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Where do we go from here?

Fanther art for the recent INK PANTHERS PODCAST

Hey everybody.  So 2011 has been a hell of a year with a lot of downs and ups.  One of the side effects of all of this has been a total drop in my cartooning output (in the years 2007-2010 I wrote and/or drew somewhere between like 750-1000 pages.  This year I’ve done less than 100). I’ve done more drawing in the last two months than I did the rest of the year, which is nice, but has left me with a serious lack of new content to post here.  To “make up” for this I ended up posting a lot of old content this year which has gone over with you readers like a dead and bloated racoon which was popped by a semi running over it–nobody wants to see that, right?  So rather than try to force myself to fill 3 posts a week with something–ANYTHING!!!–I’m going tocut back to one post a week, and frankly until I have something that I’m psyched about creating its basically going to be a general update post of what I’m up to (like attending MIX!–The Minneapolis Indi Expo on November 5th and 6th).  That said, there will be some things I’ll posting about heavily…eventually…like:

*** A 10 page story I was asked to do for an anthology that I’m working on.

*** A 6 page story for Lupi McGinty’s GERM WARFARE anthology that will debut at MIX (I could post it now–its been done for months–but I’m waiting for Lupi to take the lead on this one).

*** Those damn collections for MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE and SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE that I’ve been going on about that will debut at MIX, and…

*** A “secret project” which will become much less secret very soon (hopefully next week).

So stayed tuned.  Check back once a week.  If you forget I’ll harass you via social networking, cause thats how the future works.


The more things change…

Here’s an oldie but always timely goodie…

See! I was making cynical 9/11 comics before it was cool.  Here’s continued proof of my asshole status:

Ok. I’ll promise to shut up about this 9/11 business now if everyone else agrees to as well.  Deal?!  …Sweet!!! All right then, I’ll be back Wednesday with part 1(of 2) of a TOMMY CHICAGO short.


Shameless staplegenius self-promotion…sorry

Hey, everybody!  So as I mentioned last time I have some new books that will be debuting at MIX–the MINNEAPOLIS INDIE XPO–this November 5th and 6th.   These books are however AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW via the old internet!  So, if you can’t wait 2 months why not get out your credit card and do some orderin’?  Lets have a look at whats offered, shall we?

All 304 pages of MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE in one lovely square-bound edition–every story, every issue, every special, a slew of pin-ups by my cartooning friends and idols, and a blush-inducing introduction by ZANDER CANNON!

The complete SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE collection! An all-new 52 page adventure wraps snugly around the three SMV tales originally seen in the MUSCLES AND FIGHTS anthology series, as well as 2009’s 24 Hour Comic.   In addition to those debuts there will also be some other 2011 releases on-hand, including:

Written by me and drawn by BUD BURGY–The second thrilling, time-twisting adventure of CONTINUITY GUY!  Will he man-up and embrace his destiny, or will the past come to defeat him first? Will it even matter that book one is totally unavailable for purchase? …Nah  But what is available for purchase is Bud’s MEATFIST AND GRONK collection–which features several pin-ups by me as well as a Meatfist&Gronk/Continuity Guy sort story written by me and drawn once again by the steady hand of Bud Burgy!

This year I also did some short work for a few anthologies that will be available/debuting at MIX (or at least should be…).  First up is DUH!, a Kurtzman-era Mad Magazine inspired humor book written by Bill Prendergast and drawn by myself, Carlos Merino, James Powell, Dan Murphy, and Lupi McGinty.  Speaking of Lupi, her GERM WARFARE collection will be (I think) debuting at MIX.  More information and helpful links will be posted as those become available.

Ok…sorry about all that shilling.  I’ll be back Wednesday with some actual art.  Promise.


the “lost” guest artist pin-ups: CARLOS MERINO

   CARLOS “the Los” MERINO has done a ton of awesome MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE pin-ups over the last year, so many so I thought I had got to them all (evidently NOT).  Carlos is mind-boggling talented (as even his pencils show) and I’m so glad he made that fateful trip across the pond so we could meet and be friends.  Thanks for everything, Los!


the “lost” guest artist pin-ups: MIKE TOFT

    MIKE TOFT and I have been continuously making mini-comics in Minneapolis longer than pretty much everyone else who is doing it today.  In fact there was a good long stretch at local cons where we were basically the only ones there selling them, so it should come as no surprise that we spent many of those cons tabling together.  So here’s a jam (I drew, Mike inked) that we did at one of those cons.  Thanks for being great company all these years, Mike!


the “lost” guest artist pin-ups: Dan Voltz

   DAN VOLTZ is a filmmaker, illustrator, and brother of BRIAN BASTIAN’s (which is how I know him).  I only ever really see Dan at the various comic conventions here in Minneapolis, and it was at one such convention back in 2008 that Dan did this here drawing.  Thanks, Dan!


the “lost” guest artist pin-ups: LANCE WARD

   What can you say about LANCE WARD…  he’s an insanely prolific cartoonist, a local podcasting giant, and a wunderbar cover artist!  There’s so much more I could say, but frankly I think his work more than speaks for itself.  Thanks a million, Lance!



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