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ARNOLD THE SUPER CARDINAL: NEMESIS!!! An all-new 19 page Arnold story where Arnold finally meets his match…but can he still win the day?!

An extra special THANKS! to SEAN TENHOFF and RYAN DOW for their story input on this one!



“JAM WAR” by Tenhoff, Roe, Lipski & Klonowski pdf

From the promo poster I did for the Minneapolis cell of this JAM WAR you can get a pretty good idea of what it was. I did my Jam War contribution with SEAN TENHOFF, QUILLAN ROE, and BOB LIPSKI.  It was a really fun waste of 12 hours with friends.

Jam War by_Tenhoff_Roe_Lipski_Klonowski


retrospecticus: “CONTINUITY GUY” release at AE

   On Friday, April 2nd, 2010 the “CONTINUITY GUY” graphic novella zapped its way into our world, being released at the ALTERED ESTHETICS show “Resident Artists 4: Collaborations”.   To commemorate this event, here are some photos of the night presented in the way only a CONTINUITY GUY release could be–completely out of sequential order and making little sense.  Enjoy!

    CONTINUITY GUY artist BUD BURGY points out to RYAN DOW who the ass is who wrote such a perplexing and commercial-unfriendly story.

   CONTINUITY GUY creator CASEY ‘NELS’ NELSON enjoys what Bud and I have done with his stolen property while Bud explains where nipples are and what they do.

    JESSE GILLESPIE makes a rare sojourn from his Northwoods bunker to see art and stock up on canned goods.  He also gave me the coolest gift imaginable.

   Moments earlier WILL DINSKI and SARAH MOREAN drank from a bottle clearly marked “DO NOT DRINK”.  Almost immediately the walls seemed to get taller and taller to them.  Before you knew it they were nearly invisible to the naked eye.  Later, they were eaten by a spider.  They shall be dearly missed.

    Not to be outdone, VAS LITTLECROW actually travels thru time before our very eyes.

   Those professional models we hired finally show up. 

    The AE crew knew we were coming and so they quite literally baked a cake.

   SEAN TENHOFF and his lady friend make plans for what the AE bathroom will look like at LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘D’.

   DAN “The Frame-Filler” MURPHY shows how he earned his nickname.

    MIKE TOFT then challenges Dan to a ‘Frame Fill-Off’.  Murphy retains his title.

   JAMES POWELL takes a brief moment to do some cleansing, personal introspection.  He then leaves insisting he has to find a nun to punch or the hyenas won’t let him sleep.

   TED ANDERSON also tries for Murphy’s title, but is disqualified when the lab results come back and he had tested positive for juicing.

   LEELOO takes a moment out of her busy day to look adorable.  Awwwww….

   BRITT AAMODT (author of the upcoming essay collection about MN cartoonists ‘OFF COLOR’) takes Bud’s challenge to find all the continuity errors in the CONTINUITY GUY script.  She gives up after 300.

   CASSANDRA MONSON and birthday boy ERIK NELSON (who are to be wed next weekend!) pick the absolute worst time possible to review the MN tax laws for married couples.

    DANIEL J OLSON and AJ NEIHAUS had just picked the spot on the map where they are going to leave me for dead on route to C2E2 and now could barely contain themselves.

   Co-worker CHRIS OESTREICHER makes his patented camera mug.  You’re 9,323 for 9,323, buddy!  Great job!

   Hearing of the challenge to de-throne Dan Murphy, co-worker KATRINA GLAIM makes a valiant (but ultimately losing) effort.

    STEVE STWALLEY finally found that bonfire kindling he was looking for.

   CONTINUITY GUY cover artist KEVIN CANNON insists on being just another face in the crowd…so much so that he causes a scene and becomes the center of attention.  It was very awkward.

  BUD finds his ‘last call’ date for the evening.

   Thinking I had left, everyone had a really good laugh at my expense.  And then the cameras flash went off, and things became uncomfortably quiet.  The night was officially over.

   Many, many thanks to everyone who stopped by whether they were there for us or any of the ‘resident artists’.  Many thanks to everyone who picked up a copy of the book, and many thanks to everyone I didn’t get a (good) picture of.   It was a really fun time!


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–LUTEFISK SUSHI “C”–pg 2(of 6), also: SEAN TENHOFF returns (kinda), “CONTINUITY GUY” is still around, and no…I don’t know what happened to his hands.

     This “one week only”  tale was written by now-frequent collaborator/writer BRIAN BASTIAN.   It was originally the second story featured in MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #0, but also a part of our submission for LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘C’ .  Brian is here to join us–once again!–for some behind-the-scenes retrospectacizing on this 6 page epic:

BRIAN BASTIAN:  Here’s element #1 that went into this issue. I had caught like 20 seconds of “Jedi” either on TV or out in the world somewhere, and this dialogue was stuck in my head. I had to do something with it in either the real world or in something written, and people don’t usually accuse me of being overconfident. Probably because I’m not good enough. I would have ended up shoehorning it into Tommy Chicago but then I had a better idea.  This story!

DANNO KLONOWSKI:  And I’m glad you did.  I’m pretty sure I set some things aside to do this short.  Why?  Cause more than anything I wanted to draw what appears tomorrow.   So…uhh, that doesn’t really help in talking about this page, though.  This page was pretty dull to draw though.  It gets us to tomorrow.  And thats all that matters.

   ALSO:  I was going thru the Staplegenius Vaults over the weekend looking for whatnot and stumbled upon the following sweetness…

   So anyway, that was written and pencilled by me one wintery night back in early 2005 at SEAN TENHOFF’s house.   Sean would later ink it and make it not only “look-at-able”, but made it totally amazing.  In fact I dare say you can’t even really tell that I had anything to do with it…and thats a good thing.  Back then I was for shite.  I still think I am, mind you.  But at least now it’s look-at-able shite.  Anyway…I miss Sean Tenhoff.  Both the man and the cartoonist.  Write home soon, Sean.

   Luckily I’ve also made lots of other wonderful cartoonists friends in the years since the above was done, and one of  them is BUD BURGY.  He’s nearly done drawing our book CONTINUITY GUY.  In fact it’ll even be a real book soon too!  And soon enough the iPAD, I’m sure.

    FINALLY:  For as much as I was looking forward to this Daily Goal Sketch, I sure don’t like how it came out.  Ah well, the client loves it.


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #0–pg 21(of 23), also: a Go! Go! update, The Pentel Pocket Brush and Avaturd

    Like most cartoonists, my family (wife, kids, parents, etc) don’t really understand my obsession with creating comics, and for the most part don’t really read them much either.  Whatever.  I don’t do this to please them–I do it to please the three-toed gremlin who lives in my right hand and causes pains if I don’t draw for more than two days.  But a print copy of this issue got left lying around a couple months ago and one the kids read it.   Flemings whole nagging to get to Pawn America just killed her.  She was laughing about it for days, and chuckles every time we drive my on now.  So I guess what I’m saying is I’m rebranding my comics and aiming for my target demographic–11 years olds who love Pawn America.  Hells ya!

   Update:  Yesterday I mentioned GO! GO! ILLUSTRATION, and how they do daily sketches that they sell.  I also mentioned that if Jerzy Drozd did a “Tri-Klops” in his “He-Man” series I’d buy it.  Well…

   Best nine bucks I ever spent. 

   Also:  Beloved local art store WET PAINT (and it can be your favorite too since its online as well) has started asking its patrons to pimp out their favorite tools on their blog.  So STEVEN STWALLEY–the Cartoonist Conspiracy poobah and sometimes Staplegenius collaborator–has stepped up to the plate and proclaimed the Conspiracys collective love for the PENTEL POCKET BRUSH.  Simply put: the Pentel Pocket Brush is my favorite drawing tool and has forever changed the way in which I draw, and I highly recommend EVERY cartoonist have one  (or three) in their arsenal.   My favorite part of all this is the ad for the Pocket Brush some of we Conspirators did a few years back for Wet Paint.  It features such Conspiracy luminaries as: Steve, myself, ZANDER CANNON, the much missed ERIC LAPPEGARD and…is that Sean Tenhoff??? 

  Finally….yep.  Avatar.  I really enjoy the podcast WTF with MARC MARON, and for the last few weeks he has been espousing the theory that maybe if people gave a shit about things that REALLY matter, instead of being complacent and supporting quarter billion-dollar jerk-off fests like AVATAR, that maybe–just MAYBE–we’d have socialized medicine.  Now, I really enjoyed my nigh-on three hours of complacency I had during Avatar, but I have to agree.  And frankly, I’d much rather give back that time and money and have socialized medicine.


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #0–pg 11/12(of 23), also: a pin-up chic

     Ahh favorite ‘cheat’ while doing a 24 hour comic–making the center pages into a double-page spread.  This one was especially fun building up to while ‘writing’ the story on the spot.  You hope when you get to this point you’ll have something worthy of a two-pager.  I think the randomly chosen Atlantis Lad-death word ‘New York City’ fits that bill.  My favorite part is the cymbal.  I was really into the stuff SEAN TENHOFF was doing on his BEANMEN web comic at the time, and felt its influence when I did that panel.

   The Daily Goal Sketch WILL return–TOMORROW in fact!  But before then, a sketch I did in honor of the wonderful BUZZ POP comics by MATT CHICOREL  that I had just read.  They are fun stuff, and you should go buy some today!   Also, someone over at Marvel should give Matt one of the dozens of SPIDER-MAN titles to play with.  That would be awesome.  I haven’t read SPIDER-MAN regularly in years, but I’d buy that.  Poly-bagged.  With trading cards and variant covers.


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–issue one–pin ups–Sean Tenhoff

by: dank and Tenhoff

by: dank and Tenhoff

     The second pin-up for issue one (which was the back cover) was actually pencilled and inked by me for my friend Sean Tenhoff, and his now defunct (but still up online and awesome) webcomic THE BEAN MEN (  Sean then used his magical brush tp Tenhoff-up the inks a bit.

    This pin-up was drawn at FALLCON 2006 ( when THE BEAN MEN was in its prime and MANLY TALES was just a shameful, SHAMEFUL 24 Hour Day comic that I had just done the week before and was planning to turn into the semi-shameful comic–issue one–you just read.

  Thanks Sean.



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