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the complete “MARVEL/DC Handbook” pdf

A few years ago I was working with a disabled adult who loved super hero (cartoon shows). So anyway we worked out a deal that when he was ‘good’ and met his ‘goals’ for the day I would do him a super hero drawing of his choice. He would go home and color and them, and GOD how I wish I had copies of those! Anyway, I even colored a few myself (wih a computer, not markers like him).  If anything, here is some proof positive while I’ve never work for Marvel or DC…

MARVEL DC handbook


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #6–pgs 16 & 17, also: “This is the end…the end of dog-racing”

    Funny story.  I had planned on putting the ‘anthrax’ logo on everything on Anthrax Island, you know…cause of IAN ANTHRAX.  Except when I finally got here I for some reason focused on the IAN instead of the ANTHRAX and made everything “I” shaped.  Thats what I get for not pencilling tighter…or writing things down.

   ALSO:  Here is it.  The FINAL DAILY GOAL SKETCH.  I did 98 total.  Good times.  Hope you liked them.  I know my client did.  (Damn…now what to use as filler content???)


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #6–pgs 14 & 15–also: “Violence solves nothing…unless you’re an X-Man”

   The Vulcan Nerve Pinch is always funny.

   ALSO: Funny story.  After my client found out I was leaving work he got kinda bummed (obviously, who wouldn’t? I know you’d just die if I stopped this blog).  Anyway, one day (the day before I did the Daily Goal Sketch from the last post) he took the binder he proudly carried everywhere that had of all the DGS originals (which he loving colored) and THREW THEM ALL AWAY!!!  By the time I realized what he had done, the trash had been taken the dumpster…and THE DAMN DUMPSTER HAD BEEN EMPTIED!  Curse your efficiency, Public Sanitation!!!   Luckily I had made a copy of all of them to be able to scan and post here.  So he apologized for his rashness, and I made him copies of the copies.  A couple I had even forgotten and was able to print-off from this very website while at work.. Oh what an age we live in.  Oh…and this DGS kinda rocks:


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #6–pgs 12 & 13(of 27), also: “Panic in the sewers of Gotham!”

    OK…so not much going on here for a Monday.  An bunch of characters…some loose talk about the naughty-ness of Nazis.  Whatever.  For me these pages now hold significance because for a year I have been using GIMP to scan/manipulate all images.  Recently though there have been things I’ve had to do that would only cause GIMP to stall and crash, so I took this opportunity to get more comfortable with Photoshop…and MAN!  Somebody should tell the world about this PHOTOSHOP thing!  It’s fantastic!  Anyway, these are the pages where I started using Photoshop full-time and abandoned Gimp.  You served me well, free shareware.  Salute!

   ALSO:  Didja know this is the last week of the DAILY GOAL SKETCH?  I did when I was drawing it.  That is why I went a little over the top on this one.


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #6–pgs 10 & 11, also: “Go to Hal”

   Despite my hatin’ last time, I DO like that MJ jacket on 80’s Fleming.  Man…I can’t wait for the action figure line…

   As for IAN ANTHRAX…Running with my ‘drawing my friends because I’m not too imaginative’ theme of this issue, I decided to model Ian on my friend QUILLAN ROE (who I’ve gone on at length about before).  In the years since my original drawing of Quillan/Ian, Q has gone on to grow long, flowing Freedom Hair and gotten some boss tattoos.  I think I may have to give Ian a make-over…

   ALSO:  Photoshopped in post…


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #6–pgs 8 & 9, also: “Don’t hurt Juno!”

    Ahem…I wrote this story about a year before MJ died, and literally pencilled page 9 just five days before his demise.  By the time I got to inking it  weeks later I was really torn about whether or not to include it.  I was sick of MJ and his music long before the air left his surgically altered lungs.  This jag was meant to be jab, not a posthumous homage.  IT’S MEANT TO BE HATIN’!!!  I’M HATIN’ ON YOU, MICHAEL JACKSON!!!

   ALSO:  I bet you know my inspiration for this one…


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #6–pgs 6 & 7(of 27), also: “Three for the price of one”

    I was very happy the day I doodled Anthrax Island.  Both because it look neat, and because it reminds me of COBRA ISLAND and the sweet ‘Cobra War” storyline from the original series of G.I.JOE comics.  That was great stuff.  Thanks, Larry Hama.

   ALSO:  You may have noticed that I only refer to the client at work as…the client at work.  Legally, that the most I can say.  But if you were a master detective like ROBIN’S boss, you could probably figure it out. 



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