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the “lost” guest artist pin-ups: MATTHEW KRISKE

   MATTHEW KRISKE is talented in a way I can’t even begin to explain, so just go and check out his website.  You will not be disappointed.  Thanks, Kriske!


LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘D’ opening photos, or “tonight we are all vampires”


   As you may have heard me mention (to the point you probably blocked me on Facebook yesterday) LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘D’ opened last night.  As always, I came armed with my camera: 

   I got there around 6pm as the AE crew and some of the “LUTEFISK SUSHI QUORUM of 12” members did some last-minute gettin’ ready for the 7pm public opening.

   The ‘Candy Sushi’ that LUPI, MIKE TOFT, and I made earlier in the day.

   The wonderful signage KEVIN CANNON made.  Now everything was SET!  We were ready to face the public!  The artists were starting to roll in and…… camera died.  Well, it said I had filled the memory to capacity (after 4 pictures), which I found weird since I had dumped all the photos on it earlier in the day.  Anyway…people filed in.  Talking was done.  Art was admired.  Gin was poured liberally from my trunk stash.  And the a couple hours later…

   My old buddy and pro photographer KRISSY DRAKE arrived and showed my wife how to make the camera work.  Huzzah!  This is also the point at which we all turned into red-eyed vampires.  THAT was weird, lemme tell ya.

  SEE!  I couldn’t resist the ‘dark gift’ of vampirism and immediately turned my wife.

  DAN “Van Helsing” OLSON rushed in and tried to stake me to stop the madness from spreading.  Luckily, he failed.

   BRITT HAMMERBERG–infected!!!

   Despite cash bets to the contrary, MATT KRISKE shows up…and is immediately attacked by Lestat-esque blood-lust.

   Once we were all Twilighted-up, we got back to the socializing at hand.  It was nearing 10pm and the once-massive crowd was thinning, but good times were still being had by local legends such as WILL DINKSI, AARON POLIWODA, TIM SIEVERT, ZANDER CANNON, SARAH MOREAN, STEVEN STWALLEY, BRITT, MARK McGINTY, VanHelsing, and longest-time collaborator DAN “DON” MURPHY.

  SHAD PETOSKY and KEVIN “C” CANNON talk about important subjects as RYAN DOW eavesdrops.

   My wife NICHOLE chats it up with LUPI and VanHelsing’s wife AJ.

  Look!  There’s AE founder and all around awesome person JAMIE SCHUMACHER!  

  TIME JUMP!!!  At 10pm AE turned into a pumpkin, so some of us headed over to the official Conspiracy watering hole–the world-famous YACHT CLUB!  There’s STEVE STWALLEY’s wife LEIGH-ANNE chatting it up with cartoonist  and Roe Family singer ADAM WIRTZFELD, the delightful RITA PANTON, and Conspiracy Founding Member MIKE TOFT.

   The newly christened DON chats it up Quorum member KRISTIN THOMPSON, while LANCE WARD and STWALLEY gab.

   ZANDER and SARAH are chatting about how much the upcoming MIX–MINNEAPOLIS INDIE XPO–is going to rock  (I’m assuming–about their conversation.  MIX is most certainly going to rock.  We can call that fact).

   “D” and “C” enjoy drinks and mull over where to have the annual retreat/hazing initiation of “D” with “A” and “B“.

  Have I mentioned how much JAMIE SCHUMACHER rocks?!  Seriously, we should all be so lucky to be so awesome.

    Anyway…that was more or less it.  People started peetering out.  Festivities for me ended around 1am.  It was easily one of the best nights of my life.  

    More pictures and re-caps of the night can be found HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and even HERE at the CITY PAGES.  Thanks again to everyone in the teeming crowd–friends both old and new, and strangers alike– who came to the show, making it such a massive night.   It’s one I’ll never forget!



   If you follow DANIEL J OLSON or his co-writer/wife AJ on Facebook you’ve probably already gotten a pretty good idea of how C2E2 went for us…but here’s some of my pictures and thoughts anyway…

  “MMMMYYYYYYY KIND OF TOWN, CHICAGO IS!”  I immediately began singing that as we entered the downtown Chicago area.  Little did I know in only a matter of hours that would be 100% true.  Man, I totally want to be back there right now.

   Part of the whole appeal of going to C2E2 was that many financially crippling aspects that usually prevent me from attending out-of-state of cons were not applicable–like our hotel.  AJ’s dad is a captain of industry (human trafficking, I believe) and was able to procure for us a FREE hotel–a room on the 34th floor of the ‘AVENUE’ hotel, right off Michigan Ave in the heart of downtown Chicago.  Just look at this view we woke up to every day:

   No, no…not THAT view.  THIS one:

  As lovely as the downtown was to gander at and explore, we eventually had to head over to C2E2 proper.   Lemme just check and make sure I’m ready:

   Ok…check, check and check.  Now let’s get that table set up…

   Once that was done, all the fun began. People walked by.  Several bought plenty o’ SUPER MAXI-PAD GIRL, FALSE WITNESS: THE MICHELE BACHMANN STORY, BIG FUNNY, and sketch cards.  The show was massive–MASSIVE!!!  There were of course plenty of cosplayers (or ‘Costumers’, as my wife likes to say), but this one was by far the hands-down BEST:

   After the show on Friday night my wife and I did our own thing while Dan and AJ did theirs, but Saturday night was all about the traditional “after party fun”.  First off Dan, AJ, my wife and myself were joined by some special guests for dinner:

   Look!  There is famed teen trouble-maker KRISKE with Dan!  Now I wonder who Dan is hiding on his left…?

   SUPRISE!  It’s ZANDER CANNONActually, the ‘After Party’ fun would have been nearly impossible without Zander allowing us to handcuff ourselves to his coat-tails.  For instance:

   Our first stop of the night was CHALLENGER COMICS.  They were holding the IDW party.  While there we met several great people and had a wonderful time chatting it up with some Chicago cartoonists and IDWers.  So much so that were all ready to go with everyone to another bar a few blocks over, however…

   Since a gaggle of drunken cartoonists couldn’t figure out how to make Kriske a fake ID on the spot, he, Zander, Dan, STUART MOORE, and myself headed back to the car to drive back across town to the HYATT where the ‘bar party’ was going on.  For as much fun and laughter we had on the way over, Stuart decided to turn in instead and so we dropped him off first.  Nice guy, that Stuart.  Anyway at the Hyatt we met and chatted with several more cartoonists and industry folk.  When we finally got home about 2:30am Dan and I were more than done with the day.  But there was still one more day of C2E2 to go…

  Why did the Empire lose?  ‘Cause Storm Troopers like to take smoke breaks.

  So…I think that’s about it.  There was so much going on at C2E2 and in Chicago this weekend I barely had time to squeak out these pictures (and about only a hand-full more, most of which were kinda blurry).  Overall it wasn’t the most indy-friendly convention in the world, but it was certainly lots of fun.  I really enjoyed meeting a ton of new people and taking in a town I would move to in a second if I could afford to.  I’d certainly do both the town and the con again, and hope to soon!   Anyway…check back here in a day or so for the worlds coolest con “sketch” ever.  See you then!



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