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MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–Guest Artist Spectacular–pin-up–by Dean Fraser, and some words from Brian Bastian…

Fleming Hazmat pin-up by DEAN FRASER

Fleming Hazmat pin-up by DEAN FRASER

   DEAN FRASER:   I honestly don’t know DEAN FRASER from Adam…or Adama for that matter (So Say We All!).  I was just looking for an image of DOC OCK to link to one day for a previous post and I found Dean’s “SPRINGFIELD”-ized versions of not only DOC, but a whole slew of characters from comics and pop culture.  And they are all entirely awesome.  In awe of his gift (I can’t draw Groening-esque for shite) I did the only thing I could think to do–I propositioned a total stranger (a CANADIAN, no less!) to draw me a Fleming Hazmat in that iconic style.  Dean, miraculously, agreed to.  And I cannot thank him more.  But I’ll try:  THANKS, DEAN!!!  You should thank him for me too by checking out his great site “SPRINGFIELD PUNX“.  You’ll love it!  Oh, and Dean…speaking of Adama…I think the BSG crew could use a good PUNXing…just throwing that out there… 

    And now that the GUEST ARTIST SPECTACULAR is nearly over (*sniff*),  my biographical punching-bag for the last 3 weeks, BRIAN BASTIAN, would like to say a few words to all the immensely talented artists who have graced this blog recently.  Brian…

   “Hello there all you beautiful readers, I just wanted to say a few words now that the “12 Trials of Fleming Hazmat” has run it’s course, and what a ride it has been. Earlier this summer when Danno told me that he wanted to do a 14 page story with 14 different artists, I thought it was a great idea. He then told me that all the artists would be working on it at the same time, so each page would have to be self contained, while still telling a story, and I thought it was an interesting challenge. Then he told me he wanted me to write it, and I thought it was a horrible idea. But I said I would write it. Why? Because I’ll say yes to writing anything.

    My inability to say no aside, the most interesting thing about the project to me was to see what those 14 artists did with their pages. My favorite thing about writing comics is the thrill of seeing the art, and I think we can all agree that in this case there was no disappointments. Every single page is a thing of beauty. There were pages I wasn’t totally sure about as I was writing them, but after seeing them here…well it makes me seem brilliant.

     So a big thank you to everyone involved. I hope I’m able to work with all of you again in the future (and remember, I’ll say yes to writing anything!) And also thanks to Danno for allowing me to be a part of this. Hopefully you make this an annual event. Regardless of if I write it or not, I’ll be looking forward to it. And to all you readers out there, if you enjoyed this, I believe most if not all of the artists will be at Fallcon in a couple weeks. So after you buy your copy of Tommy Chicago #3, go check out their stuff. Actually you can go check out their stuff before you get your copy of TC #3, I’ll make sure to save you a copy.”   —BRIAN BASTIAN

   Wonderfully shameless as always, Brian!  I going to be shilling TC#3 myself later this week as I begin the COUNTDOWN to 24 HOUR COMIC BOOK DAYFALLCON…and all sorts of other stuff.  So lots of sneak peeks and previews of what I’ve been working on lately.  This will culminate in next weekends 24 HOUR COMIC DAY(which I’ll begin posting my 24 Hour book here next Monday!).  But before we get too far ahead, today’s Spectacular Guest Artist DEAN FRASER actually submitted to me two versions of Fleming–the one above, and one of Fleming a blue version of his suit.  To me his suit has always been red, but Dean makes a strong argument for blue.  What do you guys think?

Earth-2 Fleming Hazmat by DEAN FRASER

Earth-2 Fleming Hazmat by DEAN FRASER



pg 12

pg 12

    AHH!  Dear lord, HEADULON!  What has become of you!?!?

   This was fun to draw, but it took me several attempts to nail down the ever-evolving DR HEADULON.  Again, we refer to one of STEVE‘s original sketches…


As you can see from both this sketch and the one I posted yesterday (pg 11), STEVE had a  much different idea of how HEADULONs melon should look.  STEVE was going for a much more expanding brain kinda thing.  I did many sketches in an attempt to capture what STEVE was going for, but I just couldn’t nail it.  It just looked weird to me, and I wasn’t having any fun drawing it.  So I eventually hit upon the idea of just making his WHOLE head big.  I also think STEVE generally did a better job in designing the above look, but when I did some drawings of that I realized the massive scale of HEADULON would make ants of HIP-HOP and TEN-FIVE for the rest of the story, so I went on a smaller scale.  I also thought it would be fun to pay homage to DOC OCK with the tentacles.  Not that Kirby created Doc Ock or anything, I just figured all super-powered “Doctors” shopped at the same store.

  (And about the Doc Ock link–thats from a super cool website I just discovered called SPRINGFIELD PUNX, where a Canadian cartoonist named DEAN FRASER does wonderfully Springfield-ian versions of pop/nerd culture characters.  Check it out today, and go back often!)



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