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MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–issue six–sneak preview

  I’m just about done with MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #6 and will theoretically have it printed and ready to sell at I-CON 2009–the comic convention I’ll be attending on NOVEMBER 7th in ALTOONA, IOWA (along with my buddies RYAN DOW, DANIEL J OLSON, and KEVIN CANNON).  So I figured, why not a sneak peek.  Here’s the cover:


   Mmm-MMMM!  Dig that yummy new logo by the aforementioned KEVIN CANNON!  Anyway…as you can see in addition to our usual cast of FLEMING HAZMAT, BETSY ROSSBOT, and ATLANTIS LAD, there’ s a new player in town.  Let’s meet him, shall we:


  Actually, MATT OBLIVION is not the only new character in issue six.  There are SEVERAL!  Also, this happens:


   So come on down to I-CON on NOVEMBER 7th, pick up the new issue of MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE, and watch the cease and desist order be served in person!


PHENOMENAL TANGENTS–pg 18(of 26), also: some love for my CITY PAGES comic, and “big funny” closes today

pg 18

pg 18

    WAHHH!!!  Doc Headlon’s melon just keeps on a growin’!  Well…not to spoil anything, but this is the final evolution in Headlon’s look, and so I now present STEVEN STWALLEY’s original sketch for HEADULON 3.0 :


   As you can see I basically followed what Steve laid-out.  I just eliminated the tentacles coming out of Headulons neck. They just kinda creeped me out.

   ALSO:   TED ANDERSON, a fellow CONSPIRATOR and blogger on the Minneapolis Comics scene for the EXAMINER.COM, had somenice words to say about this years CITY PAGES COMIX issue in general, and about my contributions in specific.  Thanks, Ted!

    And finally, today–August 29th, 2009– is the last day of the BIG FUNNY show at ALTERED ESTHETICS gallery here in lovely Northeast Minneapolis. (Relive the memories here)  There is a “closing reception” for the artists from 1 to 3pm today, but if you haven’t seen the show yet this is your last chance and you should swing by then. We won’t bite.  It should be noted you can still BUY a copy(or ten or fifty) once the show is over here via the internet, and in person at ALTERED ESTHETICS and the SOURCE.  There are also a couple comic conventions coming up that will we have BIG FUNNY for sale at– FALLCON (Oct 11th and 12) here in Minneapolis/St Paul, and I-CON (Nov 7th) down in Iowa.   And FINALLY–Some of the BIG FUNNY editors (Steve, Kevin, Jamie, and myself) will be on the podcast TALL TALE RADIO discussing the whole thing. That episode goes live Monday.

    Yep…BIG FUNNY (the show) is done.  Let the 11 months countdown to LUTEFISK SUSHI “D” begin…



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