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More MULLET CLOWN! More MONSTER PIG-FACE BOY!   Basically. the story was fun cause NELS and I plotted it together, I went off and penciled everything but NELS figures and then one SAturday afternoon he drew/inked/lettered all his parts. i went home and finished inking it within days. A fun collaboration! Not particularly ground-breaking or even-sensical, but whatevs. Fun is Fun, Milhouse.

MULLET CLOWN meets MPFB crossover


The “MONSTER PIG-FACE BOY” Chronicles by Nels and Dank

Presented here are the MONSTER PIG-FACE BOY tales presented in various issues of STAPLEGENIUS mini-comics from 2001 to 2003. As noted in the MPFB 24 Hour Comic story, MPFB was created by NELS, and about the first half of the stories here are by him. Once NELS quite drawing to focus on music, he let me take over MPFB’s antics. Luckily, NELS has recently gotten back into drawing, and you should really check out his webcomic SEE BEAUTIFUL INDIANA.  In the meanwhile, here’s the complete MONSTER PIG-FACE BOY Chronicles for you…



‘Monster Pig-Face Boy’ in: “When Breakfast Bites Back!”

This lil guy I did back in 2004 for the first LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘A’ show.  Ladies and Gents, I give you NELS’ creation MONSTER PIG-FACE BOY in: WHEN BREAKFAST BITES BACK!!!

When Breakfast Bites Back


Some love from Bud Burgy, the Lutefisk Sushi podcast makes the world smile, and 24 Hour Comic Day is Saturday, Oct 1st!

**The above image is not by me, but rather by collaborator BUD BURGY (who last week did a lovely write-up of my forth-coming SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE book) A keen-eyed observer may notice one FLEMING HAZMAT tucked away in the image.  Not only that, but the band NATIONAL BIRD features one Casey “NELS” Nelson –a name you may recognize as one of the original “STAPLEGENIUS FOUR” and also the co-creator of CONTINUITY GUY (the comic Bud and I now do together. Ciiiiiiiiiiircle of Life!).  FYI Nels– As the Assy Neckman as my witness, you WILL have a book of your recently unearthed comics in the next LUTEFISK SUSHI!!!  Speaking of Lutefisk Sushi…

**The LUTEFISK SUSHI PODCAST was a modest hit, and I couldn’t be happier!  Look for episode this Thursday (on the website or subscribe on itunes).

**Finally, 24 HOUR COMIC DAY is this Saturday, October 1st. If you live in Minnesota be sure to join the Cartoonist Conspiracy for the 8th year of 24 hour cartooning!  This is the first year I WON’T be participating fully in the event, but I’ll certainly be there for a while to draw and support those doing the 24 Hour dare!  Hope to see you there!


retrospecticus: “CONTINUITY GUY” release at AE

   On Friday, April 2nd, 2010 the “CONTINUITY GUY” graphic novella zapped its way into our world, being released at the ALTERED ESTHETICS show “Resident Artists 4: Collaborations”.   To commemorate this event, here are some photos of the night presented in the way only a CONTINUITY GUY release could be–completely out of sequential order and making little sense.  Enjoy!

    CONTINUITY GUY artist BUD BURGY points out to RYAN DOW who the ass is who wrote such a perplexing and commercial-unfriendly story.

   CONTINUITY GUY creator CASEY ‘NELS’ NELSON enjoys what Bud and I have done with his stolen property while Bud explains where nipples are and what they do.

    JESSE GILLESPIE makes a rare sojourn from his Northwoods bunker to see art and stock up on canned goods.  He also gave me the coolest gift imaginable.

   Moments earlier WILL DINSKI and SARAH MOREAN drank from a bottle clearly marked “DO NOT DRINK”.  Almost immediately the walls seemed to get taller and taller to them.  Before you knew it they were nearly invisible to the naked eye.  Later, they were eaten by a spider.  They shall be dearly missed.

    Not to be outdone, VAS LITTLECROW actually travels thru time before our very eyes.

   Those professional models we hired finally show up. 

    The AE crew knew we were coming and so they quite literally baked a cake.

   SEAN TENHOFF and his lady friend make plans for what the AE bathroom will look like at LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘D’.

   DAN “The Frame-Filler” MURPHY shows how he earned his nickname.

    MIKE TOFT then challenges Dan to a ‘Frame Fill-Off’.  Murphy retains his title.

   JAMES POWELL takes a brief moment to do some cleansing, personal introspection.  He then leaves insisting he has to find a nun to punch or the hyenas won’t let him sleep.

   TED ANDERSON also tries for Murphy’s title, but is disqualified when the lab results come back and he had tested positive for juicing.

   LEELOO takes a moment out of her busy day to look adorable.  Awwwww….

   BRITT AAMODT (author of the upcoming essay collection about MN cartoonists ‘OFF COLOR’) takes Bud’s challenge to find all the continuity errors in the CONTINUITY GUY script.  She gives up after 300.

   CASSANDRA MONSON and birthday boy ERIK NELSON (who are to be wed next weekend!) pick the absolute worst time possible to review the MN tax laws for married couples.

    DANIEL J OLSON and AJ NEIHAUS had just picked the spot on the map where they are going to leave me for dead on route to C2E2 and now could barely contain themselves.

   Co-worker CHRIS OESTREICHER makes his patented camera mug.  You’re 9,323 for 9,323, buddy!  Great job!

   Hearing of the challenge to de-throne Dan Murphy, co-worker KATRINA GLAIM makes a valiant (but ultimately losing) effort.

    STEVE STWALLEY finally found that bonfire kindling he was looking for.

   CONTINUITY GUY cover artist KEVIN CANNON insists on being just another face in the crowd…so much so that he causes a scene and becomes the center of attention.  It was very awkward.

  BUD finds his ‘last call’ date for the evening.

   Thinking I had left, everyone had a really good laugh at my expense.  And then the cameras flash went off, and things became uncomfortably quiet.  The night was officially over.

   Many, many thanks to everyone who stopped by whether they were there for us or any of the ‘resident artists’.  Many thanks to everyone who picked up a copy of the book, and many thanks to everyone I didn’t get a (good) picture of.   It was a really fun time!


Retrospecticus: STAPLEGENIUS #6 (June 2001)

Staplegenius #6--cover by myself, Nels, and Mike Toft. And yes, copies of STAPLEGENIUS did actually manage to make their way into an actual work-house, and were extremely popular among the cons

    Like I said in the Retrospecticus for issue #5, two big but despairing events were occurring at the time of creation and publication: 1) Nels, the last hold-out STAPLEGENIUS collaborator, was focusing on his band END TRANSMISSION and effectively leaving STAPLEGENIUS as Pat and Matt had before him, and 2) I was creating a universe in which to play and tell longer, connected stories of a regular cast of characters.  With the exception of STAPLEGENIUS #9 and #11 (which still seem more like flukes than anything), issue #6 would mark the last ‘old school’ style STAPLEGENIUS–meaning lots of gags with a couple shorter stories made by multiple creators. 


   MIKE TOFT was a godsend.  Just as the STAPLEGENIUS team was breaking apart, Mike contacted me out of the blue (via actual Snail Mail) by sending me copies of his mini-comic BRAIN FOOD and a nice letter about how much he like STAPLEGENIUS.  He asked if I’d like to meet and discuss making mini-comics.  He, like I, knew there were other creators in town, he just didn’t know how to contact any of them.  I agreed, and shortly after we met at SPYHOUSE coffee shop.  Both meeting Mike and this specific location would become very significant to me (and the Minneapolis/St Paul cartooning scene in general) about a year, but that was still off in the future.  In the present of early summer 2001 what this meant was that Mike contributed to STAPLEGENIUS #6 a few shorts that were to be a part of his upcoming BRAIN FOOD #7.  I have to give Mike a lot of credit in helping keep the STAPLEGENIUS dream alive.  I was pretty bummed about the STAPLEGENIUS family falling apart, so it was wonderful having someone new in my corner cheering me on to keep doing more.


    Even though NELS was busy with his band and touring and all that, he still did find some time to do some doodlin’:

 Oh Nels and those damn cats….Then, like now, I really wished Nels would do a page-a-day calendar of this stuff:

   And while Nels may have never delivered on the continued “ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF MONSTER PIG-FACE BOY”, he did make this gem:

   As for myself, I was still on the Mullet Clown and company jag.  What started as a one panel gag months earlier now transformed into the longest comic I’d made in about 10 years at that point (I was 25), and it clocks in at only a whopping eight pages:

   As you can see by how that ended, what started off being a lame excuse for an auto-bio comic was quickly becoming something weirder with storyline larger in scope than “Why don’t girl like me”.  I had lots if ideas I wanted to get out there.  My only problem as I see it (and as you can probably see by the above tale), is that I had no sense of “pacing” or “storytelling”.  I wasn’t scripting then drawing.  I was just doing–making scripts with pictures.  In my mind I was consciously choosing “telling” over “showing” (kind of the opposite of what comics are supposed to be doing…right?), but looking back it was laziness.  For example:

  So yeah…I’m not the proudest poppa in the world when it comes to this issues content, but I see now how it was all a learning process, and this issue was just another step in my still-evolving and highly questionable talents. 

  Next time:  I try a full-length story, and drag Nels kicking and screaming along with to do so.


Retrospecticus: Staplegenius 5.5–The ‘Rites of Spring’ Special Edition (May 2001)

While only two months would pass between STAPLEGENIUS #5 and 6, I squeezed out following “BEST OF” issue in-between there as well:

  This special issue came to be made because NELS and his band END TRANSMISSION were about to embark on another tour.  Nels and I agreed it would be a good idea to distribute some STAPLEGENIUS’ as he travelled cross-country (remember: At this time easily uploaded and maintained web comics were still a McCloudian wet dream), and that the best way to get out as much as we could in as small a package possible was to produce this ‘BEST OF’ issue. 

The ‘RITES OF SPRING” special included most of the MONSTER PIG-FACE BOY material Nels had made at that point, as well as the MULLET CLOWN comics from issue #5, as well as some of the better one panel gags.  And as I said at the top, I was halfway to having STAPLEGENIUS #6 made when we did this, so I was even able to include a story that had never been printed before–one about Mullet Clown being in a band and playing a rock show no less (which we’ll see in the ‘Retrospecticus’ for STAPLEGENIUS #6).

    All in all the 25-40 issues (or whatever it was) Nels brought he distributed with success.  He met lots of nice people who gladly welcomed a mini-comic from a far-off land, and I seem to recall we even got some ‘fan mail’ out the deal. 

    So…I don’t really have anything else image-wise to post other than the back cover.  Sorry this was such a short and unfulfilling ‘Retrospect’.  Next weeks for #6 will make up for it.



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