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Weekend Pin-up: round 2–LANCE WARD

    Sometimes pay-back is a bee-och.  Sometimes its awesome.  The above pin-up is an example of the latter, and was done by LANCE WARD (who I did a pin-up for and posted yesterday).  As you can see the pin-up features dear old FLEMING HAZMAT, Kevin Cannon’s wonderful ARMY SHANKS, and Lance’s own KLONKO.  By the way, a lot can happen in 24 hours and in addition to doing this pin-up Lance also scanned in and posted the entire KLONKO graphic novel, and you should go read that right now.

   Thanks Lance!


PLUNGER-MAN–by Ryan Dow and myself–pgs 8 and 9(of 11), also: Kevin Cannon, Magnificent Son-Of-A-Bitch


pgs 8 and 9

This story is written, pencilled and greytoned by RYAN DOW, and inked and lettered by myself.  It first appeared in MUSCLES AND FRIGHTS.  I’m giving you two ages today cause to not not would just be wrong.  Anyway,  some thoughts on todays pages…

RYAN DOW:  Page eight–Danno actually asked me if it was okay to have a lot of gore when inking the shredding tentacles.  He didn’t really need to ask.

DANNO KLONOWSKI:  I didn’t want to offend your delicate and introspective sensibilities.

RD:  Also, the last panel was really difficult to draw.  I drew that pose about fifteen times before I got it close to right.  It’s not like I could photo-reference myself jumping off a roof.  Or can I?

DK:  You could have, but thankfully you didn’t cause Single-Payer Health Care is off the table.  The bastards.

RD:  Page nine–This is awesome.  In one version of the script, Jabbagazule swallowed Plunger-Man and Plunger-Man burst through his stomach.

DK:  Now THAT would have offended MY delicate and introspective sensibilities!

RD:  I’m so glad we went with this version.  It has so much more energy.

  Yay!  Two pages!  That was fun.  Anyway, if you don’t already know (and if you are reading these words you probably do), KEVIN CANNON has posted his I-Con wrap-up.  As I mentioned yesterday, Kevin did some amazing drawing last Saturday including the following wonderful FLEMING HAZMAT pin-up:

Kevin Cannon Icon09_fleming_

   Also, in the newest MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE (#6–which you can get from me next time you see me. It’ll also be up here sometime next year), I have a little fun with Kevin’s ARMY SHANKS character.  So Kevin has some back.  And he wins.

Kevin Cannon Icon09_shanks

     In addition to what you see here,  Kevin’s posting over at the BIG TIME ATTIC BLOG also includes Shanks on ice, a self-portrait by your’s truely, and pure horror. 

*** BTW: just cause you’re getting the PLUNGER-MAN milk for free, you should still totally buy the MUSCLES AND FRIGHTS cow.  It’s full of a ton of great stuff from some wonderful creators.  But…you don’t have to take my word for it.



    MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE is a mini-comic I started producing in 2007 (after a quasi-false start in late 2006—more on that later), and in that time I have produced 5.2 regular issues, several specials, and some short MANLY TALES for anthologies.

    MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE is about the comedy/”action” adventures of one FLEMING HAZMAT—the world’s foremost adventurer, treasure hunter, and paranormal investigator—and his team, BETSY ROSSBOT—a robot with the brain of revolutionary Betsy Ross—and ATLANTIS LAD—a fish boy intern from the lost city of Atlantis.

     While MANLY TALES mini-comics can be purchased from me in person (or if you want to order some send me an email: staplegenius at yahoo dot com), I will be posting the ENTIRE RUN of the MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE series in chronological order on this blog starting today.

    So why should you read them here?  Well…hopefully you haven’t read them before (thats the idea, right?) , and even if you have, you should know I will be posting here the “Special Edition” of the MANLY TALES.

    That’s right! MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE in it’s intended vision—with greytones!!!   I may even fix the spelling mistakes….|No promises, though….

    So here we go. The “Great Work” begins today.

     I will attempt to post a page or two a day from here on out, and given the amount of pages already done, I have about enough content tp get us into 2010.  And I’ll be posting some “directors commentary” along the way.  I’ll take breaks to post other fun stuff, too.





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