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As I mentioned in my pre-LUTEFISK SUSHI post from August 6th, BRITT AAMODT’s book “SUPER HEROES, STRIP ARTISTS, and TALKING ANIMALS” will be available soon.   Britt’s book is a collection of essays on contemporary Minnesota cartoonists (complete with the comics the produce!) and features myself, collaborator BRIAN BASTIAN, several of my fellow Conspirators, and whole bunch of other cartoonists whose work I really admire.  So basically, this is pretty awesome!    The book won’t be out until NOVEMBER 15th (just in time for X-MAS!!!), but you can PRE-ORDER your copy today.   Britt has been doing some promotional stuff for the book including a 2-part radio documentry, a video about BIG TIME ATTIC, and she’ll be sharing a table with myself and some other Conspirators at the TWIN CITIES BOOK FESTIVAL on OCTOBER 16th!    Listen, watch, and attend, and then READ when book is finally released in November!Here’s the official copy:

Superman soared out of a Depression-era America desperate not for just a hero but a superhero to prevail against the crushing realities of life. But as comic book readers escape into a rich world of words and pictures, it’s easy to forget the slumped-over figure at the drawing board—the cartoonist, who may live in Metropolis for much of the day but still calls Minnesota home.

In Superheroes, Strip Artists & Talking Animals, Britt Aamodt coaxes twenty-three contemporary artists from Minnesota’s burgeoning cartoonist community to talk about one of America’s most colorful, irreverent, misunderstood, and sometimes demonized art forms. The cartoonists’ work spans comics, graphic novels, comic strips, editorial cartoons, minicomics, and webcomics. In their careers, these artists have conspired in the death of Superman, envisioned an interstellar space cop network, devoted an entire strip to a dead chicken, and created a Third World dictatorship that felt awfully familiar to contemporary American readers. Along the way, the cartoonists share their stories of breaking into comics and the realities of an industry that has hit pay dirt in Hollywood with comics-based movies but is witnessing the migration of strip artists from paper- to web-based publications. Follow them in this fully illustrated book as they draw their future, frame by frame.

Artists include: Kirk Anderson, Ken Avidor, Terry Beatty, Big Time Attic: Zander & Kevin Cannon, Will Dinski, Patrick Gleason, Peter Gross, Christopher Jones & Melissa Kaercher, Dan Jurgens, Ryan Kelly, Reynold Kissling, Danno Klonowski/Dank!, Bob Lipski & Brian Bastian, Roger Lootine, Doug Mahnke, Gordon Purcell, Brittney Sabo, Zak Sally, Barbara Schulz, Tim Sievert, Andy Singer, King Mini/Vincent Stall, and Steven Stwalley.

Britt Aamodt is an arts journalist specializing in pop culture, visual arts, and artists. She founded the radio theater troupe Deadbeats On the Air and has adapted graphic novels for radio.

  • By: Britt Aamodt
  • Format: Paperback book, 240 pp., 8 1/4 x 10 3/4, 150 b&w illustrations
  • Publisher: MHS Press (November 2010)
  • ISBN 978-0-87351-777-5
  • 28

    MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #5–pgs 4 & 5(of 45), also: “Big Time Documentry”

        This issue already has more action in it than the previous 4, plus all the spin-off material (24 Hour Day, Free Comic Book Day, and crossover specials) combined.  I think MANLY TALES is really more about talking and character development and INaction than anything else, so pages like these are really going to be far and few between.  Although issue 7 (which I’m over a third of the way done inking as I type this) is one big action sequence, so I’ll make up for all the gab now and then as the series progresses.  Also, revisiting these pages makes me realize I really need to figure out a way to bring King George back–this guy just rocks as a villain.

       ALSO:  During C2E2 word spread that a documentry starring ZANDER AND KEVIN CANNON had been released.  This mini-doc was done to  pre-promote BRITT AAMODT’s upcoming book “Superheroes, Strip Artists, & Talking Animals: Minnesota’s Contemporary Cartoonists”.  Well, if you look real close at the doc you might catch a glimpse of a “FAR ARDEN” pin-up I did, along with works by many other beloved cartoonists (both local and not).  And when the book comes out, if you read real slow you might even find a whole bunch of crap about me as well…



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