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MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #6–pgs 4 & 5(of 27), also: “Seriously, how useless is Sue Richards?”

   Yesterday I mentioned how I re-wrote the opening to MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #6 to accomidate introducing new characters.  I figured if I was already homaging one friend with MATT OBLIVION, I might as well homage another by throwing-in ARTEMIS SKANKS.  What can I say?  I wrote this in summer 2008.  I was consumed with FAR ARDEN at the time.   And KEVIN CANNON rocks–everbody knows that–which is why FAR ARDEN was nominated for an EISNER this year.  Vegas says Kevin is a dead lock.  At any rate, Kevin says he likes the homage (though I wonder)…but unlike OBLIVION, I don’t think we’ll be seeing much more of SKANKS.

    Oh!  And I started “connecting the pages” on these two pages.  Trying to go with more of a poster effect with each even/odd page combination.  

ALSO:  Remember how I mentioned on Wednesday that since the Daily Goal Sketches were coming to an end I made a promise to myself to really up the craftsmanship on them?  Yeah well…today’s SUPER SKRULL was done in a time crunch and isn’t so awesome.  Sue me.  Oh–and when my client was given the drawing, he liked it but had one question: “Where is the Invisible Woman’s power?”  I assured him the Super Skrull was using it, we just couldn’t see it. 


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #6–pgs 2 & 3(of 27), also: “Mmm….planets….”

   The MATT OBLIVION origin continues… So a couple years ago my old friend MATT RISNES and I decided to celebrate his birthday the old-fashioned way–by seeing a film together.  This might not seem too special, but in this age of family and time commitment, having a few free hours to spend with an old friend is increasingly hard to find.  Anyway, Matt and I decided to take in the then fairly new (and totally awesome!) HELLBOY 2.  I was short on cash (as per my usual) so for Matt’s present I decided to make and frame him an original drawing.  In line with the theme for the day I was going to do him a Hellboy fighting C’thulhu (to me Matt is synonymous with C’thulhu.  That, and I had just finished the PLUNGER-MAN short with RYAN DOW.)  But as I sat down and started drawing out the body shape, I got it in my head that perhaps instead of Hellboy, I should have a Hellboy-ish Matt fighting old ‘hulhu.  So that’s what I did…and I think it turned out pretty sweet (INSERT IMAGE HERE.  …oh…I don’t have that…Matt does….nevermind). 

      Before I handed the drawing off to Matt my brain started racing–how could I work this monster-fighting Matt into the MANLY TALES canon???  Well the first thing he needed was a proper name, and in honor of one of Matt’s favorite films–VIDEODROME–MATT OBLIVION seemed appropriate.  Second, a back story–what about a REVERSE Hellboy (see yesterdays post)?!  And finally, where the heck could I work him in?  Well as it turned out I had finished the script for MANLY TALES #6 several weeks earlier, and to say I was unsatisfied with it was an understatement.  So as I do in these situations I set the script aside and left it up to my subconscious to do the heavy lifting.  AND LIFT IT DID!  Adding MATT OBLIVION to this issue, and making him the opener, was just what this issue needed.  The opening was good–and in fact I lifted it word for word and made it the opening of issue 7–but in line with what the rest of the issue is about I felt it needed more.  And MORE Matt Oblivion provided.  So I hope you enjoy Mr Oblivion in this issue…I have a suspicion he’ll be around for a while.

   ALSO:  Today’s Daily Goal Sketch is GALACTUS.  My client had added Galactus’ name to the ever-growing list of characters to draw pretty early on, and occasionally as he reviewed the list to see what was coming up in the following weeks and months he’d ask me a question of troubled concern:  “HOW ARE YOU GOING TO FIND  A SHEET OF PAPER BIG ENOUGH TO DRAW HIM ON?” I’d assure him it wouldn’t be to scale, and that seemed to both satisfy his worry and disappoint him all at the same time.  I should also note that this was the first DGS I did after both my client and I had returned from our conflicting vacations (it was the first new DGS drawing I had done in 3 weeks).  At this point I knew I was going to be leaving that job in 2 weeks, and made him aware of that.  I also decided F-IT!–  From there on out, these Daily Goal Sketches were going to be super awesome. 


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #6–cover and pg 1(of 27), also: “We’re all in Dan Jurgens shadow”

   Welcome to MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #6!  Lots happens in this issue towards the ongoing construction of the MANLY TALES universe, not the least of which is the introduction of MATT OBLIVION!   I’ll get more into Matt’s origins tomorrow, but something you should know up front is Oblivion was designed to be MANLY TALES anti-Hellboy.  Instead of being a demon who fights demons to save humanity, Matt is a human who is on a mission to kill all demons so he–and ONLY HE–can be the one to DESTROY humanity.  That was the basic concept, anyway.  So when time came to do a cover I knew I had to pay tribute to Oblivion’s Hellboy-inspired genesis, so I whipped up the most Mike Mignola-ish cover I could.  This is also the first cover of the series to depict events that actually happen inside the issue.  It was a big switch from my ‘random shit that has nothing to do with this comic’ stance on covers.  Sure glad I did.  I am never looking back.

   ALSO:  Aside from WILL SHETTERLY and VINCE STONE, DAN JURGENS was one of my greatest influences growing up–and for the same reason as Will and Vince:  He was actually someone in MN I could point to and say “LOOK!  HE MAKES COMICS FOR A LIVING!!!”  When Mr Jurgens got national attention for “killing” Superman I couldn’t have been prouder.  I have since lost my love for the kinds of stories Mr Jurgens is paid to tell, but I still hold a place in my heart for his early inspiration (and his art is pretty darn great, too!).  So it filled me with pride to be asked to draw BOOSTER GOLD for a Daily Goal Sketch.  It brought me back to the days when Jurgens was doing the Justice League (the only time I’ve ever bought the book), and made me smile.


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–pgs 44 & 45 (the end!), also: “The answer is: Only 10 more”

    The End, indeed.  This issue took a lot out of me to produce, and it would be an entire year before another MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE was completed–but thru the magic of the internet that year will pass like a week and you’ll get issue 6 starting next Monday!  As for the ending…2 things come to mind:

   1)  I always want to kill-off each Atlantis Lad in their own unique way, and ‘bullet thru the noggin’ was about the laziest route to go.  It works well in this issues context, but still…lazy.  So I find it as no surprise that in the time between writing this script and finishing the art, laziest-writer-of-them-all BRIAN BASTIAN emailed to ask if he could kill off Atlantis Lad in a story by having Fleming shoot him. Err…I mean…thanks for writing all kinds of wonderful stuff for me, Brian! (Like the upcoming LITTLE FUNNY comic featuring MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE’s own SIR LEIGH BRITISHWORTH.) 

   2)  I also remember after finishing this issue that I thought this was the worst ending ever in the short history of a series with abrupt, bad endings.  I think I was just too close to it.  I got a lot of compliments that this issue was easily the best one of the series both for the emotional pathos of Betsy Rossbot, but because the end finally grounds Betsy and Flemings relationship in a way none of the previous stories had.  Looking back, I think I have to agree…now if only the art wasn’t so rushed….

   ALSO:  Today’s Daily Goal Sketch of THE QUESTION will be the only one this week as that the rest of the week is filled with all the awesome pin-ups from issue 5–and man are there a LOT!  And if you’re keeping track at home, you can now start counting the number of Daily Goal Sketches left on your fingers alone.


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–pgs 42 & 43(of 45), also: Another awesome review!!!, and “Neither a Jim Lee nor a Goldie Hawn vehicle be”

      I don’t remember what the script was written as originally, but when I was lettering this beast I had the iPod shuffle going and right before this page “Comfortably Numb” came on.  I felt I had no choice but to throw the reference in.  It just worked so well!

   ALSO:  AIN’T IT COOL NEWS strikes with an awesomely positive review of MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE (as well as the back-up features from the first 3 issues–which include UPTOWN GIRL, TOMMY CHICAGO, and MEATFIST AND GRONK)!!!  The review can be found in the INDIE JONES section.  So congrats to us all–BUD BURGY, BRIAN BASTIAN, and BOB LIPSKI!  They like us…they really, really like us!

  FINALLY:   He’s not so wild.


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–pgs 40 & 41(of 45), also: “Who?”

     Ten points to whoever can name where the reference in panel 1 of pg 40 is from. **

    ALSO:  My client asked for MORBIUS, THE LIVING VAMPIRE one day.  I was kinda taken a-back he knew Morbius.  After I did the drawing he asked who it was.  Turned out he didn’t know who Morbius was either.  He had just heard the name once.  Oooh, autism…

 ** It’s from “STAR TREK 5: SHATNER SHATS ON US ALL”.  As a form of both torture and research I subjected myself one more time to said film to make sure I got the quote right.  Mid-way thru STEVE STWALLEY stopped by to drop off some lettered PHENOMENAL TANGENT pages and asked what I was watching.  I’ve never been more embarrassed in my life to have to admit the truth.


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–pgs 38 & 39(of 45), also: an awesome review of the very comic you’re reading, and “I don’t blame you for Darth Maul, Ray. Never you.”

     Like you didn’t already think that Ben Franklin was secretly a mad scientist.  It just makes sense.

   ALSO:  Conspirator TED ANDERSON writes reviews for THE EXAMINER, and over the weekend he wrote a lovely review of the MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE series.  Thanks for the kind words, Ted.  And I’ll be sure to have “a major personality in the local indie scene” engraved on my urn!

   FINALLY:  I’ve been annoyed by the X-MEN villain TOAD for years, ever since that failed X-MEN pilot back in the 80’s.  The costume. The powers.  Everything about his is annoying.  Needless to say I was less than thrilled when they announced Toad would be in the first X-MEN movie, but with Ray Park playing him as…ummm…a guy who can hop with a big tongue, he wasn’t half bad.  So when my client asked for Toad as his Daily Goal Sketch I was surprised and excited he wanted the movie version…until I had to draw him.  Talk about generic…



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