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Misc: a “cover” of FLAMING CARROT # 26

my "cover" of Bob Burden's FLAMING CARROT #26

my "cover" of Bob Burden's FLAMING CARROT #26

   So here is another “cover” that I did.  It’s a bit literal.  For those of you who don’t know about the FLAMING CARROT (and for SHAME!), you should pause right here and go to the store at and pick up all the collected FLAMING CARROT volumes.

   You’re back? Good. Thanks for keeping the economy afloat.  Anyway, FLAMING CARROT (along with the TICK and CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY) were two very important series’ of my teen years that would do two great things for me as a comic creator.

   1) They were my bridges–my gateway drugs, if you will–into the world of indy comics.  Like most pre-to early/middle teens of the 80’s/90’s who read comics, I was mostly just into superhero BS. Now sure there are some great superhero tales, but for every WATCHMEN there are 20 long boxes full of quarter bin garbage.  FLAMING CARROT was not only one of those titles that in no way deserved to placed anywhere near those long boxes, but it was also an amalgam of the superhero genre and the sassy indy.  FLAMING CARROT was one of the first books that told me it was OK to like things printed in black and white. When I came into FLAMING CARROT Dark Horse already had its paws all over Burdens work, which was great because from FC I was able to see a bevy of ads which led me to all sorts of borderline-to-indy titles that I enjoyed.  And when at the age of 17I finally got around to venturing into Dinkytown, I discovered DREAMHAVEN which was like a previously unknown mecca. And thanks to my exposure to FLAMING CARROT and everything after, when I got to DREAMHAVEN I was ready and willing to absorb what the indy world had to offer, so much so that my buying of superhero titles became infrequent at best.  Nowadays if I hear something is “good” I’ll get it from the library, but what interests me now are stories and art outside what the mainstream considers to be “comics”.  No spandex. No quadruple D cupped vixens.  Comics as they are meant to be–pure expression and story.

2) FLAMING CARROT also keenly sent me down the path of the KIND of stories I wanted to tell, and I think if you read any of the stuff I have posted here, you’ll see that in spades. And as I mentioned before, the above “cover” was a bit more literal than I planned. This is funny to me because while I know Burden’s words and ideas were always with me, I never realized how much his art stuck with me too. You may or may not be able to see it in the pages of my MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE, but upon reflection–boy I sure do.  So THANKS, Bob.  Thanks for all your influential and wonderful work. 

   And seriously everyone, if you have not read THE FLAMING CARROT go to the website and get some. Its worth every penny.

  Oh, and here’s Bob’s original cover to FLAMING CARROT #26 for your comparing and contrasting needs.

original cover by and (c) Bob Burden

original cover by and (c) Bob Burden



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