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   24 HOUR COMIC DAY is tomorrowSaturday October 3rd (to Sunday October 4th).  Locally(MPLS/STPL, MN) the event will be held at the MN CENTER FOR BOOK ARTS and begins at 10 AM.  All the details are HERE, and we’ll also be blogging throughout the day THERE as well.




   ALSO:  FALSE WITNESS #2 is now for sale online and at some local comic retailers (Source, Big Brain). It will also be available at FALLCON (Oct 10th and 11th)!.  It is written and pencilled by BILL PRENDERGAST, and features inks/finishes/etc by myself, LUPI MCGINTY, DANIEL J OLSON, JAMES POWELL, and RYAN DOW.  

     Speaking of that project, the October/November issue of LAW IN POLITICS (MINNESOTA) is now out and features an illustration of MN’s own highly-flammable Rep. Michele Bachmann I drew in FALSE WITNESS: THE MICHELE BACHMANN STORY #1 cropped and colored(again by me) in their “TURKEYS OF THE YEAR” feature, in a section about Ms. Bachmann’s best quotes over the last year.  This issue of LAW AND POLITICS also kicks off the “TURKEYS…” features with a nice illustration by co-Conspirator KEN AVIDOR.  I don’t know if I have the right to post either of the images from the magazine here, so instead I’ll compromise with these:  First up a drawing Ken did of me in the battle of my life (from his LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘C’ contribution)…



   And one he did recently of my wife and I…



    Ok…see you at 24 HOUR COMIC DAY…I need to rest now.


misc: politics, politics, and schmapples


***  Hey everybody!  Going to do a few pages of MISC content until I get into posting “PHIL, THE EVIL BEAN OF DOOM” 8-pager I did with DAN MURPHY( 15 years ago!!!–which, believe it or not, it holds up pretty damn well…you’ll find out come Monday.

***  The above image was drawn on the night of the last debate between AL FRANKEN and NORM COLEMAN (11-2-08).  Franken recently “won” after months of costly court B.S. , and having just rediscovered this doodle I’m surprised at how close I was to the truth–I predicted Franken would win by 2% and he won by only 200-some votes.  Or maybe I was just paying attention to the polls. Who knows?  The other thing about this I find equally funny is the bit about MICHELE BACHMANN losing big-time.  When I drew this I knew my buddy KEN AVIDOR had been hot on Bachmann’s heels for years at www.dumpbachmann.comtrying to expose her for the nut she is. I also knew she had FINALLY said some crazy enough stuff that was getting national exposure and  so I just sorta figured the people of Bachmann’sdistrict would get with the program and not vote her back in.  Well, I think we all know now my prediction was wrong.  I think we also know she has gone onto say more more ludicrous stuff since then.  So I’m predicting here and now she will NOT–FOR SURE THIS TIME–be re-elected in 2010.

*** The other funny part of the Bachmann drawing is that several months later I found myself being hired to work on a comic series ABOUT Michele Bachmann(which you can order the first issue of at Issue two will be out soon.). And THAT gig would have NEVER happened had she lost as I predicted she would!  So…uhh…thanks?  

***Theres some other news involving Bachmann and comics and me, but I’ll write more on that when I have some harder facts–I have names, just no dates–so until then consider your interest piqued!

***Finally:  Cartoonist, friend, vegan, ninja, all-around wonderful person ERIC LAPPEGARD (aka SCHMAPPLES) passed away 2 years ago now.  To celebrate his life, there will be a get-together tomorrow(FRIDAY the 24th) at GRUMPY’sDOWNTOWN from 8pm until whenever.  So if you knew Eric (and even if you didn’t so well–why not?!) stop on by and toast one to a man who loved a good drink.  I’ll leave you now witha drawing Eric did…one of the last he ever did, in fact…and it’s pretty special to me, cause this drawing was done specifically both for ME and for MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE.  See, Eric and I were gunna jam on issue 5–my FLEMING vs his VEGAN NINJA–and the following is a preparatory drawing Eric did for that(ignore all the “SCHMAPPLES TRIBUTE” info. That was in 2007—and it ROCKED!).    Miss you, Eric.

For serious---don't wait until September! That was 2007! The thing this year is FRIDAY! 8PM! GRUMPYS!

For serious---don't wait until September! That was 2007! The thing this year is FRIDAY! 8PM! GRUMPYS!


MISC: Inking Avidor(with an update), Air America, and “Independent Variables” show opens today


    More on this pin-up in a second, but first:

   **** FALSE WITNESS: THE MICHELE BACHMANN STORY comic I did work on ( is going to be discussed on AIR AMERICA from 6 tp 7pm CST tonight.  Its only going to be broadcast locally on 950 AM, but you can listen to it anywhere in the world via the power of the internet then as well at

  ****“Independent Variables: Contemporary Zine Publications”, an interactive celebration of independent voices and democratic art will be on view in the Open Book Lobby gallery from June 26 to September 6, 2009 in the Open Book Lobby Gallery.

The work on display is presented in conjunction with Book Art Biennial, a daylong exploration of arts power as a tool of social change, hosted by Minnesota Center for Book Arts on July 25, 2009. Visit  for more information.

I submitted a mini-retrospecticus of work to this show–“DANNO COMICS AND STORIES” (my last official zine), STAPLEGENIUS #2 and 9(ahh, mini-comics), and the latest issue of MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE (#5)–so I don’t know if it’ll all be up, but at least some of it will. I don’t know what other works will be on display either, but stopping by the MN CENTER FOR BOOK ARTS is always a good idea since between the front display case, the Open Book gallery, the main gallery, and Rosalux theres always lots of cool art to see there. AND there’s a coffee shop that sells beer! What more do you want?

This show also quasi ties-in to ZINEFEST ( which is July 11th and 12th at the Stevens Square Center for the Arts, and which will feature many a Conspirator and/or comic creator selling their wares including Ryan Dow, Daniel J Olson, Mike Toft, Sarah Morean, Will Dinski, Good Minnesotan, Tom Kaczynski, Ed Choy Moorman,  Vas Littlecrow, myself and more.

**** And now back to the pin-up at the start of the page….

Ken Avidor (,,,,  etc) was at a loss as to what to do as a mini-comic for the last LUTEFISK SUSHI show (, and in an email I jokingly suggested he do “DANNO vs GODZILLA”.  This was foolish cause within a few days he emailed me back this:


And despite the title and what this page may indicate, Ken stuck it to not only me but a large majority of the Minneapolis Cell of the Cartoonist Conspiracy(at least to the Conspirator he knows. Ken hasn’t made it to many monthly meetings since we moved from Uptown to Northeast Mpls, and he decided to dedicate his life to helping expose Michele Bachmann for the nut she is).  Either way its a pretty funny read and maybe one day Ken’ll have to post the whole “DANNO vs GODZILLA” comic on one his fourty thousand blogs (**HINT,HINT, KEN! HINT,HINT!**).

UPDATE: I forgot. Ken did an “animated” version of the DANNOvsGODZILLA story at:

 Or, if you’re a purist, you can still buy a LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘C’ box at ALTERED ESTHETICS( and get that comic plus 50 more for about 20 bucks!

Anyway, shortly after seeing that pencilled page I printed it out and inked it out of curiosity to see how Ken and my styles mix. I don’t know about you, but I like it!  I’ve been meaning to show/give Ken the original inked page I did for a while now but keep forgetting to bring it in the rare instances I know I’m going to see him.   Huzzah for the internet then, I suppose–the forgetful persons crutch.

And cause I don’t mention this enough…Ken and I both did work for FALSE WITNESS: THE MICHELE BACHMANN STORY comic, and you can go to and purchase the first issue right now!


MISC: “Understanding Toilets”, and tonight Ken Avidor will teach us if comics, booze, and politics mix

Understanding Toilets (with apologies to Meister and McCloud)

Understanding Toilets (with apologies to Meister and McCloud)

     So here’s an homage of sorts to Scott McClouds UNDERSTANDING COMICS ( I did for last years POTTY HUMOR sideshow at LUTEFISK SUSHI ( As you may have guessed, the POTTY HUMOR sideshow takes place in the bathroom of the gallery. Anyway, back in 2000 Scott McCloud came to town and gave a big talk about how one day comics and the internet would be one, and OH! how I scoffed!!!   So, for the record: McCloud-1, Danno-zero.

       On a side note, my buddy RYAN DOW ( is currently loaning me his copy of the graphic novel THE FRONT by JERZY DROZD (, and I just wanted to assure him that his comic is still dry and in one piece…..for now.

     Also, if you find yourself in Northeast Minneapolis tonight(Thursday, June 25th), stop by from 6pm to 9pm at the 331 CLUB (331 13th Ave NE) and take part in DRINKING LIBERALLY  (  The spotlighted drunken political rabbler-rouser of night will be my buddy KEN AVIDOR ( who recently did the cover for FALSE WITNESS: THE MICHELE BACHMANN STORY comic that I also did work on (and YOU can order for yourself at .  Ken, myself, and DANIEL J OLSON ( will be on hand to chat and happily sign that copy of FALSE WITNESS you will be able to buy from us in person.  Hope to see you there!

    Heres that lovely cover to FALSE WITNESS Ken did:



pg 13

pg 13

      …To Be Continued…

    And this page is dedicated to all the parents out there.  Also—

    The first issue of FALSE WITNESS: THE MICHELE BACHMANN STORY is now available to purchase online at
   FALSE WITNESS is the first issue in a limited series about MN Congressperson Michele Bachmann as told in her own words.
   FALSE WITNESS is written and pencilled by Bill Prendergast, with finishes by Lupi, Daniel J Olson, Danno Klonowski, and fabulous cover by Ken Avidor.




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