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the complete “DANNO AND THE GIANT APPLE” pdf

This is my 8 pager from 2012’s MINI COMICS DAY. It’s my jaded look at a classic tale. Thanks, 2nd grade english teacher who read the original to my class. This is what you wrought.



LITERARY DEATH MATCH is coming! My Mini-Comics Day 2012 story is here right now!!!

Hey everybody. I am very excited because on JUNE 6th I will be a judge at the next Minneapolis LITERARY DEATH MATCH!  LDM is, after SALON SALOON, my favorite live artsy-fartsy event to attend, and I am pleased as Juicy-Juice to get to actually take part in the upcoming show. If you’ve never seen LDM–for SHAAAAAME!!! And now should be the time you finally go. In two rounds of action, four authors get seven minutes each to wow the crowd and judges with their prose. Judges get to break two authors spirits, and then the final two writers go head-to-head in some random, fun, crowd-pleasing, totally un-literary game to decide the nights champion. Oh, and I’m a ‘cartoonist’ judge so instead of just giving my thoughts on what was read I have to also draw something based on each writer/story, and draw it FAST, dammit!!! So please come on down to the Nomad World Pub on June 6th and see it all go down. You can read more about the event and pre-purchase tickets HERE, and confirm your presence via the Facebook HERE.

Speaking of literary (kinda): As I mentioned in the last post, MINI-COMICS DAY 2012 was this past weekend and I took part in it.  As fate would have it, I did the event on very little sleep but still managed to crank out an 8 page mini in just about five hours. My sleep-deprived sequential ramblings ended up being a swears-filled homage to JAMES AND  THE GIANT PEACH, and here it is:



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