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the “lost” guest artist pin-ups: CARLOS MERINO

   CARLOS “the Los” MERINO has done a ton of awesome MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE pin-ups over the last year, so many so I thought I had got to them all (evidently NOT).  Carlos is mind-boggling talented (as even his pencils show) and I’m so glad he made that fateful trip across the pond so we could meet and be friends.  Thanks for everything, Los!


‘The Los’ gets danked

  I’ve been lucky enough to feature the work of CARLOS “THE LOS” MERINO before on some sweet MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE pin-ups.  Well a few days ago I saw Carlos in the flesh and he gave me the original art to the pin-ups linked above.  Not only that but he had a few unfinished pencil sketches, one of which I was able to get from him under the promise that I would ink it.  And that’s what you see above!  Love the helmet!  Fleming needs to wear one more often.  And let this Fleming Hazmat image prepare you for the weeks to come when the ALL-NEW, INTERNET-EXCLUSIVE “Manly Tales Of Cowardice” #8 debuts!  See you Monday!


The ‘Los’ vs ‘MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE’ vs ‘commerce’

  Like I said last time, I’ve gotten several MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE pin-ups lately, and the primary reason for that is Co-Conspirator and friend CARLOS MERINO sent me FOUR at once!  

   Carlos actually showed me all these pin-ups in his sketchbook at the beginning of summer.  And then he went back to Spain and disappeared for several months.  fortunately he’s returned safely, however in the interim this Atlantis Lad pin-up was the only one I could remember.  So glad I could see it again, not to mention:

   I know I haven’t posted MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #7 yet, but (*SPOILER ALERT*) the ‘FLYING HAZMAT’ gets totalled in that issue.  After seeing this pin-up though…I think when I get around to giving Fleming a new flying machine it’s going to look a lot like the one The ‘Los drew.   I’m also a huge fan of the goggles.  Don’t plan on adding those to the comic, but I’d sure did a pair for myself.  

   The gang is all here, and looking pretty sweet!  But really, it’s all about this final pin-up:

    Only a good catholic boy like Carlos could come up with a tag-line and image so disturbing.  It so encompasses everything MANLY TALES is about–and it’s so fantastically dark.  Fantastic stuff!  I almost feel like I need to make a t-shirt of that or something.  OH WAIT!  I DID!   Carlos image (done with his permission, or course)–along with some other classic STAPLEGENIUS images–are available NOW only $12.95!  So go to the official STAPLEGENIUS.COM(ics) ‘COMMERCE’ page–I got’s bills to pay!   Thank you once again Carlos for such a vast array of wonderful imagery.  I owe you one…or four.

    Up next:  October begins on Friday, and with it–a Halloween spectacular featuring TOMMY CHICAGO, demons, and zombies courtesy of BRIAN BASTIAN and myself.  And the on Saturday…24 HOUR COMIC DAYCatch all the action of we brave many here in Minneapolis at our official blog.   See you then!


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–pgs 32 & 33, also: “Attack of the ‘Los” and “Take That, Gordon Purcell”

   I’m still not sure why the SONS OF LIBERTY would make love a part of their taught skills, but it was the 1700’s, and it was ‘anything goes’ back then.  Also, everything about Ben Franklin’s son is true…except the part about him marrying our heroes. 

   Also:  The end of last week and start of the weekend kinda sucked due to medical BS.  Everything is fine-ish, but whatever…I wasn’t really ready to start the weekend over until I saw this following piece of awesomeness by Conspirator and friend CARLOS MERINO:

   Thanks for the great surprise gift, The ‘Los!

   FINALLY:   Todays Daily Goal sketch is easily in my top 5 favorites:


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–pgs 8 & 9, also: retrospecticus–“Iron and Candy” Cankeratures

     My favorite part of doing this bit was grabbing arm-loads of my favorite DVDs and drawing them.  This will also be remembered as the point at which I gave up and just decided to coast on Joss Whedon’s coat-tails.

    ALSO:  Last Friday (April 30th, 2010) several of my CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY Conspirators and I drew “Bad Caricatures” (or “Cankeratures“) to help raise money for our good friends at the ALTERED ESTHETICS GALLERY.  Things went very well!  The Cankeratures alone raised $200!!!  All drawings were done purely by donation, with many people only throwing in a buck or two.  Needless to say, we did LOTS and LOTS of drawing that night.  And it was pure fun.  So here’s a Retrospecticus of the evening done in photos, words, and doodles…

   The fundraiser more or less started at 7pm.  Things were slow for about 15 minutes or so until people caught on to what we were up to.  We warmed up by drawing each other (“We” being L to R: KEVIN CANNON, LANCE WARD, STEVEN STWALLEY, DAN MURPHY, and CARLOS MERINO).

DANIEL J OLSON soon showed up to join in the fun.

As did RYAN DOW.

And MIKE TOFT!  But sadly…

…Altered Esthetics Exhibitions Director KRISTIN THOMPSON devoured Mike’s head as a part of the annual human sacrifice AE performs in order to assure a successful fundraiser.

AE’s Head Priestess JAMIE SCHUMACHER blessed the sacrifice, and then the cash started rolling in!!!

LUPI dips her brush-pen in the inkwell that is Mike’s skull and then joins in the drawing fun.  And now…some satisfied patrons of the arts:

The Cankeratures were scheduled to end at 10pm.  When I had to leave at 10:30 the scene looked like this:

So yeah…a pretty huge success!  I’m pretty sure we’ll be doing things like this again soon.  Oh…and in case you noticed the wall of Cankeratures we did of each other behind us, here’s some closer looks:

What?  Those aren’t close-up enough for you?  Well, here’s some awesome Cankeratures of myself, wife, and kid to wind this up:


Me by DAN MURPHY.  That’s right, kids.  The trademarked/living joke facial hair is gone…for now. 


Me by STEVE STWALLEY.  This might be my favorite one, and only because Steve complimented my ever-greying hair.  Flattery will get you everywhere.  But enough about me.  My wife is convinced that NO ONE can draw her, so she threw down the gauntlet (and a few bucks):



The LOS.

And KEVIN CANNON bats clean-up!   Finally, my step-daughter was actually able to sit still for over 30 seconds, and here are the awesome results:

There’s the LOS again.  And last but certainly not least (since it’s one of my favorite drawings of the night):


An amazing LUPI Cankerature that was all a part of an amazing night, and I can’t wait to do it again soon!

COMING UP ON WEDNESDAY:  95% less content.


SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE–24 Hour Comic 2009–Covers! Continuity Guy! Carlos!

cover--godless, communist edition

   Ok, I lied yesterday. We’re not quite done with SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE and 24 Hour Comic Day 2009 yet.

   After the event was over…days after…I got down to doing some covers for the inevitable print edition.  I actually did the front cover twice.  And for purities sake I tried to sticking to the 24 Hour ethos and did each cover in an hour timeframe.   I’m not 100% satisfied with the above front cover image, but I wasn’t satisfied with my first attempt either.  I think I need to do it one more time and combine the text of the above with the image from this:


    I’ll bet you can even do that sort of amalgamating on a computer nowadays.  I’ll have to hire a 6 years old to show me how.  Anyway… I think it was Plato who said “If there is a front cover, there must be a back one too, dummy!”  So here’s that:


   As you can see, my back cover is a “cover” of the GI JOE comic I used as a random idea generator during 24 Hour Comic Day.  Pretty clever!  Well…not really, but I have an excellent back-up plan.  See, towards the end of the event Conspirator CARLOS MERINO (who literally puts the ‘International’ back into INTERNATIONAL CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY) handed me the following awesomeness:

Me, as seen thru the bleary, tired, Spanish eyes of Carlos Merino

   I’m not sure what Carlos means by “I COMMAND THIS EVENT”.  I think he’s trying to say I am the local ‘organizer’ of 24 Hour Day.   That, or after 24 hours of being awake, I was literally trying to steer Book Arts.  Who can say?  And by “LUCKY” I think he means he’s grateful I didn’t resort to cannibalism. 

   So, that’s that done.  And don’t forget to check out this weeks page of CONTINUITY GUY, the graphic novella I wrote and BUD BURGY is carving into wonderfulness.  One of the ‘STAPLEGENIUS FOUR’–the mythical and hermitic NELS himself–makes a cameo!



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