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“JAM WAR” by Tenhoff, Roe, Lipski & Klonowski pdf

From the promo poster I did for the Minneapolis cell of this JAM WAR you can get a pretty good idea of what it was. I did my Jam War contribution with SEAN TENHOFF, QUILLAN ROE, and BOB LIPSKI.  It was a really fun waste of 12 hours with friends.

Jam War by_Tenhoff_Roe_Lipski_Klonowski


the “lost” guest artist pin-ups: QUILLAN ROE

   QUILLAN ROE is known for his music way more so than his art, but damn if he ain’t a talented in both regards!  I’ve said a lot about how great Quillan is in the past, so check that out and then go enjoy his tunes.  Thanks, Q!




       Welcome to the first guest artist pin-up (of four) that appeared in MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #2, and this one is by:  QUILLAN ROE!

      Quillan and I met during the collating/set-up for the first LUTEFISK SUSHI show (, when such things were done at Creative Electric, and became fast friends. 

     In addition to being an amazing cartoonist, it turned out Quillan was also a talented and locally well-known musician. In fact I had been aware of his first band ACCIDENT CLEARINGHOUSE ( for years.  His latest band, THE ROE FAMILY SINGERS ( are a pretty big hit around town playing often and everywhere, including a regular show EVERY MONDAY NIGHT at the 331 CLUB in Northeast Minneapolis.  His co-frontperson and wife, KIM ROE, won the BEST FEMALE VOCALIST award from the City Pages  in 2005 for her ROE FAMILY SINGERS work. You can buy their latest album “THE EARTH AND ALL THAT IS IN IT” at

     Anyway, Quillan quickly became a valued member of the Conspiracy, taught me a thing or two about Photoshop, and even worked with me for a brief period one wonderful winter at Kinkos.  The ROE FAMILY SINGERS formed shortly after Quillan joined the Conspiracy and quickly began monopolizing his time (and rightly so!).  And in addition to the ROE FAMILY SINGERS, Quillan and Kim’s regular Roe family grew recently with the addition of a daughter, Elspeth Annwn Roe! 

     So as you can imagine with a scheduale like that he hasn’t been to a Conspiracy meeting in quite a while, but we who remember him miss his jovial presence greatly.  But fear not, Quillan will be returning to the pages of MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE, for you see the villian for issue 6 is based on a drawing I did of Quillan one night while the ROE FAMILY were playing away…


    Quillan has also done a couple more pin-ups that will appear in MANLY TALES #6 and he’s also promised me he’ll finish the long-awaited “LIL ZOMBIE” strip so I can feature it as a back-up story in that issue as well! Now all I have to do is turn that MANLY TALES #6 script I’ve had lying around for a year into an actual comic…

    So, thanks again to QUILLAN ROE! Cartoonist, musician, and all around great guy.

   Oh, and one more thing before we go…a pin up I did of the ROE FAMILY a couple years ago that Quillan colored.  (And seriously, go check out the ROE FAMILY SINGERS music on their myspace page––then go buy their new album––you won’t be sorry).





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