy for you!

** FALSE WITNESS: THE MICHELE BACHMANN STORY–including the all-new issue #3.  Every issue is written by BILL PRENDERGAST, and features a ton of great art by LUPI McGINTY, JAMES POWELL, RYAN DOW, DANIEL J OLSON, and myself.

** SUPER FANTASTICA COMIX — Dan’s wonderful four-issue anthology series featuring art and stories by just about everyone I know, and few people I don’t.   Dan will also have some of his 24 Hour Day mini-comics on hand as well.

** BIG FUNNY — Last years collaborative project between the CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY, ALTERED ESTHETICS GALLERY, and about 45 wonderful cartoonists.  An old-fashioned, over-sized comic pages insert like those of yester-year is a STEAL at $5 and must-have collectors item.  Seriously…we really need to unload these…

** SKETCHES!!!  What would a con be without sketches?!  Dan and I will both be doing them.  The sizes will vary based on price, but rest assured while they will all be of the highest quality, they will be relatively dirt cheap.

**  And if there are any weird-o complete-ists out there I’ll be more than happy to sign your copies of TRANSFORMERS: BUMBLEBEE.  I doubt this will happen, but you never know…

   I think that’s it…wish us luck…and if you’re in the Chicago area between Friday and Sunday, Dan and I  hope to see you at C2E2!  Just look for these smiling faces:


4: Countdown to C2E2

   C2E2 begins Friday in Chicago, and I’ll be there mooching table space from co-Conspirator DANIEL J OLSON.  To prepare for this show there are few new projects I’ve been working on…

   Last year during the GUEST ARTIST SPECTACULAR, local cartooning god KEVIN CANNON designed a perfected version of the MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE logo.  Kevin has happily let me steal this logo, and so one thing I’ve been working on is new covers for MANLY TALES 1-5 to give the series a more streamlined look.  I also used it on this flyer I’m going to give out at C2E2 to people who buy something I did/am in and/or have some kind of passing interest in what I’m doing (sitting uncomfortably):

    ALSO:  I’m going to try something different at this con: Instead of laying out an eyesore of a table full of individual issues, I’ll be selling 2 different ‘packs’ of comics at C2E2–MANLY TALES 1-6, and the MANLY TALES specials.  Each pack will be “priced to move”.  Quantities are limited, so fight your way thru the 8 billion people who will be at C2E2 to get one!

    FINALLY:  There will even be a few NEW things to buy at C2E2, including SUPER MAXI-PAD GIRL #3–which features a story written by me and drawn by table-mate DANIEL J OLSON!   Here’s a sneak peek: 


UG v. TC v. MTOC–by Bastian, Lipski, and Dank–pg 15(of 60), also: Dan Olson rocks the party, and”Stock Profile #7″

The UPTOWN GIRL vs TOMMY CHICAGO vs MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE crossover from 2008 was written by BRIAN BASTIAN, pencilled (and inked) by BOB LIPSKI, and inked (and pencilled) by me.   Brian and Bob are here to join me for some reflections on this project:

BASTIAN:  This is my favorite part of the book, and it almost didn’t happen. Originally this was going to be a 48 page book, so I just started writing, confident that I’d figure out how to end the story by the time I near the end (see also: Everything I had written up to this point).  So when I got near the end I realized I was going to need more pages, and also I needed some more character interaction, which I’ll go into more detail later (we do have 45 pages left to go) but “Fleming hits on Ruby” just popped into my head, and I knew right away it had to be done, as long as Bob and Danno would approve adding 12 pages to the story.  I think I had Danno right when I said “Fleming hits on Ruby” and Bob…well I went to the hospital the day after his daughter was born to visit, and I asked him as I was leaving. I’m pretty sure he thought I was just a leprechaun offering him some delicious candy.  The point is it was worth it.

LIPSKI:  My characters don’t date. They don’t date each other or anyone else, so it was fun to see Fleming hit on Ruby.

DANK:  I agree having Fleming get his creep-on with Ruby was a stroke of genius.  Like I mentioned somewhere in the commentary for MTOC #0, I hadn’t given much thought to Fleming as a sexual being, so making him the sort of sexual being who was never going to get any with his sad approach was perfect.  Its also helped set-up almost immediately in my mind how MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #10 was going to open….estimated print date: 2047.

    ALSO:  I should have mentioned this earlier, but I recently wrote a SUPER MAXI-PAD GIRL story for my friend DANIEL J OLSON’s award-winning comic of the same name that Dan is illustrating.  I should also mention that comic-issue #3–is debuting at Chicago’s C2E2 in April, where Dan will be tabling.  Here’s a preview of the sweetness to come:

   Oh!–I’ll be at c2E2 with Dan.  I probably should have mentioned that,

   FINALLY:  There have been several interesting versions of today’s Daily Goal Sketch, but my client chose by far the most boring.  So I did all I could to turn in the most boring sketch imaginable.  ENJOY!



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