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pin-up: Matt Kindt

    This pin-up of Fleming Hazmat was done at C2E2 by none other than MATT KINDT.  Matt is easily one of my top five favorite cartoonists working today, and as I learned at C2E2 he’s also a super nice guy and fun to chat with (and YOU can find this out for yourself by listening to him gab it up on this weeks episode of the INK PANTHERS).  If you haven’t read Matt’s work–like the amazing SUPER SPY–you must correct that error today.  Thanks again, Matt!


SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE–24 Hour Comic 2009–pg 5(of 24), also: INK PANTHERS, and FALLCON is tomorrow

pg 5

pg 5

   So, you’re “NOT” supposed to come into 24 Hour Comic Day without any preconceived ideas of what you are going to do.  To this I say: “POPPYCOCK!”  I know I can’t come into clean, and frankly in some ways I think thats kind of impossible.  Anyway, ever since I did the last SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE story (in MUSCLES AND FIGHTS 3) I knew I wanted to do another story with him and BAGBOY wher they meet up with a new character…the above BOXGIRL!  So that was one of the few ideas I came into this years 24 Hour Comic Day with.  Adding all the random idea generators and such certainly changed what I thought a BOXGIRL story would be like…but we still have several pages to see how that’ll all play out…

     ALSO:  Are you listening to the INK PANTHERS podcast by ALEX ROBINSON and MIKE DAWSON?  Well if you’re not you should be.  There.  I said it.  ….and I mean YOU TOO, Daniel J Olson!

   FINALLY: FALLCON starts tomorrow!!!  Stop by my booth and pick up the new comics I’ll have made myself or been a part of like:  TOMMY CHICAGO #3, PHIL THE EVIL BEAN OF DOOM, FALSE WITNESS: THE MICHELE BACHMANN STORY, MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE: THE GUEST ARTIST SPECTACULAR, and ZINE SUPREME.  If so, I’ll see you SATURDAY and SUNDAY from 10am to 5pm at the FAIRGROUNDS!!!



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