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UG v. TC v. MTOC–by BASTIAN, LIPSKI, and DANK–pg 35(of 60), also: “The ‘TRANSFORMERS: BUMBLEBEE’ Commemorative Tattoo”

The UPTOWN GIRL vs TOMMY CHICAGO vs MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE crossover from 2008 was written by BRIAN BASTIAN, pencilled (and inked) by BOB LIPSKI, and inked (and pencilled) by me.   Brian and Bob are here to join me for some reflections on this project:

BASTIAN: Mr. Klaw is the only supporting character from our books to appear in this story. I think when I wrote it I put a big note that it was an optional page, and if we didn’t have room we could drop it. I’m glad we had room, after the Fleming hits on Ruby bit, this was probably my favorite gag.

LIPSKI:  This is (obviously) Rocketman’s boss.  His name is Mr. Klaw and first appeared in an issue Brian wrote.  Rocketman works for Walls Mortgage which many people think is a take off on Wells Fargo Mortgage but the name is actually taken from three different places:
1) one of the worst people I’ve ever worked had the last name of ‘Walls’
2) a little nod to Pink Floyd’s landmark album
3) when I started ‘Uptown Girl’ I worked for a company that had a very lame slogan we had to say at the end of each phone call.  I spent a long time trying to think of something equally as lame.  After days of pondering I came up with “Walls Mortgage-you can’t have a house without walls”.  I still laugh at that.

DANK:  Ok…like I said yesterday, this is my FAVORITE PAGE OF THE BOOK!  Why?  Well cause 1) Bob really did some great layouts, 2) I enjoyed the hell out of inking it, and 3) it features someone who has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the story.  On the COVER to this story we jokingly showed several characters from each series who have nothing to do with the actual story contents (except Mr Klaw).  I think if there is any downfall to this crossover is that we went SO OUTSIDE of each series.  We really should have had more pages like this one, and more interactions with each books larger casts.  Ah well…thats what sequels are for. 

  ALSO:  There is no Daily Goal Sketch today, and it’s all ZANDER CANNON’s fault.  As you probably already know Zander wrote a TRANSFORMERS: BUMBLEBEE mini-series for IDW (the last issue of which is out RIGHT NOW!).  As you then also know, Zander made ME a character in the story.  What you may not know is that despite how the artist CHEE has been drawing ‘Lt. Dan-O Klonowski’, he was SUPPOSED to look EXACTLY like FLEMING HAZMAT…but in a beret.  See Zander not only writes the story, but he also does layouts of the story, and thats what the artist gets as a ‘script’.  These are easily the coolest scripts I have ever read.  Zander essentially draws mini-comics that get turned into highly ‘realistic’ mainstream books.  Anyway…like I said CHEE never really got the Hazmat right with ‘Klonowski’.  The closest he came to what Zander wanted was this:


…and that was in issue one.  And by the end of that issue (and for the rest of the series) CHEE ditched the shades and the beret and Klonowski was just some generic guy with a pencil moustache.  Whatever.  Now what you REALLY may not know is that when Zander got this writing gig he told me about his plans for Klonowski.  My immediate response was: “AWESOME! You do that and I’ll get a tattoo of a panel from one of the issues!”  This may have been a bit rash on my part, but I committed to it there and then.  So of course when the artwork finally rolled in and Klonowski was not the Hazmat awesomeness Zander and I were hoping for I was a bit crestfallen.  But I decided to stay true to my word.  So instead of getting some of CHEE’s scribbles put on me permanently I asked Zander for a ‘finished’ version of my favorite panel of his ‘script’:

   This panel appears in issue 4 (like I said, go buy it TODAY!), and proceeds the ‘MONEY SHOT’ of the whole series.  Anyway, yesterday was my birthday, so I got myself the bestest birthday present ever:


UPTOWN GIRL vs TOMMY CHICAGO vs MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–by Brian Bastian, Bob Lipski, and Danno Klonowski–pg 27(of 60), also: “When Zander says ‘draw’, I say ‘How fast?'”

The UPTOWN GIRL vs TOMMY CHICAGO vs MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE crossover from 2008 was written by BRIAN BASTIAN, pencilled (and inked) by BOB LIPSKI, and inked (and pencilled) by me.   Brian and Bob are here to join me for some reflections on this project, and man are we getting tired…

BASTIAN: Ooh! Cosmic!

LIPSKI:  Look at that Kirby Krackle. Nice work Danno. Panel 2 was difficult to draw, but I was pleased at how differently the characters looked from the waist down.

DANK:  Are those Kirby Krackles?  Kirby Krunch Puffs maybe.  I’m pretty sure I was once again pretty liberal with this page.  Bob had drawn the Irish Beyonder in panel one, the feet in panel 2, and the *POOF!* in panel 3.  I pretty much did everything else. 

   ALSO:  D’OH!  I forgot all of last weeks DAILY GOAL SKETCHES at work on Friday, so I don’t have one for you…but I do have something else!  As you probably know, my buddy ZANDER CANNON wrote the still ongoing TRANSFORMERS: BUMBLEBEE mini-series from IDW which just happens to feature a character who has the same name as me.  As a way to thank Zander for that (as well as several pin-ups he’s done for me over the years–including a new one I’ll show you next week–and bringing the joy of the PENTEL POCKET BRUSH to my life) I recently bought Zander a ‘Thank You’ present.  As much as Zander LOVED what i gave him, he asked that I try my own hand at drawing the Transformer who is currently paying his bills.  How could I say no?  So may I know present my first ever attempt at drawing a robot in disguise:


UG v. TC v. MTOC–by Bastian, Lipski, and Dank–pg 19(of 60), also: “BumbleBee #3” for realz this time, and “John Byrne I ain’t”

The UPTOWN GIRL vs TOMMY CHICAGO vs MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE crossover from 2008 was written by BRIAN BASTIAN, pencilled (and inked) by BOB LIPSKI, and inked (and pencilled) by me.   Brian and Bob are here to join me for some reflections on this project:

BASTIAN:  Ok, so when Bob and I created Jimmy he was a master of disguise, and also as bald as Patrick Stewart (he’s the first bald guy I could think of.  Feel free to insert your own favorite bald guy).  His disguise abilities have been sorely under used, and I don’t think I’ve mentioned his baldness before this moment (or since).  But it is a nice way to show that this..uh..guy, has that cosmic awareness stuff that’s so popular in your space beings nowadays.

LIPSKI:  Jimmy is bald??  I knew that.  Brian and I tried to do a ‘Tommy Chicago’ comic about ten years ago and it went nowhere.  But we did have an origin for Jimmy worked out.  His dad “went out for coffee” right after he was born, ashamed and angry at having a perfectly bald child.  Forever scarred by his dad leaving, Jimmy wears a wig to hide his shame.

DANK:  I don’t find it so shocking that Jimmy is bald.  When I saw the color cover to this issue and Jimmy’s wig was BLOND is when I got shocked.  Having never seen a color TC picture before I always assumed it was brown–ergo the heavy inks on it.  Whoops.

  ALSO:  Despite what I (and “new comic books shipping this week” sites on the internet ) may have said last Wednesday, TRANSFORMERS: BUMBLEBEE #3 comes out TODAY!   This ultra “LT. KLONOWSKI”-heavy issue was written by my buddy ZANDER CANNON and drawn by CHEE.  A good thing about this whole mix-up is that I can tease you with another page from the comic in question…

  FINALLY:  Meh.


UG v. TC v. MTOC–by Bastian, Lipski, and Dank–pg 14(of 60), also: “BUMBLEBEE #3”, and “Jim Lee touches lives nearly everywhere”

The UPTOWN GIRL vs TOMMY CHICAGO vs MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE crossover from 2008 was written by BRIAN BASTIAN, pencilled (and inked) by BOB LIPSKI, and inked (and pencilled) by me.   Brian and Bob are here to join me for some reflections on this project:

BASTIAN:  I love that Fleming and TC have this conversation while still fighting. Another thing I love is this is at least the second time I’ve written TC saying “Jimmy, make a note:” and we see Jimmy with a notebook, actually making the note. I never actually imagine him doing that when I’m writing. I just think of him making a mental note or something, not carrying around a notebook. So every time I see it, I think of how awesome it is, and how one day we’ll have to explore the mystery of Jimmy’s notebook.

LIPSKI:  As soon as we finished this gargantuan task of a comic we started thinking about the sequel.  Don’t tell anyone but this story was sort of based on ‘Secret Wars’, another Marvel mini series.  Wasn’t it?  Brian?  I think?  The characters are transported to a distant planet and are given a task by a mysterious entity.  That was the plot of ‘Secret Wars’, right?  Anyway, I had pitched the idea of Tommy Chicago waging war on Atlantis in order to then save the day-against himself-and therefore being able to use Atlantis Lads for disposable sidekicks.  The idea came from panels 2 and 3 on this page.  I had it all worked out when I pitched it Brian.  He politely listened.

DANK– Boy am I sure glad Brian didn’t go for that.  Atlantis Lad provides some of the best gags in MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE and I sure would have hated loosing him to TC.  And about the headlock thing…like I mentioned yesterday I added that.  The original layouts were of TC and Fleming kinda shooting the breeze just panels after fighting (the action of which I had also amped up).  I figured at the very least they’d still be ticked and maybe glove-slapping one another.  But a headlock was easier to draw.  Now you know.

   ALSO:  The almost ridiculously ‘LT. KLONOWSKI’-heavy third issue of TRANSFORMERS: BUMBLEBEE mini-series by ZANDER CANNON and CHEE  is now available at your local comic shop.  Here’s a taste of some Klonowski goodness that awaits:

   FINALLY:  As a kid I always dug Gambit, but I don’t know that I ever drew him since Jim Lee had made his costume too detail-laden for my tastes.  Anyway, thanks to the Daily Goal Sketch I was forced to.  And it was fun.  I have no idea what I was so afraid of:


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #0–pg 14(of 23), also:”Bumblebee”#2, and “Mr Stark smells like booze again.”

    How ironic was is that I drew ‘drowning’ as a random word to kill an Atlantis Lad with?

   Also:  We’ll get back the First Family of Comics tomorrow, but first drunken, smelly, bloated old Tony Stark got moved up a notch on the ‘Master List’ due to news of the IRON MAN 2 trailer–which I’ve seen, but my client hasn’t.  He grills me about it everyday now.

Finally:  IDW’s TRANSFORMERS: BUMBLEEBEE #2 by ZANDER CANNON and CHEE comes out TODAY at a comic store near you and features the return of “Lt. Dano Klonowski”.  SOME of you have been giving me a hard time about my questionable actions in regards to how I helped dupe the Autobots in issue #1.   Let me be clear about two things: 1) Despite most accounts, I am NOT really a cartoon myself, and 2) That was issue #1.  Give me time to learn the error of my ways!  I’m only human.


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #4–by Brian Bastian and myself–pg 13(of 24), also: “Bumblebee #1” comes out today!!! (and Clayface makes a brief cameo)

Issue 4 of MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE was drawn by myself, but written by BRIAN BASTIAN (whose characters from his book TOMMY CHICAGO are guest starring).  Now our thoughts on this page:

BRIAN BASTIAN:  This is probably the 2nd biggest action scene in the comic, woo.

DANNO KLONOWSKI:  I think you meant “action”, Brian.  And I know I intentionally designed Fleming so you’d never see his eyes or mouth(which ARE there), but looking at this page right now I can’t help but wonder “How the hell does he eat, anyway?”
BASTIAN:  I really can’t think of anything else to say for this page.  Maybe it’s a side effect from writing out 5 pages of commentary at a time, or maybe the readers deserve a break from my constant whining.
KLONOWSKI:   My friend Matt recently told me he has no idea whats going on with this blog, what with all the “backwards” page order(as you scroll down) and the commentary and the random superhero drawings.  Not that I’m whining, mind you.  I think it’s funny.  We could post chapters from MOBY DICK at this point and I don’t think anyone would be the wiser.
   Also:  Issue #1 of the “TRANSFORMERS: BUMBLEBEE” mini-series from IDW comes out today. 
    To be honest, I don’t read Transformers comics and probably wouldn’t normally recommend you buy them…unless you’re really into Transformers.  IDW also seems to be doing a decent job of making licensed comics–if you forget that whole ANGEL debacle they have going on….and believe you me, I have—so if you’re into reading the furthur adventures of your favorite TV shows and movies (“GALAXY QUEST”, anyone?), this might also be a comic of interest to you.  But here’s the 2 shampoo simple reasons why BUMBLEBEE #1 interests ME:
    1)  It is written by my buddy ZANDER CANNON (who is also writing IDW’s “STAR TREK: TNG: GHOSTS” mini-series), and
    2)  One of the main characters is a military man by the name of LT. KLONOWSKI!!!
   That’s right!  Dear, sweet Zander worked me into the TRANSFORMERS universe **(The Generation:1 universe, that is.  The “good” Transformers universe).  This is basically a childhood dream come true.  And the dream just gets better and better–wait until you see issue 4 in March! 
    So, yes…please go out and buy this mini-series.  I know Zander would appreciate it, and I’m really, really hopeful Lt. Klonowski will be such a hit he’ll get his title.  Who wouldn’t want to read that?
   Finally, I did a Daily Goal Sketch yesterday that totally makes up for (in my mind, anyway) the awful one I did Monday.  So here’s Clayface (THE BATMAN version.  Not my choice.  I always dug the BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES look to him):
  ** Technically, “Dan-o Klonowski” makes his debut in “TRANSFORMERS: ALL HAIL MEGATRON” #16.  So if you’re a Klonowski completist (and who isn’t), you should pick that up.  My favorite irony about that issue is that Decepticon leader Megatron doesn’t actual make an appearance anywhere within the pages of a comic called “ALL HAIL MEGATRON”.  WTF?!



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