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     TOMMY CHICAGO is a comedy and action comic started about 6 years ago by writer Brian Bastian and artist Bob Lipski about the exploits and of a not so well-intentioned detective (T.C), his loyal kid sidekick Jimmy, put-upon waitress Stella, and the various villians of TC’s native Chilitown, USA (including the Ugly Rose, Weezer, Supreme Nacho, and many others).
     While I didn’t actually start reading TC until around issue 8 or so, it immediatly became my favorite comic, so much so that I insisted Brian and Bob do a TC back-up story for the first issue of my comic MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE.
     Shortly after that, I asked Brian if he’d write a script for MANLY TALES #4 wherein TC and the MANLY TALES gang would meet, fight, and eventually team-up in a classic comic crossover fashion. Brian agreed to and I was pleased as punch!
     In the months leading up to the actual production of the crossover in MTOC#4, Bob found out he was gunna be a daddy and decided he was going to have to limit his comic drawing commitments exclusivly to his monthly comic UPTOWN GIRL. Seeing my chance to be a part of the book I loved so, I asked Brian(and Bob) if could take over the art on TC, so Brian could at least finish the 12 issues story arc he was planning. Both thought it was a good idea, and the release of MTOC#4 confirmed that “good idea-ness”.
    But Brian got a idea. I don’t know if I’d classify it as a “better” idea, but it was certainly a “different” idea.
And his idea was this:
    Brian would convince Bob to finish the 12 issue run of TOMMY CHICAGO volume 1 (of which they had 3 more issues to do…and Bob DID agree), while he and I started TOMMY CHICAGO volume 2, a series that takes place 3 years AFTER volume one! (The stories of what happened in between those 3 years would be told in the TOMMY CHICAGO FREE COMIC BOOK DAY tales–and my first TC book would be the 2008 FREE COMIC BOOK DAY story, which was part 2 of this three year tale.)

     Anyway…in the time between Brian’s idea and now, we have done about 150 pages of post-TOMMY CHICAGO volume one content.
    And finally, last month at the microcon comic convention, Brian and Bob FINALLY released the 12th and final issue of TOMMY CHICAGO (vol.1). It was a pretty stellar comic that managed to tie-up 11 issues and 6 years worth of scatalogical content in nice 30-some page package.
    So, CONGRATS Brian and Bob! Ya done good!

    To wrap this up, I should note as a way to acknowldge the change between Bob’s art on volume 1 and mine on volume 2, we decided for the cover of issue 12 I would pencil and Bob would ink, and heres how that turned out….




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