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The Young Earth Chronicles–part 9(of 12), also: “Hoodies 4 U”

     Thinking up the departments on floor 33 was probably my favorite thing I did in this whole 12 page cycle.  Also, have you noticed the hand-done greytones are gone?  Thats a pretty good indicator of where my level of commitment on this project was.

   ALSO:  As BUD BURGY keeps pounding out CONTINUITY GUY: CHRONO CHAOS pages so we can meet the deadline of having the print version of it available by SATURDAY, MAY 14th, it’s time for other things to fall into place.  One thing is that LANCE WARD just handed-off an AMAZING fully-painted cover which I cannot wait for you all to see.  The other stuff is stuff I have to do.  So the first order of business was finally getting around to offering official CONTINUITY U hoodies, just like Continuity Guy wears–and they now exist for your buying pleasure!!!  See:


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE # 1/2–part 4(of 6)–by STWALLEY and DANK, also: “Continuity Guy” Ker-splosion!

  The way STEVEN STWALLEY wrote page 6 the bickering Flemings were the forefront of the action with the Atlantis Lad/Remote business going on behind them.  Well, maybe if I was a better penciller I could work all that in to 6 panels, but I ain’t.  Instead I focused on what I thought was the thrust of the gag–Atlantis Lad’s mental debate about watching TV.  In the end I think I worked out best this way, and in fact if I hadn’t written the above Steve probably wouldn’t even know I butchered his script.  Ah well.  As for page 7…well, this is just the tip of the weird iceberg that is this story–and not too soon with only 5 pages to go!

   ALSO:  As you may know, BUD BURGY is currently in the process of bringing my script for CONTINUITY GUY: CHRONO CHOAS to life, and over the weekend Bud pumped out FOUR ALL-NEW PAGES for you to enjoy.  Check out the story today.


Manly Tales of Cowardice #7–part 8(of 12), also: ‘Continuity Guy : Chrono Chaos’

   It really is just that easy to walk away from a crash.

   ALSO: Don’t forget to check out the latest page of CONTINUITY GUY: CHRONO CHAOSthe graphic novella-in-process written by myself and drawn by BUD BURGY.  Bud is up to page 14, and starting there would be crazy, so why not start from the beginning and enjoy!


Manly Tales of Cowardice #7–part 2(of 12)

   Mmmmmm…Talking heads…. Anyway, the action starts up again on the next page.  In the meanwhile, check out the latest beautiful page of CONTINUITY GUY: CHRONO CHAOS by myself and BUD BURGY.


Arnold the Super Cardinal–part 10(of 11), also: Black Friday @ ‘The Source’

  Let the above be a reminder to ye:  At least once a week go check out the amazing work BUD BURGY is doing bringing to life my script for CONTINUITY GUY: CHRONO CHAOS!!!

  ALSO:  This Friday–NOVEMBER 26th aka “BLACK FRIDAY“– I will be at The Source Comics and Games helping to promote “SUPER HEROES, STRIP ARTISTS, and TALKING ANIMALS” by BRITT AMMODT.  I don’t have any actual details beyond that, but hopefully I will by Wednesdays post.


TC: FCBD–part 11(of 12)–by Bastian and Dank, also: “Teenage Choas!”

BASTIAN:  Bob and I had done some give away pieces to Jimmy Jams in the past, where we’d take a Marvel event book and condense it down to 6-8 panels on 1 page. At the risk of being egotistical, they were the most hilarious things ever. It was nice to use that same concept here in the story. Also, I would buy “Iron Fist’s Weekends with Carl” in a second.

DANK:  The ‘CIVIL WAR’ sequence was fun to do.  Neither Brian or I knew many of specifics about the story, so it was all based on a third-hand account Wiki entry Brian read.  I also like coming up with little gags like the ‘star’ on Mark’s Captain America suit. 

BASTIAN:  More scary evil chanting. If we were kids, my mom would have banned me from playing at your house. It’ll be more apparent on the next page, but I love the continuity on the globe, with the western hemisphere on the front, and the eastern on the rear. It really shows your dedication to your craft. Or something.

DANK:   After all my joshing of of WORLD WAR HULK beginning with my one and only trip to JIMMY JAM COMICS in 2007, I did actually READ the ‘WWH’ trade before drawing this for reference material.  It was about as stupid as I thought it would be.  Romita Jr’s art was pretty rad though.

ALSO:  Another fun page of CONTINUITY GUY: CHRONO CHAOS is up!  Guy is in some hot, teenage stew courtesy of myself and BUD BURGY!


TC: FCBD–part 8(of 12)–by Bastian and Dank, also: “False Witness” #4 gets reviewed, and be sure to check in on ‘Continuity Guy: Chrono Choas’

BASTIAN:  Hey kids, do you think that history is boring? Well it’s full of atrocities like cannibalism. You just need to do a little more research than what’s in your school books. Remember that for your next school report. Or find a movie that’s based on a horrible world event and write the report on that. Today’s classes are too crowded for anyone to really check up on your work. 

DANK:  All this flashback business serves two purposes–1) to clue in any “new” readers, and 2)to cram in more of our over-flowing cauldron of story ideas.  Over-all it was fun to draw since I got to work in the murder of BOB LIPSKI and the kid which I’m pretty sure wasn’t in the script. 

BASTIAN:   I love those skeletons. I’ll say when a script calls for death or gore, you don’t dink around. Bravo.

DANK:  FUN FACT!– Brian and Bob would debut these books every year during Free Comic Book Day at JIMMY JAM COMICS in Rochester, MN where Mark worked/managed.  In the time between when we started this issue and when FCBD occurred Jimmy Jam closed up shop, so we had to give this book to Mark when we saw him at Spring(nee Micro)Con.  Wait…that wasn’t that fun of a fact.

   ALSO:  The 4th issue of FALSE WITNESS: THE MICHELE BACHMANN STORY is now out, and some reviews are starting to come in!   CITY PAGES and Comic Book Resources’ ROBOT 6 both did nice little promo things, but the real deal is the review on THE TALKING POINTS MEMO.  The reviewer liked it despite himself!  Nifty!  As for my role in this issue…Well first off the whole issue was drawn by LUPI McGINTY and JAMES POWELL.  James inked all his work on the ‘flashback’ sequence, but I did all the inking on Lupi’s ‘God in the Bar’ sequences:

   Lupi, James, BILL PRENDERGAST (the writer), and I all did the ever-changing backgrounds, though I ended up doing a majority of them.  KEVIN CANNON also did the brilliant opening page (and let me tell you it was AWESOME seeing Kevin’s rendition of Lupi and I’s ‘God in the bar’ sequence).  Finally, I (and my friend Photoshop) did the Wrathful God back cover:

   I have done work on all four issues of FALSE WITNESS, and I can say without a shadow of doubt this is the best issue both in terms of art AND story.  I highly recommend you go BUY IT  TODAY.  Hell, buy all 4.  They are totally worth it!

   AND AS IF THAT WEREN’T ENOUGH:  I honestly can’t believe the outstanding work BUD BURGY has been doing bringing my script for CONTINUITY GUY: CHRONO CHAOS to life.  Seriously.  His best work ever.  Hands down.  So be sure to check in on Continuity Guy and company every week.  I’d say right now is a prefect jumping-on point for new readers, but honestly these stories never make too much sense until about 5 pages to the end.  But it’s a fun ride getting there!



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