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I know, I know.  Its been a whole 3 days since I said I was cutting back on blogging here, but…SECRET PROJECT REVEALED!  So here it is, internet–the first episode of the LUTEFISK SUSHI PODCAST!!!

This podcast–hosted by me–is peripherally tied-into the past and future (Nov 2012–box ‘E’!) LUTEFISK SUSHI mini-comic art shows put on by INTERNATIONAL CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY, BIG TIME ATTIC, and ALTERED ESTHETICS GALLERY.  I’ll hand out deadlines and the whatnot for the upcoming show as they approach, but mostly the focus of the show is talking to the cartoonists of MN–about their work, their cartooning loves, and what it means to be a doodler in the land of 10,000 lakes.  Episode 1 features BUD BURGYSome future guests are already lined-up, and frankly I look forward to talking to everyone–EVERY. ONE.–whether I know them or not.  I want to see the rich cartooning landscape of Minnesota get its due, and I want to get to know everyone in the process.  So give it a listen.  If you like what you hear let me know.  Lets see this podcast–and the MN cartooning scene–grow and grow!

A super-huge I TOTALLY WOULD HAVE BEEN LOST WITHOUT THEM shout-out to STEVEN STWALLEY and JAMIE SCHUMACHER!!! You guys are the best!!!  Thanks for all your help and doing!  And a big thanks to the Sushi quoram–I promise not to sully the name!


MATT CHICOREL vs ‘MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE’, also: ‘GEEK REPORTICUS’, and’When Cartoonists go camping…”

  One of my favorite things about doing a series like MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE is seeing other people’s drawings of the MTOC cast, and I’ve been lucky enough to get lots of said drawings.  Recently I got a whole slew of’em (yay!).  The first came from Milwaukee cartoonist, ‘MUSCLES and FIGHTS’ co-contributor, and a guy I feel I can (after a weekend of hard-core nerd partying) actually call a friend–MATT CHICOREL:


   You might remember Matt from some rad LOST jams we did together last spring.  And while he lives far away, there is always a chance you might be seeing us do something else together in the next year or so.  Maybe.. Just sayin’…

   ALSO: It was a big weekend for me!  Not only did I get to hang out with some friends and guest host on their THE GEEK REPORT  podcast (with special guest/old friend ALEX KUNO) I also went camping with some of my other friends for the 1st ANNUAL CARTOONIST CAMPING TRIP.  Not surprisingly, all hell broke loose:

   So yeah…I was pretty drunk…and I’m MOSTLY sure events didn’t go down EXACTLY like that.  For instance…

  Here is KEVIN CANNON and I enjoying each others company–about 10 beers and a couple of glasses of Lemonade/Root Beer/Whiskey concoctions before the ‘pretty lights’.  So who else was nearly killed you may be asking…

  ATHENA’s “BOOTH BEARD” JASON , myself, ATHENA CURRIER, LARS MARTINSON, KEVIN CANNON, JAMIE SCHUMACHER, BRITT HAMMERBERG, LUPI McGINTY, and SARAH MOREAN (Click on their links to your immediate right for more on them and their wonderful works.  NICK, MARK, and STRAWBERRY MAMA not pictured).    Thanks for fun times, gang!  Can’t wait for next year!  And thanks again to MATT CHICOREL!   YAY FRIENDS!


LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘D’ opening photos, or “tonight we are all vampires”


   As you may have heard me mention (to the point you probably blocked me on Facebook yesterday) LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘D’ opened last night.  As always, I came armed with my camera: 

   I got there around 6pm as the AE crew and some of the “LUTEFISK SUSHI QUORUM of 12” members did some last-minute gettin’ ready for the 7pm public opening.

   The ‘Candy Sushi’ that LUPI, MIKE TOFT, and I made earlier in the day.

   The wonderful signage KEVIN CANNON made.  Now everything was SET!  We were ready to face the public!  The artists were starting to roll in and…… camera died.  Well, it said I had filled the memory to capacity (after 4 pictures), which I found weird since I had dumped all the photos on it earlier in the day.  Anyway…people filed in.  Talking was done.  Art was admired.  Gin was poured liberally from my trunk stash.  And the a couple hours later…

   My old buddy and pro photographer KRISSY DRAKE arrived and showed my wife how to make the camera work.  Huzzah!  This is also the point at which we all turned into red-eyed vampires.  THAT was weird, lemme tell ya.

  SEE!  I couldn’t resist the ‘dark gift’ of vampirism and immediately turned my wife.

  DAN “Van Helsing” OLSON rushed in and tried to stake me to stop the madness from spreading.  Luckily, he failed.

   BRITT HAMMERBERG–infected!!!

   Despite cash bets to the contrary, MATT KRISKE shows up…and is immediately attacked by Lestat-esque blood-lust.

   Once we were all Twilighted-up, we got back to the socializing at hand.  It was nearing 10pm and the once-massive crowd was thinning, but good times were still being had by local legends such as WILL DINKSI, AARON POLIWODA, TIM SIEVERT, ZANDER CANNON, SARAH MOREAN, STEVEN STWALLEY, BRITT, MARK McGINTY, VanHelsing, and longest-time collaborator DAN “DON” MURPHY.

  SHAD PETOSKY and KEVIN “C” CANNON talk about important subjects as RYAN DOW eavesdrops.

   My wife NICHOLE chats it up with LUPI and VanHelsing’s wife AJ.

  Look!  There’s AE founder and all around awesome person JAMIE SCHUMACHER!  

  TIME JUMP!!!  At 10pm AE turned into a pumpkin, so some of us headed over to the official Conspiracy watering hole–the world-famous YACHT CLUB!  There’s STEVE STWALLEY’s wife LEIGH-ANNE chatting it up with cartoonist  and Roe Family singer ADAM WIRTZFELD, the delightful RITA PANTON, and Conspiracy Founding Member MIKE TOFT.

   The newly christened DON chats it up Quorum member KRISTIN THOMPSON, while LANCE WARD and STWALLEY gab.

   ZANDER and SARAH are chatting about how much the upcoming MIX–MINNEAPOLIS INDIE XPO–is going to rock  (I’m assuming–about their conversation.  MIX is most certainly going to rock.  We can call that fact).

   “D” and “C” enjoy drinks and mull over where to have the annual retreat/hazing initiation of “D” with “A” and “B“.

  Have I mentioned how much JAMIE SCHUMACHER rocks?!  Seriously, we should all be so lucky to be so awesome.

    Anyway…that was more or less it.  People started peetering out.  Festivities for me ended around 1am.  It was easily one of the best nights of my life.  

    More pictures and re-caps of the night can be found HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and even HERE at the CITY PAGES.  Thanks again to everyone in the teeming crowd–friends both old and new, and strangers alike– who came to the show, making it such a massive night.   It’s one I’ll never forget!


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–pgs 8 & 9, also: retrospecticus–“Iron and Candy” Cankeratures

     My favorite part of doing this bit was grabbing arm-loads of my favorite DVDs and drawing them.  This will also be remembered as the point at which I gave up and just decided to coast on Joss Whedon’s coat-tails.

    ALSO:  Last Friday (April 30th, 2010) several of my CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY Conspirators and I drew “Bad Caricatures” (or “Cankeratures“) to help raise money for our good friends at the ALTERED ESTHETICS GALLERY.  Things went very well!  The Cankeratures alone raised $200!!!  All drawings were done purely by donation, with many people only throwing in a buck or two.  Needless to say, we did LOTS and LOTS of drawing that night.  And it was pure fun.  So here’s a Retrospecticus of the evening done in photos, words, and doodles…

   The fundraiser more or less started at 7pm.  Things were slow for about 15 minutes or so until people caught on to what we were up to.  We warmed up by drawing each other (“We” being L to R: KEVIN CANNON, LANCE WARD, STEVEN STWALLEY, DAN MURPHY, and CARLOS MERINO).

DANIEL J OLSON soon showed up to join in the fun.

As did RYAN DOW.

And MIKE TOFT!  But sadly…

…Altered Esthetics Exhibitions Director KRISTIN THOMPSON devoured Mike’s head as a part of the annual human sacrifice AE performs in order to assure a successful fundraiser.

AE’s Head Priestess JAMIE SCHUMACHER blessed the sacrifice, and then the cash started rolling in!!!

LUPI dips her brush-pen in the inkwell that is Mike’s skull and then joins in the drawing fun.  And now…some satisfied patrons of the arts:

The Cankeratures were scheduled to end at 10pm.  When I had to leave at 10:30 the scene looked like this:

So yeah…a pretty huge success!  I’m pretty sure we’ll be doing things like this again soon.  Oh…and in case you noticed the wall of Cankeratures we did of each other behind us, here’s some closer looks:

What?  Those aren’t close-up enough for you?  Well, here’s some awesome Cankeratures of myself, wife, and kid to wind this up:


Me by DAN MURPHY.  That’s right, kids.  The trademarked/living joke facial hair is gone…for now. 


Me by STEVE STWALLEY.  This might be my favorite one, and only because Steve complimented my ever-greying hair.  Flattery will get you everywhere.  But enough about me.  My wife is convinced that NO ONE can draw her, so she threw down the gauntlet (and a few bucks):



The LOS.

And KEVIN CANNON bats clean-up!   Finally, my step-daughter was actually able to sit still for over 30 seconds, and here are the awesome results:

There’s the LOS again.  And last but certainly not least (since it’s one of my favorite drawings of the night):


An amazing LUPI Cankerature that was all a part of an amazing night, and I can’t wait to do it again soon!

COMING UP ON WEDNESDAY:  95% less content.



pg 20

pg 20

   Where this story is going is a head-scratcher indeed, TEN-FIVE….but well worth the ride, and we’re nearly there.


“BIG FUNNY” is tomorrow!!!, also: “Pete, the Happy Gravedigger”


     There it is.  That’s what it looks like (on the outside anyway. The inside is full of 40+ amazing, giant comics!).  You can buy it tomorrow (Friday) at the opening at ALTERED ESTHETICS GALLERY ( , or RIGHT NOW online at  

    One more day, one more BIG FUNNY fun fact provided by JAMIE  SCHUMACHER:

     Big Funny arrived to the gallery on two ginormous pallets and copies were hand-loaded by the editors to a super secret location to be stored until the day of the opening. Copies of Big Funny narrowly avert both floods and theft while they wait to be released until tomorrow– Friday, August 7th.


     Here is more more retching ROTTING CARCASS FUNNIES strip I wrote and pencilled and DAN MUPRHY ( inked back in 1992.  This one is “PETE, THE HAPPY GRAVEDIGGER”! ( Don’t worry…I’ll get back to actual, readable, recent comics in a day or two.)




       …and TIPPER GORE never quite recovered from those pointed jabs at her character.  So much so that even when her husband ran for president back  in 2000 she couldn’t even bring herself to leave her house stump for him.  She wasn’t even there when he conceded to Bush.  I did that!–ME!–With my WORDS! 

     Meanwhile back in reality… I have very little positive reaction to this strip. It looks like a fairly untalented and functionally illiterate 16 year-old obsessed with IMAGE Comics drew it or something.

    …Ah well… I still do like the “TREE THAT SPIT ON PEOPLE”, though.


“BIG FUNNY” is 2 days away!!!, also: “Tales From the Cardboard Box”



     We hung the gallery show side of the event last night, and it looks amazing!  The hung art includes originals from BIG FUNNY itself, original art by actual old-timey cartoonist WILLIAM EIDE, some old awesome newspaper comics, and a few “behind the scenes” pieces (including ZANDER CANNON’s original BIG FUNNY logo work, and my original “HISTORY OF PRINT” strip–which appears on the front page of BIG FUNNY).

    2 days to go, 2 more BIG FUNNY “FUN FACTS” (thanks again to BIG FUNNY co-editor JAIME “” SCHUMACHER for these):

 1)  The original Big Funny Logo was designed by editor Steven Stwalley.  The Big Funny Logo featured on the cover by co-editor Zander Cannon, and features all the characters from inside the paper itself.  Even the ads in Big Funny are cool! The ads for sponsors on the back of the paper were hand-drawn by co-editor Kevin Cannon, with the words for “the Source” ad penned by editor Steven Stwalley. The classifieds feature a mix of original limericks, artist bios, vintage ads from old comics and more.

2)  Any proceeds earned from Big Funny benefit two affiliated groups: Altered Esthetics, a nonprofit arts organization that works to support artists, and The International Cartoonist Conspiracy, a community of comic artists.  You can help by buying one online RIGHT NOW at, or by purchasing SEVERAL at Friday’s opening.


    Here’s another strip DAN MURPHY( inked and I wrote and pencilled back in 1992 for our never-released ROTTING CARCASS FUNNIES comic.  This one is called “TALES FROM THE CARDBOARD BOX”.



    PANEL ONE:  You know whats hilarious–I still draw suburban households exactly the same way now as I did when I was 16.  IT’S TRUE!  I just had to draw a suburban house for the next TOMMY CHICAGO (#3–available in October at FALLCON), and its almost a perfect duplicate–above angle shot and everything.  Creepy.

   PANEL FIVE:  I was just in Las Vegas a month or so ago.  That is EXACTLY what it looks like.

   PANEL SIX:  Dig those 2-D tanks.  Take THAT, Pixar!

   BOTTOM “MEANWHILE” PANEL:  Wow! Check out those pecs on Murphy!!! I don’t remember him being so buff, but if I drew him that way it MUST be true!  I couldn’t have had anything to do with my foolish Liefeld infatuation back then…could it…?



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