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COUNTDOWN to…24 Hour Comic Day, Fallcon, the new TOMMY CHICAGO, and TOBY AND SARA–day 2(or 4)

    24 HOUR COMIC BOOK DAY is THIS SATURDAY (October 3rd).  The website/blog for the MPLS/STPL 24 Hour Day event is HERE.  IF you are not in MN but still want to participate, go to the “MAIN” 24 Hour Comic Day site and see if there is an event near you.  Now onto the new stuff I’m getting ready for FALLCON (OCT 10th and 11th)…

    Yes!  TOMMY CHICAGO #3(of 4) will be debuting at FALLCON.  As usual it’s written by TC creator and often collaborator BRIAN BASTIAN, and drawn by me.  As you can see, the ROBOT TOMMY CHICAGO saga rages on, and Robot TC is learning how to make friends in his new metallic form.

Tommy Chicago #3 --page 5
Tommy Chicago #3 –page 5

  TC’s sidekick JIMMY is also talking to strangers and making friends…



    And what would TOMMY CHICAGO be without some villanous scheming?  And so, SUPREME NACHO, WEEZER, and DR SPORK are up to something…

TOMMY CHICAGO #3; page 8

TOMMY CHICAGO #3; page 8

    Yep.  To find what happens, swing by my or Brian’s table at FALLCON (though well probably be within spitting distance of each other) and pick up a copy of TOMMY CHICAGO #3 …and #’s 1 and 2 if you need those too.  You can also buy them online HERE.

  ALSO:  The Minneapolis cells own expatriate MIKE SGIER will have a new issue of his series TOBY AND SARA…sometime soon.  In the meanwhiles, you can read the series so far HERE, and also look at this pin-up I did of the T&S crew



PHENOMENAL TANGENTS–pg 15(of 26), also: Mike Sgier sets sail…

pg 15

pg 15

   After reading thru STEVE’s script and working out characters and all that, this was the page I was most looking forward to doing.  All in all, I like how it came out (though that rat/mouse is a little weird).

   ALSO:  Today is a sad day here in the Minneapolis cartooning community, for MIKE SGIER is moving today.  Mike is a talent cartoonist with lots of irons in the ink.  When I met him about 2 years ago he was working on completing his masters–MASTERS!!!–in comic book art from MCAD.  He was being academically advised by ZANDER CANNON and was working towards finishing the first few issues in his series THE BALLAD OF TOBY AND SARA.  Zander advised Mike join up with the CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY, and he did, and thats how we met.  Mike quickly became a pillar of the Conspiracy and could be counted participating in every meeting and project, and was always a delight to see him there.  After graduation Mike went to look for a job (in THIS economy?!) and had to put TOBY AND SARA on hold, so he did the only thing a sensible person would—he started a weekly, full-color WEB COMIC!!!  That web comic is SUPERNOVA LULLABY, and like everything Mike does it is full of heart and talent and his love of the medium. 

    I will dearly miss seeing Mike at jams and things like 24 Hour Comic Day, but will always look forward to seeing his new work via the old innernets!  Incidentally, Mike is moving to Philadelphia where hopefully he’ll start a new Conspiracy Cell.  They’ll be lucky to have him.  I’ll leave you with a wonderful pin-up of ATLANTIS LAD Mike did for me and I was planning on saving for issue six, but see no reason not to post it now…



    Hope to see you soon, Mike!



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