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PHENOMENAL TANGENTS–pg 15(of 26), also: Mike Sgier sets sail…

pg 15

pg 15

   After reading thru STEVE’s script and working out characters and all that, this was the page I was most looking forward to doing.  All in all, I like how it came out (though that rat/mouse is a little weird).

   ALSO:  Today is a sad day here in the Minneapolis cartooning community, for MIKE SGIER is moving today.  Mike is a talent cartoonist with lots of irons in the ink.  When I met him about 2 years ago he was working on completing his masters–MASTERS!!!–in comic book art from MCAD.  He was being academically advised by ZANDER CANNON and was working towards finishing the first few issues in his series THE BALLAD OF TOBY AND SARA.  Zander advised Mike join up with the CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY, and he did, and thats how we met.  Mike quickly became a pillar of the Conspiracy and could be counted participating in every meeting and project, and was always a delight to see him there.  After graduation Mike went to look for a job (in THIS economy?!) and had to put TOBY AND SARA on hold, so he did the only thing a sensible person would—he started a weekly, full-color WEB COMIC!!!  That web comic is SUPERNOVA LULLABY, and like everything Mike does it is full of heart and talent and his love of the medium. 

    I will dearly miss seeing Mike at jams and things like 24 Hour Comic Day, but will always look forward to seeing his new work via the old innernets!  Incidentally, Mike is moving to Philadelphia where hopefully he’ll start a new Conspiracy Cell.  They’ll be lucky to have him.  I’ll leave you with a wonderful pin-up of ATLANTIS LAD Mike did for me and I was planning on saving for issue six, but see no reason not to post it now…



    Hope to see you soon, Mike!



pg 2

pg 2

      …To Be Continued….

     Yep. One page today. But what a BIG REVEAL!
     In the event you’re new to the series and read the last couple MANLY TALES and wondered how it was Atlantic Lad kept dying and then kept showing up, this story *MIGHT* explain that.  (SPOILER ALERT: Ok, it does.)
     There were a couple of key criticisms(comparisons to other comics/shows/etc)  I got about MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE after the first issue that I knew I had to deal with right away. The first of which is Atlantis Lad.
    Obviously, if you have a character who keeps dying and coming back the accusations that you’re just stealing from SOUTH PARK’s Kenny is inevitable.  I think the key difference between Atlantis Lad and Kenny is while both are killed off repeatedly for comic effect, Atlantis Lad has a REASON he keeps coming back thats not just a play on the status quo of cartoons. Yes, I have a PLAN for Atlantis Lad. And While this won’t even really start to come into play until issue seven, the many deaths of Atlantis Lad will have an over-all effect on the entire series and the world these characters inhabit. For all I know Kennys deaths eventually meant/lead to something, but frankly I’ve only seen the first couple of seasons of SOUTH PARK and a handful of later episodes.
     Yes, SOUTH PARK is a good show, but no, I am not “ripping it off”.

a BIG ILLUSTRATION pin-up break

Big Illustration Party Time auction piece

Big Illustration Party Time auction piece

     “MONKEY MOD and ATLANTIS LAD vs SNOW ZOMBIES” by Danno Klonowski    

     Those who know me know I love podcasts, especially ones about the art of making comics. One such beloved podcast is BIG ILLUSTRATION PARTY TIME ( with Kevin Cross and Joshua Kemble. Anyway, in addition to content  BIPT has some of the best production value in the podcasting world…that is until their microphones blew-up a week or so ago.

      Josh and Kevin are typical Americas in a financial crunch these days and don’t have the cash to just run out and buy new microphones, so instead they are asking for donations from listeners. In addition to asking for straight-up cash infusions, there is also going to be an art auction of original work done specifically for this cause which you should be able to bid on soon (you can learn more about the auction and see all the submitted pieces so far at:

    My donation piece (above) is of Kevin’s MONKEY MOD character teaming-up with ATLANTIS LAD to fight snowmen zombies. FUN!

   On an unrelated note: my friend, co-Conspirator, and once and future collaborator BUD BURGY has started his own wordpress blog where you can see all the fine work he’s done and will be working on in the future (including a project i just wrote and he’ll being doing the art on) at:

   So again, to learn more about the auction, be sure to check out these awesome podcasts and websites: , ,  and



    MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE is a mini-comic I started producing in 2007 (after a quasi-false start in late 2006—more on that later), and in that time I have produced 5.2 regular issues, several specials, and some short MANLY TALES for anthologies.

    MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE is about the comedy/”action” adventures of one FLEMING HAZMAT—the world’s foremost adventurer, treasure hunter, and paranormal investigator—and his team, BETSY ROSSBOT—a robot with the brain of revolutionary Betsy Ross—and ATLANTIS LAD—a fish boy intern from the lost city of Atlantis.

     While MANLY TALES mini-comics can be purchased from me in person (or if you want to order some send me an email: staplegenius at yahoo dot com), I will be posting the ENTIRE RUN of the MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE series in chronological order on this blog starting today.

    So why should you read them here?  Well…hopefully you haven’t read them before (thats the idea, right?) , and even if you have, you should know I will be posting here the “Special Edition” of the MANLY TALES.

    That’s right! MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE in it’s intended vision—with greytones!!!   I may even fix the spelling mistakes….|No promises, though….

    So here we go. The “Great Work” begins today.

     I will attempt to post a page or two a day from here on out, and given the amount of pages already done, I have about enough content tp get us into 2010.  And I’ll be posting some “directors commentary” along the way.  I’ll take breaks to post other fun stuff, too.





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