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a BIG ILLUSTRATION pin-up break

Big Illustration Party Time auction piece

Big Illustration Party Time auction piece

     “MONKEY MOD and ATLANTIS LAD vs SNOW ZOMBIES” by Danno Klonowski    

     Those who know me know I love podcasts, especially ones about the art of making comics. One such beloved podcast is BIG ILLUSTRATION PARTY TIME ( with Kevin Cross and Joshua Kemble. Anyway, in addition to content  BIPT has some of the best production value in the podcasting world…that is until their microphones blew-up a week or so ago.

      Josh and Kevin are typical Americas in a financial crunch these days and don’t have the cash to just run out and buy new microphones, so instead they are asking for donations from listeners. In addition to asking for straight-up cash infusions, there is also going to be an art auction of original work done specifically for this cause which you should be able to bid on soon (you can learn more about the auction and see all the submitted pieces so far at:

    My donation piece (above) is of Kevin’s MONKEY MOD character teaming-up with ATLANTIS LAD to fight snowmen zombies. FUN!

   On an unrelated note: my friend, co-Conspirator, and once and future collaborator BUD BURGY has started his own wordpress blog where you can see all the fine work he’s done and will be working on in the future (including a project i just wrote and he’ll being doing the art on) at:

   So again, to learn more about the auction, be sure to check out these awesome podcasts and websites: , ,  and



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