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  One of the worst thing about it having taken me three and a half years to get to issue #7 is how long I’ve had to wait to print some of the amazing Manly Tales pin-ups I’ve been fortunate enough to amass.  Like this one by MICHAEL FURIOUS!   Mr Furious is an enigma.  A ghost in the machine.  He shows, draws for 24 hours, disappears into the morning mists, and the world is better for it.  Seriously, go check out his comics today.  You got time, it ain’t time to celebrate New Years yet.  Anyway, ask you can see by his signature, I have been sitting on this for three years–almost to the day that he gave it to me, in fact!  I’ve been intentionally saving it for his issue.  I figured what better way to book-end an “all-action” issue than with the most bad-ass version of Fleming and Co. ever!  It’s perfect in every way. Thanks again, Furious! 

    And remember:  Starting MONDAY, JANUARY 3rd, 2011–An all-new, never before seen(by most) MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE “adventure” guest-written by STEVEN STWALLEY!   Happy New Years, people!



   I went on and on about CARL NELSON the other day.  Go read that post again for more on how amazing Carl is.  But trust me, he is.  As if this wonderful DARK KNIGHT homage didn’t show that already.  Thanks, Carl!



  I know I’ve posted this before, but  it’s still pretty rad.  Somehow at Fallcon a couple years ago I ended up sharing a creator row endcap with Sir PETER BAGGE!  Crazy!


Manly Tales of Cowardice #7–part 12(of 12–THE END!), also: “I’m all over the road!”

PREVIOUSLY:  Carnage/mayhem/etc.  AND NOW:  The conclusion…

   DUM-DUM-DUM!!!  So there you go. The Omega Atlantis Lad has arrived!  Everyone is out to get Fleming once and for all!  Betsy sticks around for some reason! What will happen next?…well find out in MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #8!–and yes it’s all done and ready to go.  It’s not even been in print, and it will be making it’s internet debut soon!  BUT BEFORE THAT–Another MANLY TALES internet debut!MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE # 1/2!!!  Yes, issue one-half!  It’s the even all-newer than the other one you’ve never seen issue of Manly Tales which is guest-written by STEVEN STWALLEY and features art by me!  Just in time for the new year–ALL-NEW MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE!–Starting JANUARY 2011!  In the meanwhile, starting Monday we’ll kick 2010’s ass into 2011 with the super amazing guest pin-up artwork  from Manly Tales #7–featuring CARL NELSON, MICHAEL FURIOUS, and yes even PETER BAGGE!  And while you’re on the internet…

*** I have submitted a couple of drawings to the wonderful REPANELED blog–where cartoonists redo beloved comic panels–which should be up now (or will be real soon).  Either way, there is nothing but great art on there–check it out!).

*** I’ll also have my classic CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY #1 “cover” up on REJECTED BY COVERED soon too.  For a reject it sure spawned a lot of great stuff for me–including ‘covers’ of the whole first 12 issues of CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY and interviews with the CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY series creators!

***  Finally, I threw in my two cents for the Daily Cross Hatch’s BEST DAMN COMICS OF 2010.  Get ready for the Top 5s from some of your favorite creators.  Not sure how I ended up in there.


Manly Tales of Cowardice #7–part 11(of 12)–with special guest: CARL NELSON’s ‘Danger Dentz LLC’!


1)  The guy getting tossed out of the car is TANHAUSER DENTZ of ‘DANGER DENTZ TEAM LLC’, a hilarious comic created by cartoonist CARL NELSON  on 24 Hour Comic Day 2008.    A comic created literally right across from me!  A comic Carl did as an homage to MANLY TALES itself!!!  Basically what Carl did with the character of Dentz was to take Fleming Hazmat and turn him up to 11.  The results are often uncomfortably delightful!  Dentz’s sidekicks are souls as wretchedly put-upon as Betsy and Atlantis Lad’s turned up to pi! It’s awesome.  Equally as awesome was Carl’s contribution to LUTEFISK SUSHI D– ‘MALE-MAN and the CHAMPIONS OF PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING’!!!  It’s touching and bittersweet (and f*ing hilarious) homage to HE-MAN.  You’ll never look at SKELETOR the same way again after you read it.  Genius!  At any rate, perhaps one day Hazmat and Dentz may have to match wits again (just pretend I didn’t kill him there).

#2)  THE ‘DANGER DENTZ LLC’ PIN-UP– So, yeah…I did one.  Here it is!

#3)  THE CAR– That stupid car…When I started MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE I was being very lazy.  I just drew things and ran with it and gave it no thought.  The way I drew Flemings mansion and his FLYING HAZMAT were made up on the spot….and then I was stuck with them when it came time to do issue 2.  So this issue was about trashing my lack of foresight and seeing what else I could do.  What I did was draw a Matchbox drag racer I’ve had and loved since I was a kid.  IT’S A F*ING MATCHBOX ROCKET CAR!  It’s so cool.  Only the Superman flying  car the the punching fists that Josh Reznicow had was better in the world of Matchbox.   Anyway…I instantly hated drawing this car.  Oopsie on destroying the Flying Hazmat I guess.  Perhaps a Shatner/Enterprise-A-esque teary-eyed reunion are in order soon…


Manly Tales of Cowardice #7–part 10(of 12)

   Sometimes BRIAN BASTIAN emails me stuff–Scripts. Rough ideas. Gags.  They all more or less end up becoming reality at some point.  The business at the top with “ATLANTIS LAD” was one of those such email bombs.  He just had a random image in his head of Fleming trying to dupe someone with a dead fish dressed up as ATLANTIS LAD.  He had no other context for it, but knowing full well the characters would one day end up in grocery store in this issue I told him I’d give his gag a good home.  And there it is!  Thanks, Brian!


Manly Tales of Cowardice #7–part 9(of 12)

   I totally wrote in SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE and BAGBOY just because I thought it would be awesome to see them fight a giant ATLANTIS LAD.  I stand by my choice as a writer.



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