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pg 25

    Ok, so I had originally planned to write a thing about the death of the MINICOMICS DUMP TRUCK here, but then last night this happened:


   DAVID LLOYD, best known as the artist for the ground-breaking graphic novel V FOR VENDETTA, randomly showed up for the monthly Minneapolis meeting of the INTERNATIONAL CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY.  What happened was David ended up having nearly a full day lay-over while waiting for the next flight to Iceland.  With nothing better to do here in Mpls/St Paul he checked his Facebook “friends” and mine was the first name that popped up.  He checked out my profile, saw I was into comics, and sent me a message both via Facebook and my email that he was here and wondering if I would like to meet and chat. 


MEANWHILE…I open my email, see David’s messages, and am convinced I am being targeted by the worlds most specific SPAM robot.  But figuring “What the Hell” I write back that the CONSPIRACY meeting is going on at DIAMONDS COFFEE SHOP and should this message be a attached to a real person that he should stop by.  He didn’t write back. I told a few Conspirators about this and all assumed it to be random, weird spam…or a stalker stealing Mr Lloyds identity…or something.  Either way it was dropped, and we went about our business.  Then about an hour into the jam comic meeting…


So David hung out, talked with us,  checked out KEVIN AND ZANDER CANNON’s BIG TIME ATTIC studio, chatted it up with SARAH MOREAN and MATT KRISKE, and then….and then I don’t know what, cause I had go put the kids to bed and pick up my wife from school.  But after I picked her up we met up with some of the group–where did everyone else go?!– at THE YACHT CLUB BAR, and I had the foresight to bring my camera this time. 








Thanks for contacting me and stopping by the Conspiracy meeting, David.  We all enjoyed meeting and chatting with you.  Come back anytime!



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