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the final “lost” guest artist pin-ups: Jon Sloan

     Here’s the final “lost” guest artisrt pin-up, and it’s not even a MANLY TALES, it’s  a SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE pin-up JON SLOAN did back in the MUSCLES AND FIGHTS days.  I should probably take this opportunity to note that there should be a SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE collection done and out by MIX that will feature all of SMVs previous appearances PLUS an all-new 50 page story.  So watch for that–it’s going to be pretty great!   In the meantime, I’ll throw it back to Jon and present a pin-up I did of his characters right about the same time he did the above.  Thanks again, Jon! 


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–the pin-ups (part 1 of 2) featuring Zander Cannon, Jon Sloan, and Eric Lappegard

   As that issue 5 was originally broken up into two “volumes”(issues), this left a lot of space for pin-ups.  Thanks muchly to everyone who donated their time and art into making this issue awesome, including:

   ZANDER CANNON strikes again with possibly the MANLIEST pin-up yet.

   Fellow Conspirator and martial-arts hooligan JON SLOAN catches Fleming mugging for the camera.  Jon keeps telling me he’s got a MANLY TALE of his own up his sleeve (and I look forward to seeing it, but save it for issue #25, Jon!  I’ll be begging for one then.),  so until that happens be sure to regularly check out his webcomic SA-BOM JIM.

    Finally (and I know I’ve posted this before, but…) the pin-up for issue #5 that started it all.  Thanks, ERIK.  I miss you:



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