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“14 Year-Old Genetically-Altered Martial Arts-Trained Slugs #1″–(part 3 of 3)–by Dan Murphy and myself, also: “Podcasticus Rex!”

And now…the thrilling conclusion…

   WHOA!  CONTINUITY NIGHTMARE!  So I guess the next SLUGS story I’m going to post next–14YOGAMATS 2: “Secret of the Salt” (our TMNT 2 parody)–actually was done before we did this story.  Oops.  Now that Paprica Spice reference isn’t funny at all!   Yeah….that’s why it’s not funny…  Ok, just one more 11 page epic SLUGS tale and I’ll have all this out of my system.  Thank you for your patience.

   ALSO:  My friends and local cartoonists LANCE WARD, BUB BURGY, ATHENA CURRIER, and TED ANDERSON have started a radio show called “THE GEEK REPORT”, which is all about the local indie comics scene, as well as the ‘bigger picture’ in the geek world.  Technically the show isn’t on the radio yet, but it will be soon.  In the meanwhile, they have been doing ‘test’ shows which you can download as podcasts–and I’m on the latest episode!!!   It’s good clean listening fun.  AND my friend SARAH MOREAN also has a new indie comics podcast going called THE CROSS HATCH PODCAST, and you can find that on itunes.  So there you go–some good listenin’ for you while you toil away at the art desk (or whatever it is you do when listening to podcasts).  ENJOY!



    Very rarely these days do I enjoy opening the mail.  It’s mostly bills and collection agencies looking for the people who owner the house before us.  But sometimes, just sometimes, you get something really amazing out of nowhere:

   WHA!  Out of nowhere!  The very awesome ATHENA CURRIER of the delightful “ACTION ATHENA” webcomic sends this living encapsulation of the fun had at the  LUTEFISK SUSHI ‘D’ opening.  It also came with a very flattering letter and coolest confetti ever:

   Thanks a million times yourself, Athena!  Some Athena Fun Facts:

1) Her webcomic ACTION ATHENA updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

2) She does a weekly indie comics news round-up on THE DAILY CROSS HATCH.

3) She is also now a co-host of new radio show THE GEEK REPORT–which you can listen to online HERE!

   Oh!—and I think we Cartoonist Conspirators should all get hidden tattoos of the Conspiracy logo with the following written around it:


Right on, Sister!



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