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MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–GUEST ARTIST SPECTACULAR–pg 2(of 14)–by Earl Luckes and Brian Bastian, also: “phenomenal tangets” goes “kirby-vision”

pg 2: art--Earl Luckes, words: Brian Bastian

pg 2: art--Earl Luckes, words: Brian Bastian

   About the kick-ass creators of this page:

  BRIAN BASTIAN writes stuff.  He may have even written this.  Who is to say?

  EARL LUCKES is a man on a mission, and if this lover of comics and 70’s culture had a theme song, it would certainly be THIS one (thanks Mark and Jerzy)!  Earl burst into comics like no sane person should–by challenging himself to do a 24 HOUR COMIC!  After that Earl became a Conspiracy semi-regular and contributed some might fine work to anthologies like ALLEY CATSUPER FANTASTICA COMIX, BIG FUNNY, and the MUSCLES AND FIGHTSempire.  Earl’s stuff is raw, and tough, and hellz fun–just like the 1970’s hero-ethic he tries to capture in his work–and I am honored he did this page.  OH YEAH!!!–and Earl makes short-films that take modern cinema schlock-meisters like Michael Bay and Steven Sommers to task for their bastardization of the medium.  Quite a talent.  Best of all, Earl assures me his very own webcomic is in the works, and I for one cannot wait!

  Also,  “PHENOMENAL TANGENTS“, the Kirby-inspired comic I did with Steven Stwalley, has been added to “KIRBY-VISION“, the Kirby Museum’s Blog tracking “THE KING’s” continuing influence.  Sweet!

  And one last parting shot–today’s guest artist EARL LUCKES fancies himself a Fleming Hazmat type…

Earl Hazmat



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