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1: Countdown to C2E2–LIFT-OFF!!!!

C2E2 begins Friday in Chicago, and I’ll be there mooching table space from co-Conspirator DANIEL J OLSONtable C-11 to be precise.  Actually, by the time you read this I’ll be in a car with Dan, his wife/writing partner AJ, and my wife Nichole on our way there.  Please don’t rob our houses. 

   Here’s the new cover for MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #4, featuring the new streamlined look and KEVIN CANNON’s sweet logo.  You’ll be able to purchase it, the issue it encapsulates, and the 5 other issues of MANLY TALES (all with new covers) in one affordable package at C2E2.  In fact, for a full list of EVERYTHING Dan and I will be selling at C2E2, continue scrolling down.  But first…

   WHAT’LL BE UP WITH STAPLEGENIUS.COM FOR THE NEXT WEEK OR SO:  My guess is that I won’t really be able to post much of anything while in Chicago, so I’ll most likely be maintaining blogio silence until we return.  Hopefully I’ll be back with a shite-ton of pictures I can caption-up with patented and much loved smarm as a wrap-up report of C2E2 sometime early-to-mid next week.  I’ll also be posting a new CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY cover next weekend.  I’ll be back in full force on the 26th as I begin posting MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5, the Daily Goal Sketches, and whatever else crosses my path.  Until then: Crass commercialism!!!


** The aforementioned MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE 1-6 pack, and the MANLY TALES specials pack.  I’ll also bring a few other things with “just in case”….oh, unlikelihood….

** All three issues of Dan and AJ’s SUPER MAXI-PAD GIRL, including the ALL-NEW issue #3 which features a story written by me and drawn (as every story is) by Dan.  There will also be a new (and some old) SMPG buttons,  and the rarest of collector items–the hand-made SMPG dolls!!!

** The CONTINUITY GUY graphic novella by BUD BURGY (art) and myself (story).  And don’t forget, while technically table-less, Bud will be around and happy to sign a copy for you!

** FALSE WITNESS: THE MICHELE BACHMANN STORY–including the all-new issue #3.  Every issue is written by BILL PRENDERGAST, and features a ton of great art by LUPI McGINTY, JAMES POWELL, RYAN DOW, DANIEL J OLSON, and myself.

** SUPER FANTASTICA COMIX — Dan’s wonderful four-issue anthology series featuring art and stories by just about everyone I know, and few people I don’t.   Dan will also have some of his 24 Hour Day mini-comics on hand as well.

** BIG FUNNY — Last years collaborative project between the CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY, ALTERED ESTHETICS GALLERY, and about 45 wonderful cartoonists.  An old-fashioned, over-sized comic pages insert like those of yester-year is a STEAL at $5 and must-have collectors item.  Seriously…we really need to unload these…

** SKETCHES!!!  What would a con be without sketches?!  Dan and I will both be doing them.  The sizes will vary based on price, but rest assured while they will all be of the highest quality, they will be relatively dirt cheap.

**  And if there are any weird-o complete-ists out there I’ll be more than happy to sign your copies of TRANSFORMERS: BUMBLEBEE.  I doubt this will happen, but you never know…

   I think that’s it…wish us luck…and if you’re in the Chicago area between Friday and Sunday, Dan and I  hope to see you at C2E2!  Just look for these smiling faces:


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–Guest Artist Spectacular–pg 7(of 14)–by Daniel J Olson and Brian Bastian

pg 7--art: Daniel J Olson, words: Brian Bastian

pg 7--art: Daniel J Olson, words: Brian Bastian

   BRIAN BASTIAN— was killed last night by enemy fire while imbedded with the Fightin’ 84th just outside of Baghdad, where he was busy writing the script for a comedy version of  Joe Sacco-stlye war reporting  comics.

   DANIEL J OLSON– Daniel J Olson and I are NOT the same person!  Despite the “Parent Trap” style antics we get into all the time–which ARE admittedly  fun–we are frankly dumbfounded at the constant confusion.  I do this website.  Dan does   This is my webcomic,  SHENANIGANS  is Dan’s.  I do stuff like the Guest Artist Spectacular, Dan does stuff like SUPER FANTASTICA COMIX.  I do TOMMY CHICAGO with a writer BRIAN BASTIAN, Dan works on SUPER MAXI-PAD GIRL with a writer who is also his wife (Hi, AJ!).  I have done work for MUSCLES AND FIGHTS, BIG FUNNY, LUTEFISK SUSHI and FALSE WITNESS: THE MICHELE BACHMANN STORY (Issue #2 out soon!), Dan has…uhh…also done that.  I have done a 24 Hour Comic Day Logo Image for the Minneapolis/St Paul 24 Hour Day Event, Dan…oh…he did this years, didn’t he?  WAIT!  This one is difference, for sure: I live in Northeast Minneapolis, and Dan calls St Paul hom–what?….REALLY?!…No way!  That’s like 9 blocks away!  AWESOME!  We should totally get Bud and Ryan to live over here now!……………………..ok, so we’re the same guy.



pg 7

pg 7

    Here we go leaving the easy to ink backgrounds of outer space… BAH!

    So a lot happened behind the scenes between pages 6 and 7 during the production of this book.  I was almost done pencilling it and about to hand off the pages to STEVE to letter when good friend DANIEL J OLSON had asked if there was any way that I would be able to contribute anything to his fourth SUPER FANTASTICA COMIX anthology.  I had already drawn the cover for SFC#4, and this I had kind of done knowing that between PHENOMENAL TANGENTS and a few other things there would be no way I’d be able to get anything done for SFC.  But then I realized…the theme for SFC#4 was “SCIENCE FAIR”, and the opening 6 pages for PHENOMENAL TANGETS involved “science” and by only submitting 6 pages of a 26 page story would be totally not “fair” to any SFC readers.  So I pitched this idea at Dan and he said he’d love to run the first 6 pages.

     So Steve and I went immediately into making sure the first 6 pages were done ASAP.  I had them pencilled already, but Steve would be the letterer on PHENOMENAL TANGENTS, and he’s a busy guy so he had to go into personal overtime to get those pages lettered quickly.  Which he did!  And I cranked the inking out in a little over a week.  And despite our time constraints I was still super happy with how those pages turned out.  My buddy ZANDER even told me those pages were the most beautiful he’d ever seen me do.  Aw, shucks!  The SUPER FANTASTICA COMIX anthology turned out pretty beautiful itself, and can be purchased here.

    After all that excitement, Steve and I went back to the previously agreed upon schedule where he would get a pretty liberal amount of time to letter pages, and I would work on other things while he was doing that–like the TOMMY CHICAGO “FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2009” SPECIAL.  Eventually I finished the TC story and Steve had some pages lettered and ready for me to ink.  The Saturday I was going to go to Steve’s and pick those pages up, a pipe burst in our house.  I quickly scanned the internet for a reliable plumber who wouldn’t screw us over ’cause he had to work on Saturday, and found ERIK NELSON.  Having repairmen in the house has always been weird for me…what to do with myself while they toil?  Usually I sit nervously, but that day I remembered  “Oh yeah–COMICS!”   So I got some pages from Steve and brought them home to work on while Erik put my ancient plumbing back together.  While I was inking page seven Erik walked by and said: “OH! You’re a cartoonist?!  Me too!  Hey…weren’t you at the CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY meeting last month…?” 

    So yes, in the small world we live I had randomly called the only plumber in Minnesota who was also the newest member of the Conspiracy.  Crazy!  We have since become buddies, and his art will appear on this very website next month as a part of a special, secret project (well, slightly less secret now, I guess).  And it’s all thanks to comics….


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–the Super Fantastica short–pg 4 (the end), also: art openings

pg 4--THE END!

pg 4--THE END!

   Thanks once again to DANIEL J OLSON, publisher of the wonderful anthology SUPER FANTASTICA COMIX for helping this story come to life.  If you would like to purchase any of the so-far 4 SUPER FANTASTICA COMIX(including the lastest, a 88pg perfect bound piece of lovliness) go to .  While you’re there you can also pick up one of Dan’s many other awesome comics like SUPER MAXI-PAD GIRL(and its ever-growing empire of merchadise).
*** The RESIDENT ARTISTS show at ALTERED ESTHETICS GALLERY opens tomorrow, Friday July 3rd.  ALTERED ESTHETICS is located at 1224 Quincy St NE, Mpls MN 55413 (

MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–the Super Fantastica short–pg 3(of 4), also: I’m an “Art Hound” on MPR tomorrow

pg 3

pg 3

   …Concludes Tomorrow…

We’ll get back to that page in a second, but first…

***Tomorrow on MPR (91.1FM) at 8:25am and 4:44pm I will be one of Minnesota Public Radios “ART HOUNDS”(it will also be online, and I’ll link it tomorrow when it’s up).  “ART HOUNDS” is where local artists promote local art shows that they themselves have nothing to do with, and tomorrow I will be promoting ALEX KUNO’s “SPRINGTIME FOLLIES” show at the SooVac gallery ( The show itself has been open since June 6th, but it runs until July 26th so if you’re in the Minneapolis Uptown area you should check it out. Or if you miss that, Alex and NICK HOWARD will be doing a delightfully creepy show called “STORY TIME” at the Rosalux Gallery in August (  Enjoy the beautiful horror!

***Back to the MANLY TALES….As I mentioned on the post for page one, this story was originally a title (“THE REVENGE OF SANTA’S GHOST”) with no actual story formed in my head other than the fact it takes place in the Arctic/North Pole.  What was I to do?

    Well, a few weeks before sitting down to do this story I had finally watched “AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH” on DVD.  I had put off viewing AIT not out a sense of trying to ostrich myself about how we’ve doomed the environment, but more because while Al Gore was on the tour doing his Inconvenient speech a co-worker had mine had gone to see him here in Minneapolis.  She returned to work the next day and basically laid the whole thing out for me. Most of it I was already aware of, but some things she told me made me want to just give up on the spot.  So yeah…this stuff really depresses me.

     Anyway, when I finally got around to watching AIT on DVD it (no surprise) really bummed out.  Shortly thereafter I decided to this story.  After trying to beat around some ideas about Santa’s ghost and vengeful elves and rabid reindeer I realized: 1) This would be more than four pages (which was about all I could get done in the allotted time),  and 2) it really wasn’t working anyway.  So I had to come up with something new.  And in my post AIT depression I thought “Geez, even if there was a Santa his workshop would have probably sunk to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean by now.”  And strangely, this made me smile.  Then I remembered that during AIT I cried like a toddler who had skinned their knee during the animation of the polar bear drowning, and I realized that Fleming(despite his seemingly black heart) probably would have had the same reaction.  You throw in a frozen Captian America joke and a four page story was born!

     So I just wanna take a moment to acknowldge Al Gore and all his work(  I think I speak for the world when I say: “Thanks for bumming me out, man. I needed that.”


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–the SUPER FANTASTICA short–pg 2(of4), Also: ‘Continuity Guy’ pg2, and a great FALSE WITNESS review

pg 2

pg 2

        To Be Continued….

***Yep, take it from a Minnesotan, winter and snow suck.

       Oh, and MANLY TALES just got it’s first pull-quote–direct from The Comics Journal board:

       “Fleming Hazmat: Worlds Most Dangerous Spaceman”

        I like it!

*** The second page of the CONTINUITY GUY story I wrote and BUD BURGY is drawing is now up at Bud’s site: and it looks great. Man I love watching this thing come to life. Strong work, Bud.

***FALSE WITNESS: THE MICHELE BACHMANN STORY comic I’m working on has been getting some reviews on the ol’ internet, most of which have been positive, but can’t really see beyond “LOOK! A COMIC! ABOUT MICHELE BACHMANN! THATS CRAZY COOL!”  Well  yesterday POLITICS IN MINNESOTA did a review that really “gets it” ( They get that this Bachmann biography is a comic because Bachmann is a comic come to life, and the bizarre way she sees the world seems to work best by the combination of her words and images. And, most saddening, this biography is a comic because the actual media(TV, papers) haven’t been doing their jobs for years, and its up to bloggers and self-publishers to do the work for them.  So…thanks POLITICS IN  MINNESOTA!    Also, if you want to read some of the other reviews as well as Bill and Lupi’s 4 page preview they did for the CITY PAGES go to: .   AAAANNNNDDDD you can always order a copy of FALSE WITNESS for yourself by going to

     Thats all for today. Back tomorrow with page 3 and the “origin” of this story–REVEALED!


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–the super fantastica short–pg 1(of 4)

pg 1

pg 1

     …To Be Continued…

Ok, here we are back with a short little MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE four-pager that originally appeared in DANIEL J OLSON’s wonderful anthology comic series “SUPER FANTASTICA COMIX” ( This story is from the first issue of SFC–the WINTER 2008 edition–which technically came out after both MANLY TALES #3 and 4(both came out in October 2007), but when I get around to making a book of the first MANLY TALES story arc I’m going to break up every couple issues with one of these smaller tales, and this one is going after issue 2. So there, Person Who Tracks The MANLY TALES Chronology By Release Dates!!!(Note: This person does not exist.)

I’ve written before that when I came up with MANLY TALES one of the first things I did was compose a list of story ideas and titles, and on that sheet was the idea/title “THE CURSE OF SANTA’S GHOST.” So when Daniel asked me to contribute to SFC my first thought was to do something with the Santa idea. (I should note- SFC usually has a “THIS AMERICAN LIFE”-esque theme that ties all the contributions together. This first issue may have had a theme, but if it did I, and probably most of the other creators, weren’t aware of it. Oh well…) 

So the Santa’s Ghost idea…I soon realized ASIDE from the title, I had nothing. Maybe an image of Fleming, Betsy, and Atlantis Lad in an igloo…but that was about it. So, this story had to write itself cause I wasn’t going to be any help.


 But more on that over the next couple days…



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