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“The Young Earth Chronicles”–part 1(of 12)–aka “The most epic fail in the history of the Cartoonist Conspiracy”

Once upon a time ago in 2007, there was this epic fail.  So that’s how this happened…

   Ok. So here’s what I remember kinda sorta happening: Sometime during or after 2006’s 24 Hour Comic Day Conspiracy Poo-Bah STEVE STWALLEY proposed the notion that since 24 HCD–even at only once a year–was a bear of an effort, and what might be more fun of an experiment would be to meet once a month for 12 hours for one year straight.  The over-all idea was then you’d have a full 144 page graphic novel in 365 days!  What a great idea (in theory)! 

      So we gave it a whack.  As is our way we decided to meet at the MN Center for Book Arts once a month from 8am-8pm (or as long as you could. You didn’t have to do all 12 pages then and there just so long as you finished your 12 pages by the next month). I remember showing up some Saturday morning of some month in late 2006/early 2007 a little after 8.  ZANDER CANNON was already there (which is kinda funny considering how this story ends).  All in all those there that first Saturday to give the 144 Page Graphic Novel Challenge a try were Zander, Steve, KEVIN CANNONERIC LAPPEGARD**, CURTIS SQUARE-BRIGGS (I think), DAVID STEINLICHT (or was he just there for the open studio? Or was this how the Open Studio started? Ugh. My memory is so fuzzy on this. I think I blocked it out), and myself.  There may have been a few others.  I don’t know.  What I do know though is that WE ALL FAILED!!! **

     To be fair we didn’t all fail at once.  I know I made it 3 months. As did I think Steve(though he may have gone longer). Maybe Kevin too.  I’ll try to get the facts straighter for future posts.

     ** Ok technically Zander hasn’t failed. He’s still plugging away very slowly on his story ‘HECK’.  He’s dedicated to finishing it…some day.  He posts bits of it every so often HERE.  And ERIC LAPPEGARD tragically passes away that year.  So I give him a pass(even though he technically quit after the first month the quitting quitter!).  But to be fair he started his SCHMAPPLES webcomic around the same time, so again I forgive the quitting quitter quittertons quitting.


David Steinlicht’s “MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE” 2(of 2)

   OK…are you ready for more?  I know I am.  So here we go with DAVID STEINLICHT’s second amazing “MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE”!!!

     Yep…there is really no point in me ever doing another MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE again.  David perfected it.  Ahhh…I’ll struggle on in his shadow…somehow.  My wife (who was equally delighted by David’s comics) noted that I had no choice but get the Steinlichted MANLY cast tattooed on me in homage.  When suggested to David…well I think the idea terrifies him.  March 16th is ‘Tattoo Day’…so we’ll see what happens between now and then.  Thanks again, David.  And if you liked what you read here you MUST pick up David’s collection of his PIONEER PRESS strips  “IN THIS CORNER”!  It’s 260 pages of this kind of wonderful stuff!  Go!  Buy!  Now!!!

   And don’t forget–another page of CONTINUITY GUY: CHRONO CHAOS by BUD BURGY and myself  is now up!


David Steinlicht’s “MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE” 1(of 2)

   The LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘D’ show was a massive thrill and honor for me for many reasons that if you’re reading this you’re probably pretty familiar with already.  And for as massive and thrilling as the opening night reception for LSD was, I almost wanna say the next day was equally as massive and thrilling for me because that was the day I cracked open one of my LITTLE FUNNY boxes and was knocked off my feet when I discovered something breathtaking that my friend DAVID STEINLICHT had done:

  I mean OH MY GOD, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!  As if all the clever plays on Fleming’s many catch phrases weren’t enough…as if the adorable Steinlicht style the characters are rendered in isn’t enough…David draws the ‘Flying Hazmat’ on page 8!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!  Seriously…one of the most humbling surprises of my life.  And guess what—I opened another LITTLE FUNNY box and found ANOTHER David Steinlicht MANLY TALE!!!   But that’ll wait until next time…I’m sure you’ll all probably need the 2 days to recover anyway.  I know I did.  Seriously though…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #4–by Brian Bastian and myself–pg 10(of 24), also: a make-shift art show, a Steinlicht signing, and Daredevil

Issue 4 of MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE was drawn by myself, but written by BRIAN BASTIAN (whose characters from his book TOMMY CHICAGO are guest starring).  Now our thoughts on this page:

BRIAN BASTIAN:  It gets a little lost in the flow the conversations take, and I don’t follow up on it later, but Britishworth was the one behind luring Fleming Hazmat to the restaurant.  The idea was supposed to be that he got him there so it would be easier for the Ugly Rose to kill him. That’s why once Fleming shows up Britishworth doesn’t attack him, he’s just waiting for the Rose to do something to complete their agreement. It’s just one of many things I should have explained better.

 DANNO KLONOWSKI:  WOW!  I didn’t even know that….well, maybe I did but forgot.  Let’s just say I didn’t ever know it and leave the above paragraph as “AN EXCLUSIVE!!!”.

BASTIAN:  And in case the reader didn’t get the subtle hint about the new Atlantis Lad on page 8, it gets driven home here.

 KLONOWSKI:  Which is probably for the best.  Given that at least one or two people who read TOMMY CHICAGO in the past might now pick this issue up to be ‘completists’, it’s probably best some sort of character establishment is there.  So, kudos.

BASTIAN:  Upon rereading the issue I do like how Fleming drops in and you half expect his quest to become the main focus of the story, and his confusion when we keep going with the prior plot was a point where I really started to get a handle on his character.

KLONOWSKI:  I think it’s almost shameful on part how similar Fleming and Tommy Chicago are as characters.  I guess thats why I trusted you implicitly to write this.  Then again I think we’re both just ripping-off the BART/LISA/MAGGIE style of storytelling and character.  Oh for an original thought in my head…

   Ok…so lots going on this Saturday.  First up, friend of the blog DAVID STEINLICHT is having a book signing for his recently released collection CORNERED at BIG BRAIN COMICS.  It runs from 4-6 (or to put it another way, it starts right after the OPEN STUDIO Conspiracy meeting ends).    But what to do in those hours before the signing (if you aren’t at the Open Studio, that is)?  Well, you should head on over to the EASTSIDE FOOD CO-OP in Northeast Minneapolis for their 6th Anniversary Party.  In addition to free samples and all-natural foodstuffs, there is also some art up by just a few of the many Northeast Minneapolis cartoonists, including myself, DAVID AND MARY SANDBERG, LUPI McGINTY, DANIEL J OLSON, and the Conspiracy poobah himself STEVEN STWALLEY.  This show came about because of my 24 Hour Comic from this year, and the LION KING “Circle of Life” song can be cued up any second now…

     Hey, my client is back.  He was so impressed with todays drawing I caught him having it battle his water bottle.


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–GUEST ARTIST SPECTACULAR–pg 4(of 14)–by David Steinlicht and Brian Bastian, also: weekends-schmeekends

pg 4: art--David Steinlicht, words: Brian Bastian

pg 4: art--David Steinlicht, words: Brian Bastian

   BRIAN BASTIAN…aww geez…AGAIN?!………fine……….Brian is a fantastically funny writer.  His latest book (due at FALLCON) is TOMMY CHICAGO #3, and is drawn by me.  Maybe he’ll let me sneak peak some of it here in a couple weeks.

   DAVID STEINLICHT is the fourth amazing artist in the Guest Artist Spectacular (his work is also seen here daily as that he’s the fella who did the great paper-block print Fleming for the STAPLEGENIUS.COM(ic) banner).  David works for a newspaper (what’s that?!), and they are awesome enough to let him do a comic every Friday called “IN THIS CORNER” which is drawn in the wonderful computer style you see above.  He in fact just self-published a collection of the last five years of it called “CORNERED“, and you can BUY IT  on the ITC website.  Hopefully a publisher will wise-up and print/distribute it for him (I’m looking at you, Random House!).   David is also quite active in the Mpls/Stpl Cartoonist Conspiracy.  He is the de facto leader of the “ONE SATURDAY A MONTH OPEN STUDIO AT BOOK ARTS” meeting, and also takes part in our 24 HOUR COMIC DAY events (even going so far as to live-blog the event WHILE he draws!  Madness!).  And don’t let the computer art fool ya–David is a fantastic cartoonist when it comes to pens and pencils, too (not to mention the whole CROP ARTthing)!  In fact I got to see him sketch out drawn versions of the MANLY TALES cast in his “computerized” style, and they rocked!  Maybe he’ll send’em along so I can post them here soon.  Until then, you should check out a great comic he did based on some of my ramblings.  Thanks David!

   Also:  I’ve been debating for a while whether or not to post over the weekends.  Traffic has traditionally DIED on Saturday and Sunday no matter how popular and busy Monday thru Friday are.  So while I think when I’m running my regular stuff I will post on weekends, while the GUEST ARTIST SPECTACULAR is afoot I think I’ll pay some much deserved respect to the contributors and just post during the work week.   SO!–be sure to check back here Monday (starting about 7am CST) for PAGE FIVE of the MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE GUEST ARTIST SPECTACULAR.  And I’ll wet your appetite with two wonderful words….KEVIN. CANNON.   See you then!


“BIG FUNNY” is tonight…”STORY TIME” is tomorrow

     It’s finally here! Tonight! 7pm! ALTERED ESTHETICS GALLERY (!

     At BIG FUNNY you will be able to buy as many copies of BIG FUNNY as you like for only $5 a pop! As Alfred E Newman would say: “CHEAP!”  (You can also buy it online at, but the shipping is pretty spendy.)   

    At BIG FUNNY there will be lots of beautiful art on the walls–and lots of it is for sale, perfect for displaying in your own home!

    At BIG FUNNY you will be able to buy boxes of LITTLE FUNNY from the AE vending machine for $2!  CHEAPER!!!  And if you don’t know, LITTLE FUNNY is a box that contains 6 randomly inserted ultra-mini-comics.  There are 30+ LITTLE FUNNY comics all together, so if you try buying 5 boxes of LITTLE FUNNY to collect’em all, you’ll probably get doubles–just like packs of baseball cards!!! …We’re such jerks…

     At BIG FUNNY you can buy one (of the only 150 copies) of DAVID STEINLICHT’s ( new collection of his Friday comics he does for St Paul’s PIONEER PRESS newspaper.  The collection will run for $15, and is over 260 pages!  Again…CHEAP!!!

    At BIG FUNNY you will be able to buy booze and eat spaghetti!  CONFUSING! 

    At BIG FUNNY you will be able to view vintage videos of newspaper production!

    At BIG FUNNY you will be able to do all this and MORE! 



   And then the next day–SATURDAY–at ROSALUX GALLERY ( my friend ALEX KUNO will be premiering a ton of all-new and deliciously creepy paintings as a part of the two-man “STORY TIME” show.  The other man is NICK HOWARD and his pen and ink drawings are equally creepy, but in their own and different way.  

   So Friday have some laughs–BIG FUNNY laughs!–and Saturday its time–STORY TIME!– to get creeped out by art.  I hope to see you at both!


“phil, the evil bean of doom” pg 7(of 8), also: new logo image

art by Dan Murphy, words by Danno Klonowski

art by Dan Murphy, words by Danno Klonowski

    We’re almost to the end of some high school nostalgia with DAN MURPHY( and myself.

DAN MURPHY:  First panel– 3 fingers and a thumb??? Have no idea if that was intentional or what.
DANNO KLONOWSKI:  Yeah, the digit count seems to vary now and then in this story, but I won’t hold it against you. But what amazes me is panel 2 and 3.  I was sure–SURE!–my joke about an old, outdated, long-since-cancelled “news” show that investigated the tiniest flaw in everything would be a worst throw-away joke of the story.  Turns out DATELINE NBC is still around, and even a cursory google search turns up that DATELINE defines itself as: a news program about celebrity, true crime, INVESTIGATE JOURNALISM, and human interest stories.  I am so sad for our country right now.
DAN MURPHY:  Future Land. Classic.
DANNO KLONOWSKI:  That was one of mine!….maybe….I think….maybe not.
DAN MURPHY:  Hitler in Six-Gun Annie, possibly related to Hop-Along Phyllis, some character I had that was a cross-dressing cowboy.
DANNO KLONOWSKI:  That could be where we got it.  I just remember that whole panel–from Six-Gun Adolf to the Manson joke was all you.  Sicko.
    As you can see up top, there is a new logo image.  It’s was done by DAVID STEINLICHT(  He did it at the MN CENTER FOR BOOK ARTS( as a print kinda like a wood block, except done with paper! VERY COOL!
    David–FYI–will be debuting a limited-run collection of his Friday PIONEER PRESS strips on Friday, August 7th at the BIG FUNNY show ( YES! A whole ‘nother great reason to stop by ALTERED ESTHETICS on Friday for the BIG FUNNY show. See you there.



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