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The complete “PHENOMENAL TANGENTS” pdf by Stwalley & Klonowski

This is the complete “PHENOMENAL TANGENTS” by STEVEN STWALLEY and myself. It’s one of my personal favorites. It’s an all-out tribute to crazy 1970’s era Jack Kirby. It was co-plotted by Steve and I, written and lettered by Steve, and drawn by me.




I know, I know.  Its been a whole 3 days since I said I was cutting back on blogging here, but…SECRET PROJECT REVEALED!  So here it is, internet–the first episode of the LUTEFISK SUSHI PODCAST!!!

This podcast–hosted by me–is peripherally tied-into the past and future (Nov 2012–box ‘E’!) LUTEFISK SUSHI mini-comic art shows put on by INTERNATIONAL CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY, BIG TIME ATTIC, and ALTERED ESTHETICS GALLERY.  I’ll hand out deadlines and the whatnot for the upcoming show as they approach, but mostly the focus of the show is talking to the cartoonists of MN–about their work, their cartooning loves, and what it means to be a doodler in the land of 10,000 lakes.  Episode 1 features BUD BURGYSome future guests are already lined-up, and frankly I look forward to talking to everyone–EVERY. ONE.–whether I know them or not.  I want to see the rich cartooning landscape of Minnesota get its due, and I want to get to know everyone in the process.  So give it a listen.  If you like what you hear let me know.  Lets see this podcast–and the MN cartooning scene–grow and grow!

A super-huge I TOTALLY WOULD HAVE BEEN LOST WITHOUT THEM shout-out to STEVEN STWALLEY and JAMIE SCHUMACHER!!! You guys are the best!!!  Thanks for all your help and doing!  And a big thanks to the Sushi quoram–I promise not to sully the name!


SOUTHPAW SWEDE–part 1(of 2)

Once upon a time, my friend STEVE STWALLEY had a dream.  Well…he had a couple dreams.  The first dream was to form the International Cartoonist Conspiracy.  Having completed that, he decided to move onto dream #2–doing an anthology comic and calling it “WEIRD ILLUSTRATED”!  Steve put out a call, and I answered with…

So I’ll get into the genesis of the SWEDE later, but I can tell you a few things like:

     This is the first story I ever drew using a PENTEL POCKET BRUSH.   At the time (late 2004/early 2005/whenever this was exactly) the Pocket Brush was a new-fangled thing ZANDER CANNON had just smuggled into the country and we few brave souls who had one were trying to figure out HOW THE FUCK YOU USE THEM!  Clearly, I had a ways to go…  Speaking of a ways to go–KEVIN CANNON was still a good 7 years away from doing the first NORDEAST COMICS SUMMIT.  I had no idea you shouldn’t underline dialogue.  NO IDEA!!!


The Young Earth Chronicles–part 4(of 12), also: Steven Stwalley’s Fail “Ezekiel Fishman vs The Martians”

   So had I completed the 144 Page Graphic Novel Challenge, this would have marked the end of the first 12th of it.  This also marks a very important turning point in my comics-makin’ career.  As any of you who have read my 24 Hour Comics know when I write myself into a corner I get out it/end the story by having a bomb go off.  Its lazy I know, but THE END! What more do you need, right?  Well this is the first time I ever wrote myself into a corner WITH a bomb going off knowing full well I had 132 pages to go.  And where was the story headed?  I had no idea, but I had a month to worry about it.

    ALSO:  Hobos!  Aliens!  Cops!  144 PGNC creator STEVEN STWALLEY seemed to be offering it all with his failed attempt EZEKIEL FISHMAN vs THE MARTIANS!  Sure his story was never completed by he did leave 36 great pages in his wake.  Steve spoke for a while afterwards of finishing it one day, and who knows–maybe he will? 


“The Young Earth Chronicles”–part 1(of 12)–aka “The most epic fail in the history of the Cartoonist Conspiracy”

Once upon a time ago in 2007, there was this epic fail.  So that’s how this happened…

   Ok. So here’s what I remember kinda sorta happening: Sometime during or after 2006’s 24 Hour Comic Day Conspiracy Poo-Bah STEVE STWALLEY proposed the notion that since 24 HCD–even at only once a year–was a bear of an effort, and what might be more fun of an experiment would be to meet once a month for 12 hours for one year straight.  The over-all idea was then you’d have a full 144 page graphic novel in 365 days!  What a great idea (in theory)! 

      So we gave it a whack.  As is our way we decided to meet at the MN Center for Book Arts once a month from 8am-8pm (or as long as you could. You didn’t have to do all 12 pages then and there just so long as you finished your 12 pages by the next month). I remember showing up some Saturday morning of some month in late 2006/early 2007 a little after 8.  ZANDER CANNON was already there (which is kinda funny considering how this story ends).  All in all those there that first Saturday to give the 144 Page Graphic Novel Challenge a try were Zander, Steve, KEVIN CANNONERIC LAPPEGARD**, CURTIS SQUARE-BRIGGS (I think), DAVID STEINLICHT (or was he just there for the open studio? Or was this how the Open Studio started? Ugh. My memory is so fuzzy on this. I think I blocked it out), and myself.  There may have been a few others.  I don’t know.  What I do know though is that WE ALL FAILED!!! **

     To be fair we didn’t all fail at once.  I know I made it 3 months. As did I think Steve(though he may have gone longer). Maybe Kevin too.  I’ll try to get the facts straighter for future posts.

     ** Ok technically Zander hasn’t failed. He’s still plugging away very slowly on his story ‘HECK’.  He’s dedicated to finishing it…some day.  He posts bits of it every so often HERE.  And ERIC LAPPEGARD tragically passes away that year.  So I give him a pass(even though he technically quit after the first month the quitting quitter!).  But to be fair he started his SCHMAPPLES webcomic around the same time, so again I forgive the quitting quitter quittertons quitting.



   If I’m not mistaken this was the first pin-up STEVE tried his hand at for this issue.  Well, he didn’t like how it was working out so he stopped with the pencils, but he did give me said pencils along with the 3 other finished pin-ups.  Well whether he liked it or not I–danno!–like inking.  So I figured I’d try my hand at Steve’s pencils.  The result wasn’t 100%, but ok.  I tried to bury any failure in the coloring.  Did it work? 

  UP NEXT:  I’ve been working on a whole bunch of cool stuff lately–actually, too much cool stuff, most of which is filed under “secret project” status–but I’m going to share some of what I can next week. Don’t call it ‘filler’, that’s just cruel.  Accurate, but cruel.   And then I’ll be back on January 31st with the all-new, internet-exclusive MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE # 8 !!!



   Thanks for the awesome pin-up, STEVE!



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