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MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–pgs 34 & 35, also: “Stand down, MAGNET-o!”

   Hot Revolutionary War action!!!  And if you’re reading BRIAN BASTIAN–I still want to do a TOMMY CHICAGO: 1776 story.

   ALSO:  I always found it weird that X-Men villain Magneto’s name was pronounced “Mag-NEAT-o”.  Shouldn’t it be MAGNET-o?  Clearly, that makes the most sense…if not sounding the dumbest…which it does…which is why it is awesome.  Anyway, the whole day that Mag-NEAT-o was going the be the DAily Goal Sketch I kept referring to him as MAGNET-o, which would cause him to “correct” me every time.  It was fun, if not kinda cruel and maddening to him.


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–pgs 32 & 33, also: “Attack of the ‘Los” and “Take That, Gordon Purcell”

   I’m still not sure why the SONS OF LIBERTY would make love a part of their taught skills, but it was the 1700’s, and it was ‘anything goes’ back then.  Also, everything about Ben Franklin’s son is true…except the part about him marrying our heroes. 

   Also:  The end of last week and start of the weekend kinda sucked due to medical BS.  Everything is fine-ish, but whatever…I wasn’t really ready to start the weekend over until I saw this following piece of awesomeness by Conspirator and friend CARLOS MERINO:

   Thanks for the great surprise gift, The ‘Los!

   FINALLY:   Todays Daily Goal sketch is easily in my top 5 favorites:


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–pgs 30 & 31(of 45), also: “Continuity Guy is ain’t cool” and “Take that, Flipper!”

    As much as the second panel of pg 30 sums up the amount of research that went into this story, pg 31 is where I really started having fun messing with history.  All in all, I’m pretty damned impressed with what I came up with, and I really hope you like what next week has to offer in regards to my brand of historical fiction.

   ALSO:  Hey, I haven’t gone on and on about CONTINUITY GUY lately, but now there is a reason to–an Ain’t Cool reason!  That’s right, comic reviewer AMBUSH BUG reviewed CG this week, and had some nice and glowing words about it.  Thanks, Ambush!  (Please note: BUD BURGY drew it and I wrote it.  I insisted we list credits as Burgy/Klonowski since Bud did the REAL work, but which most comic fans would read as Burgy being the writer and Klonowski being the artist.  So I guess it all blew up in my face just like everyone predicted it would. GAH!) 

   FINALLY:  As you may remember, one of the last Daily Goal Sketches I posted before the month-long absence was of Aquaman fighting a shark.  In real time, the drawing you’re about to see was only done a couple of days later.  And if you’ve just drawn an underwater hero fighting a shark…well…there’s only really one direction to go with an underwater villain:


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–pgs 28 and 29(of 45), also: “CHRISTMAS!!!”

     I know I started this issue out with a 1776 flashback, but I was really happy to jump back to drawing the rest of the issue that was not a mess of photo references.  But here we are again with tri-cornered hats and an era of time I am more than happy not to have to have lived in.  It’s still weird to see Betsy drawn as a human.

   ALSO:  As I’ve stated here before, POWER MAN AND IRON FIST is one of my favorite Marvel series’ of all time.  As thrilled as I was that my client had previously requested Iron Fist, I was more than jazzed when he asked for Luke Cage.  I could “complete the set” as it were!  Awesome!  But of course when the day finally came for Mr Cage, my client wanted the video game Luke Cage.  So I printed out a picture of THAT Luke Cage to use as a reference.  But THAT was the WRONG video game Luke Cage.  THAT was from the second game, and he wanted the FIRST video game Luke Cage.  Whatever.  Ruin my fun.  So here’s a really shitty drawing of Luke Cage:


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–pgs 26 & 27(of 45), also: The return (and end) of the ‘Daily Goal Sketch’

    What I remember the most about theses two pages is probably the writing process–where I was just on a tear one day and things like this ‘Interlude’ occurred organically and wasn’t rooting around in my brain for months.  It’s amazing how a page like that can end up being the most solid part of a story that was pretty well thought-out pre scripting.

   ALSO:  The return of the DAILY GOAL SKETCH!  I can tell by the…ummm…zero emails and comments I’ve received that everyone has just been racking their brain wondering where it went.  Well, things have worked out oddly for the Daily Goal Sketch during the last month.  First I went on vacation, and even though I pre-made some drawings for my client, he didn’t feel the need to meet his goal while I wasn’t around and didn’t earn them.  When I returned he took several unexcused days off, and so by the time we got to the point where he was caught up with what I had done before I left and was getting new drawings–he went on a 2 week vacation.  While he gone I got a promotion of sorts, and as of today I now work at a new location.  In the couple of weeks between his return and my leaving he took a couple more unexcused days off.  So basically, there have been very few new Daily Goal Sketches in the last month (maybe 10 or so).  So by absolutely no one’s popular demand…the return pre-destined demise of the Daily Goal Sketch:

   I”ve never liked any of the Goblins from the Spider-Man series, but I at least like this ‘Hob’ drawing better than the ‘Green’ one I did.


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–pgs 24 & 25(of 45), also: Matt Chicorel and I say “So Long, ‘LOST'” (part 2 of 2)

    As I said on the first post for this issue, originally issue 5 was broken up into two issues (Vol.1 and 2).  I had run out of time to get the whole thing done in time for FALLCON ’08, but had fortunately written the ‘TO BE CONTINUED” gag in the scripting stage, so it seemed like a pretty good break point.  From page 25 on the story takes a very sharp turn away from comedy/”action” into back story and historical fiction.  That’s another good reason the “KILL BILL” covers worked so well–this is one story, but it has two very different beats.  Prepare yourself for the even talkier than usual second half.

   ALSO:  As you may be aware THE FINAL EPISODE OF ‘LOST’ AIRS ON SUNDAY (MAY 23rd)!!!  To commemorate not only this event, but our mutual love of everything LOST that has come before, cartoonist MATT CHICOREL and I did a couple of pin-ups.  Here’s the one Matt drew and I inked…and it’s freaking awesome! 

   So long, LOST.


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–pgs 22 & 23(of 45), also: ‘MANLY PIN-UP’ by Latham L Luepke, and a cameo in “Introspective Comics”!

    I debated from the start of the series how far I should take the whole ‘BETSY ROSS’ side of BETSY ROSSBOT.  The knitting needles gag was something I thought of pretty early on, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to go there.  Once I determined what Betsy’s actual origin was, focusing on her ‘seamstressness’ became moot–so I included it here as a mislead to the readers as to what lays ahead.  That, and I think it’s still pretty funny.

   ALSO:  Last weekend at SPRINGCON I was given the new mini-comic by Conspirator LATHAM L LUEPKE.   This act of generosity reminded me I was a total dick, and had promised Latham a couple months ago I’d draw a pin-up for him of his characters.  So with some time on my hands and a hang-over to nurse I dove in and drew one.  Much to my surprise an hour or so after I was done Latham came back to my table with a hilarious pin-up of the MANLY TALES gang.  Will this twisted game of one-upsmanship never cease?!?!

   FINALLY:  Hey awesome! I make a pretty swell cameo in todays “INTROSPECTIVE COMICS” by RYAN DOW.  It’ll be up until Sunday, and yes–this really happened!



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