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“The Young Earth Chronicles”–part 1(of 12)–aka “The most epic fail in the history of the Cartoonist Conspiracy”

Once upon a time ago in 2007, there was this epic fail.  So that’s how this happened…

   Ok. So here’s what I remember kinda sorta happening: Sometime during or after 2006’s 24 Hour Comic Day Conspiracy Poo-Bah STEVE STWALLEY proposed the notion that since 24 HCD–even at only once a year–was a bear of an effort, and what might be more fun of an experiment would be to meet once a month for 12 hours for one year straight.  The over-all idea was then you’d have a full 144 page graphic novel in 365 days!  What a great idea (in theory)! 

      So we gave it a whack.  As is our way we decided to meet at the MN Center for Book Arts once a month from 8am-8pm (or as long as you could. You didn’t have to do all 12 pages then and there just so long as you finished your 12 pages by the next month). I remember showing up some Saturday morning of some month in late 2006/early 2007 a little after 8.  ZANDER CANNON was already there (which is kinda funny considering how this story ends).  All in all those there that first Saturday to give the 144 Page Graphic Novel Challenge a try were Zander, Steve, KEVIN CANNONERIC LAPPEGARD**, CURTIS SQUARE-BRIGGS (I think), DAVID STEINLICHT (or was he just there for the open studio? Or was this how the Open Studio started? Ugh. My memory is so fuzzy on this. I think I blocked it out), and myself.  There may have been a few others.  I don’t know.  What I do know though is that WE ALL FAILED!!! **

     To be fair we didn’t all fail at once.  I know I made it 3 months. As did I think Steve(though he may have gone longer). Maybe Kevin too.  I’ll try to get the facts straighter for future posts.

     ** Ok technically Zander hasn’t failed. He’s still plugging away very slowly on his story ‘HECK’.  He’s dedicated to finishing it…some day.  He posts bits of it every so often HERE.  And ERIC LAPPEGARD tragically passes away that year.  So I give him a pass(even though he technically quit after the first month the quitting quitter!).  But to be fair he started his SCHMAPPLES webcomic around the same time, so again I forgive the quitting quitter quittertons quitting.


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–the pin-ups (part 1 of 2) featuring Zander Cannon, Jon Sloan, and Eric Lappegard

   As that issue 5 was originally broken up into two “volumes”(issues), this left a lot of space for pin-ups.  Thanks muchly to everyone who donated their time and art into making this issue awesome, including:

   ZANDER CANNON strikes again with possibly the MANLIEST pin-up yet.

   Fellow Conspirator and martial-arts hooligan JON SLOAN catches Fleming mugging for the camera.  Jon keeps telling me he’s got a MANLY TALE of his own up his sleeve (and I look forward to seeing it, but save it for issue #25, Jon!  I’ll be begging for one then.),  so until that happens be sure to regularly check out his webcomic SA-BOM JIM.

    Finally (and I know I’ve posted this before, but…) the pin-up for issue #5 that started it all.  Thanks, ERIK.  I miss you:


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–pgs 16 & 17(of 45), also: “MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #7” @ Springcon


   OK…here we go…Like I’ve said a few times, this issue took a year to be finished from the time I initially wrote it, and here’s why:

   When I was planning out what the first 8 issues of MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE were going to be, I knew I had to include my many cartooning friends in one way or another–be it pin-ups, back-up stories, or what have you.  I knew issue #5 was going to be a Betsy Rossbot origin tale, and I knew I wanted to involve my friend ERIK LAPPEGARD.  My proposal to Erik was that I wanted to include his VEGAN NINJA character in a fashion more or less like the one issue 5 ended up being, but to also include a back-up tale of the Vegan Ninja written and drawn by Erik.  Erik was cool with the idea of using the Vegan Ninja, but was unsure about the back-up story…so he came up with a better idea–Erik and I jam on the art for the main story of issue 5.  I’d write it and do the majority of the art, but Erik would do all art on the Vegan Ninja.  I thought this was genius, and was more excited than ever to get to work on it!  Unfortunately, I was just getting started on the series (I was pencilling issue 2 at this point, I believe), and it would be at least a year until I got to work on #5.  Even more unfortunately was that within a matter of weeks from this conversation Erik was involved in a terrible accident, and later passed from complications. 

    A year later I was done with issue #4, and so I wrote a script for issue #5 that was a loving tribute to my much-missed friend.  I then sat down and pounded out the pencilled pages.  And then I had to ink it…but I just couldn’t.  A lot of other projects came up and I did everything I could to keep myself from having to touch those pages with my brush pen.  Eventually months and months went by and FALLCON was approaching and I hadn’t finished a new issue of MANLY TALES in almost a year.  As hard as it was to do, and as much as I dreaded having to actually ink the pages posted above I finally buckled down and did the work.  I’m not going to lie–I cried several times while inking this issue.  Not only because I missed my friend, but because I wished more than ever he was there inking those pages with me (though technically Erik’s accident happened while en route to moving out to the west coast, so who knows how the hell that would have worked).

    On the bright side, Erik did a preliminary VEGAN NINJA pin-up that he gave to me just days before the aforementioned accident, and we were able to use said image to raise thousands of dollars for his parents (to help pay for lingering medical bills after he passed) at a hell of a party Erik would have loved:

   ALSO:  Speaking of the Vegan Ninja…SPRINGCON is this weekend (May 15th and 16th, 10am-5pm both days)!!!  My goal for any con is to have something new, and SPRINGCON is no different–in fact I have a few new somethings including the all-new MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #7! Among many things features an appearance by dear old Vegan Ninja (Uhh..Spoiler Alert?):

    AND FINALLY:  It took me 30-plus years to figure out that JACK KIRBY really was the King.  At this rate I’ll really be into Frazetta on my death bed.  Until then…”A FRANK FRAZETTA OF FRANK ZAPPA”:


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #0–pg 21(of 23), also: a Go! Go! update, The Pentel Pocket Brush and Avaturd

    Like most cartoonists, my family (wife, kids, parents, etc) don’t really understand my obsession with creating comics, and for the most part don’t really read them much either.  Whatever.  I don’t do this to please them–I do it to please the three-toed gremlin who lives in my right hand and causes pains if I don’t draw for more than two days.  But a print copy of this issue got left lying around a couple months ago and one the kids read it.   Flemings whole nagging to get to Pawn America just killed her.  She was laughing about it for days, and chuckles every time we drive my on now.  So I guess what I’m saying is I’m rebranding my comics and aiming for my target demographic–11 years olds who love Pawn America.  Hells ya!

   Update:  Yesterday I mentioned GO! GO! ILLUSTRATION, and how they do daily sketches that they sell.  I also mentioned that if Jerzy Drozd did a “Tri-Klops” in his “He-Man” series I’d buy it.  Well…

   Best nine bucks I ever spent. 

   Also:  Beloved local art store WET PAINT (and it can be your favorite too since its online as well) has started asking its patrons to pimp out their favorite tools on their blog.  So STEVEN STWALLEY–the Cartoonist Conspiracy poobah and sometimes Staplegenius collaborator–has stepped up to the plate and proclaimed the Conspiracys collective love for the PENTEL POCKET BRUSH.  Simply put: the Pentel Pocket Brush is my favorite drawing tool and has forever changed the way in which I draw, and I highly recommend EVERY cartoonist have one  (or three) in their arsenal.   My favorite part of all this is the ad for the Pocket Brush some of we Conspirators did a few years back for Wet Paint.  It features such Conspiracy luminaries as: Steve, myself, ZANDER CANNON, the much missed ERIC LAPPEGARD and…is that Sean Tenhoff??? 

  Finally….yep.  Avatar.  I really enjoy the podcast WTF with MARC MARON, and for the last few weeks he has been espousing the theory that maybe if people gave a shit about things that REALLY matter, instead of being complacent and supporting quarter billion-dollar jerk-off fests like AVATAR, that maybe–just MAYBE–we’d have socialized medicine.  Now, I really enjoyed my nigh-on three hours of complacency I had during Avatar, but I have to agree.  And frankly, I’d much rather give back that time and money and have socialized medicine.


misc: politics, politics, and schmapples


***  Hey everybody!  Going to do a few pages of MISC content until I get into posting “PHIL, THE EVIL BEAN OF DOOM” 8-pager I did with DAN MURPHY( 15 years ago!!!–which, believe it or not, it holds up pretty damn well…you’ll find out come Monday.

***  The above image was drawn on the night of the last debate between AL FRANKEN and NORM COLEMAN (11-2-08).  Franken recently “won” after months of costly court B.S. , and having just rediscovered this doodle I’m surprised at how close I was to the truth–I predicted Franken would win by 2% and he won by only 200-some votes.  Or maybe I was just paying attention to the polls. Who knows?  The other thing about this I find equally funny is the bit about MICHELE BACHMANN losing big-time.  When I drew this I knew my buddy KEN AVIDOR had been hot on Bachmann’s heels for years at www.dumpbachmann.comtrying to expose her for the nut she is. I also knew she had FINALLY said some crazy enough stuff that was getting national exposure and  so I just sorta figured the people of Bachmann’sdistrict would get with the program and not vote her back in.  Well, I think we all know now my prediction was wrong.  I think we also know she has gone onto say more more ludicrous stuff since then.  So I’m predicting here and now she will NOT–FOR SURE THIS TIME–be re-elected in 2010.

*** The other funny part of the Bachmann drawing is that several months later I found myself being hired to work on a comic series ABOUT Michele Bachmann(which you can order the first issue of at Issue two will be out soon.). And THAT gig would have NEVER happened had she lost as I predicted she would!  So…uhh…thanks?  

***Theres some other news involving Bachmann and comics and me, but I’ll write more on that when I have some harder facts–I have names, just no dates–so until then consider your interest piqued!

***Finally:  Cartoonist, friend, vegan, ninja, all-around wonderful person ERIC LAPPEGARD (aka SCHMAPPLES) passed away 2 years ago now.  To celebrate his life, there will be a get-together tomorrow(FRIDAY the 24th) at GRUMPY’sDOWNTOWN from 8pm until whenever.  So if you knew Eric (and even if you didn’t so well–why not?!) stop on by and toast one to a man who loved a good drink.  I’ll leave you now witha drawing Eric did…one of the last he ever did, in fact…and it’s pretty special to me, cause this drawing was done specifically both for ME and for MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE.  See, Eric and I were gunna jam on issue 5–my FLEMING vs his VEGAN NINJA–and the following is a preparatory drawing Eric did for that(ignore all the “SCHMAPPLES TRIBUTE” info. That was in 2007—and it ROCKED!).    Miss you, Eric.

For serious---don't wait until September! That was 2007! The thing this year is FRIDAY! 8PM! GRUMPYS!

For serious---don't wait until September! That was 2007! The thing this year is FRIDAY! 8PM! GRUMPYS!



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