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Happy Birthday, America!!!

  • july4   With the unstoppable BP mess…now more than ever.

       You know what else is funny–and PATRIOTIC–??!!??  Buying a copies of FALSE WITNESS: THE MICHELE BACHMANN STORY!  Which you can do at right now! So stop gawking at colorful explosions in the sky, put down your burger, beer, and potato salad and get to it!

       Happy 234th, War Mongering Nation!!!

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    LABOR DAY FILLER, also: Guest Artist Spectacular begins tomorrow…

    SHRINER puppet

    SHRINER puppet

       This whole thing will make a little more sense if you go read my SHRINER story from GOOD MINNESOTAN #3, which you can but HERE!


       And we kick off tomorrow with JESSE GILLESPIE (and BRIAN)!



      Sorry to intrude on PHENOMENAL TANGENTS, but I thought today I should point out that I have a strip in this weeks issue of the CITY PAGES “COMIX ISSUE”.  Its pretty amazing it made it in, and here’s why:


       Yep.  I pissed all over’em, and they are paying me to do so.  Pretty sweet.  I figured I will now take the opportunity to post those previously censored and “lost” strips I did the last couple of years.  Lets start with the 2007 submission deemed “potentially slanderous”:


      Ok, I admit there is some “questionable” jokes here, but nothing I think is “potentially slanderous” (except possibly my rendering of the Metrodome).  I think it’s cause I dissed Democrats in the Bush era before Stewart and Colbert made that kinda thing OK.  Whatever.  This comic went on to be the image for the month of May in ALTERED ESTHETICS 2008 calendar.  And if it was the image of Muslim Congressperson Keith Ellisonwith a bomb strapped to himself yelling “JIHAD!” that made City Pages cringe, they should know the original art for this strip sold at a silent auction, and was purchased by a African-American Muslim male who thought it was hilarious.  Waahhh-WAAAHHHH!!!     Moving on to 2008’s “lost” strip…


       (FUN FACT:  I drew this the day–but hours before–Obama actually was named the TAXANDSPENDOCRAT candidate.)

       To be fair, CITY PAGES “lost” a lot of submissions that year.  As a consequence, they received very few this year.  They have lived, and they have learned.  I just thought it would be funny to do a pro-right comic for an issue that was more or less supposed to be totally all anti-right (since the RNC was coming to town). 

       At any rate, I’m done being mad at the City Pages. They didn’t ignore what I had to say with this years strip, and they didn’t feel the need to censor its publication to save their own cabooses.  Should print and the City Pages still exist next year I’ll do a strip that takes no shots at them.  I will however still go after anyone (DEM or GOP) who deserves it.  I’m looking at you, Pawlenty!  You too, Obama!

       Hey speaking of newsprint, you can still see the BIG FUNNY show and buy a copy in person at ALTERED ESTHETICS gallery until SATURDAY AUGUST 29th.  If that doesn’t work for you, copies can be purchased online here.


    “BIG FUNNY” is 2 days away!!!, also: “Tales From the Cardboard Box”



         We hung the gallery show side of the event last night, and it looks amazing!  The hung art includes originals from BIG FUNNY itself, original art by actual old-timey cartoonist WILLIAM EIDE, some old awesome newspaper comics, and a few “behind the scenes” pieces (including ZANDER CANNON’s original BIG FUNNY logo work, and my original “HISTORY OF PRINT” strip–which appears on the front page of BIG FUNNY).

        2 days to go, 2 more BIG FUNNY “FUN FACTS” (thanks again to BIG FUNNY co-editor JAIME “” SCHUMACHER for these):

     1)  The original Big Funny Logo was designed by editor Steven Stwalley.  The Big Funny Logo featured on the cover by co-editor Zander Cannon, and features all the characters from inside the paper itself.  Even the ads in Big Funny are cool! The ads for sponsors on the back of the paper were hand-drawn by co-editor Kevin Cannon, with the words for “the Source” ad penned by editor Steven Stwalley. The classifieds feature a mix of original limericks, artist bios, vintage ads from old comics and more.

    2)  Any proceeds earned from Big Funny benefit two affiliated groups: Altered Esthetics, a nonprofit arts organization that works to support artists, and The International Cartoonist Conspiracy, a community of comic artists.  You can help by buying one online RIGHT NOW at, or by purchasing SEVERAL at Friday’s opening.


        Here’s another strip DAN MURPHY( inked and I wrote and pencilled back in 1992 for our never-released ROTTING CARCASS FUNNIES comic.  This one is called “TALES FROM THE CARDBOARD BOX”.



        PANEL ONE:  You know whats hilarious–I still draw suburban households exactly the same way now as I did when I was 16.  IT’S TRUE!  I just had to draw a suburban house for the next TOMMY CHICAGO (#3–available in October at FALLCON), and its almost a perfect duplicate–above angle shot and everything.  Creepy.

       PANEL FIVE:  I was just in Las Vegas a month or so ago.  That is EXACTLY what it looks like.

       PANEL SIX:  Dig those 2-D tanks.  Take THAT, Pixar!

       BOTTOM “MEANWHILE” PANEL:  Wow! Check out those pecs on Murphy!!! I don’t remember him being so buff, but if I drew him that way it MUST be true!  I couldn’t have had anything to do with my foolish Liefeld infatuation back then…could it…?


    “BIG FUNNY” is 3 days away!!!, also: “Continuity Guy” and “Falling French Guy”


          BIG FUNNY opens FRIDAY at ALTERED ESTHETICS gallery ( .  I’m so proud of BIG FUNNY– as a contributor, as a member of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy, as a Resident Artist at Altered Esthetics, and especially as one of the editors of BIG FUNNY (the one who did the least amount of actual work, by the way. But my patented sass got us all through every meeting in good spirits).

        To celebrate the 3 days countdown, I now present 3 FUN FACTS about BIG FUNNY (thanks to fellow BIG FUNNY editor JAMIE SCHUMACHER––for these):

    1)  BIG FUNNY is 16″ wide by 22-3/4″ tall with an image area of 15″ wide by 21-1/2, just like grandma used to read.

    2)  Only 2,000 copies were printed–and will EVER be printed–and only about 1,500 are still available for purchase and the show hasn’t even opened yet!  If you’re out of town and/or can’t make the Friday opening you can buy a BIG FUNNY online RIGHT NOW at

    3)  Think locally, volunteer globally:  The project was coordinated entirely by volunteers, who have contributed 1,000 hours to the project to date, and BIG FUNNY was printed locally right here in Minnesota.

        See you FRIDAY at ALTERED ESTHETICS ( !


        BUD BURGY is still plugging away on the art for our CONTINUITY GUY graphic novella.  A couple new pages are now up at, and BUD will continue to put up a page or two a week until its done (it is currently 1/6th of the way finished).

        DAN MURPHY( who did the wonderful art on PHIL, THE EVIL BEAN OF DOOM (which you can now read in its entirety on this very blog) sent along to me a couple of other pages of comics that we did together back in the early 90’s.  I was very excited because these pages were for our never-published comic “ROTTING CARCASS FUNNIES”, and I hadn’t seen them in over 15 years. 

         After opening the ROTTING CARCASS FUNNIES attachments I was immediately taken aback at how BAD Dan’s art was–not the beautiful stuff I remembered…..and then I realized I was the reason these pages looked terrible–I had pencilled them, and Dan had only inked(and thereby salvaged) them.  So…here we go…a shameful look back at my 16 year old self’s art….

    "FALLING FRENCH GUY" words/pencils by me, inks by DAN MURPHY

    "FALLING FRENCH GUY" words/pencils by me, inks by DAN MURPHY

       First off, yes “DAN OCHSENDOF” is me–DANNO KLONOWSKI.  Puberty does crazy things to people.  Now then, the commentary… 

        I  think I did this as a reaction to the fact my Dad had bungee-cord jumped that summer (1992) at the MN State Fair. But as I think about it, I can sense-memory being in my childhood home drawing this…and it seems like I did it BEFORE my Dad jumped.  Maybe I was just psychic.  I also enjoy the fact I referenced RALPH THE CLOWN–a one page comic Dan had done–which had we actually tried to publish ROTTING CARCASS FUNNIES (even as a zine/mini-comic) that RAPLH strip probably wouldn’t have been in it making the call-back even that more obscure.   The closing line is still pretty clever, me thinks.


    misc: politics, politics, and schmapples


    ***  Hey everybody!  Going to do a few pages of MISC content until I get into posting “PHIL, THE EVIL BEAN OF DOOM” 8-pager I did with DAN MURPHY( 15 years ago!!!–which, believe it or not, it holds up pretty damn well…you’ll find out come Monday.

    ***  The above image was drawn on the night of the last debate between AL FRANKEN and NORM COLEMAN (11-2-08).  Franken recently “won” after months of costly court B.S. , and having just rediscovered this doodle I’m surprised at how close I was to the truth–I predicted Franken would win by 2% and he won by only 200-some votes.  Or maybe I was just paying attention to the polls. Who knows?  The other thing about this I find equally funny is the bit about MICHELE BACHMANN losing big-time.  When I drew this I knew my buddy KEN AVIDOR had been hot on Bachmann’s heels for years at www.dumpbachmann.comtrying to expose her for the nut she is. I also knew she had FINALLY said some crazy enough stuff that was getting national exposure and  so I just sorta figured the people of Bachmann’sdistrict would get with the program and not vote her back in.  Well, I think we all know now my prediction was wrong.  I think we also know she has gone onto say more more ludicrous stuff since then.  So I’m predicting here and now she will NOT–FOR SURE THIS TIME–be re-elected in 2010.

    *** The other funny part of the Bachmann drawing is that several months later I found myself being hired to work on a comic series ABOUT Michele Bachmann(which you can order the first issue of at Issue two will be out soon.). And THAT gig would have NEVER happened had she lost as I predicted she would!  So…uhh…thanks?  

    ***Theres some other news involving Bachmann and comics and me, but I’ll write more on that when I have some harder facts–I have names, just no dates–so until then consider your interest piqued!

    ***Finally:  Cartoonist, friend, vegan, ninja, all-around wonderful person ERIC LAPPEGARD (aka SCHMAPPLES) passed away 2 years ago now.  To celebrate his life, there will be a get-together tomorrow(FRIDAY the 24th) at GRUMPY’sDOWNTOWN from 8pm until whenever.  So if you knew Eric (and even if you didn’t so well–why not?!) stop on by and toast one to a man who loved a good drink.  I’ll leave you now witha drawing Eric did…one of the last he ever did, in fact…and it’s pretty special to me, cause this drawing was done specifically both for ME and for MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE.  See, Eric and I were gunna jam on issue 5–my FLEMING vs his VEGAN NINJA–and the following is a preparatory drawing Eric did for that(ignore all the “SCHMAPPLES TRIBUTE” info. That was in 2007—and it ROCKED!).    Miss you, Eric.

    For serious---don't wait until September! That was 2007! The thing this year is FRIDAY! 8PM! GRUMPYS!

    For serious---don't wait until September! That was 2007! The thing this year is FRIDAY! 8PM! GRUMPYS!


    misc: “Zinefest” is this weekend(July 11th and 12th)

    Can you spot the old Staplegenius Comics?

    Can you spot the old Staplegenius Comics?

       ZINEFEST ( is this upcoming weekend–JULY 11th and 12th at the STEVENS SQUARE CENTER FOR THE ARTS–1905 Third Avenue S. (just south of downtown Minneapolis), near the intersection of Third Avenue and Franklin Avenue. 

       ZINEFEST runs 11am-5pm on SATURDAY(the 11th) and 11am-4pm on SUNDAY(the 12th).

       And don’t let the name fool you, ZINEFEST is a celebration of both zines AND indy comics.I’ll be there along with many a Conspirator (and/or comic creator)  including Ryan Dow, Daniel J Olson, Mike Toft, Sarah Morean, Will Dinski, Sean Lynch(Good Minnesotan/2D cloud), Aaron Poliwoda, Tom Kaczynski, Ed Choy Moorman, Jesse Haller and many more.  We’ll all be selling our hard-made wares, so stop on by and purchase some awesome indy comics and zines

    I’ll be selling all the usual–MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE, TOMMY CHICAGO–along with FALSE WITNESS, and I’ll have something in the Sean Lynch-produced, last minute ZINE SUPREME anthology.

    Hope to see you there……..bring cash!



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