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3: Countdown to C2E2

C2E2 begins Friday in Chicago, and I’ll be there mooching table space from co-Conspirator DANIEL J OLSON.  To prepare for this show there are few new projects I’ve been working on…

   Here’s the new cover for MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #2, featuring the new streamlined look and KEVIN CANNON’s sweet logo.  You’ll be able to purchase it, the issue it encapsulates, and the 5 other issues of MANLY TALES (all with new covers) in one affordable package at C2E2.

      ALSO:  I know you’re probably sick of hearing about this, but the CONTINUITY GUY graphic novella will be making its second ever appearance at C2E2.  Not only that, but CG artist BUD BURGY will be on-hand as well!!!  He’ll be bumming around the table with Dan and I, or at JUSTIN “SPANKY” CERMAK’s table, or with AMADO RODRIGUEZ, or trying desperatly to get Carrie Fisher’s autograph.  So pick up one of the few copies left of the first printing–  Only 5 bucks!!!  Why 5 bucks is worth the wrap-around KEVIN CANNON cover alone:


PLUNGER-MAN–by Ryan Dow and myself–pg 1(of 11), also: I-CON is this Saturday

pg 1

    Long ago, BUD BURGY and AMADO RODRIGUEZ unleashed the anthology MUSCLES AND FIGHTS on an unsuspecting public.  Shortly after, they threw a gallery show/release party at DIAMONDS COFFEE SHOPPE (home of the MPLS Cell of the INTERNATIONAL CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY).  At the show RYAN DOW was displaying the originals from his wonderful story of a life both wasted and blessed making comics.  As much as I liked Ryan’s art and the greytone magic he works on it, when I saw those originals I had but one thought:  “MUST…FILL…IN…BLACKS!”   A month or two later we found ourselves at FALLCON 2007, and I asked Ryan to pencil something to see what it would look like if I inked it.  And here that is:


   Some more time went by, some more MUSCLES AND FIGHTS  came out, and we eventually found ourselves chatting seriously about teaming up for what became the story you are about to read in full for MUSCLES AND FRIGHTS (aka MUSCLES AND FIGHTS 4).  In the end the art chores broke down like this:  Ryan wrote and pencilled it.  I lettered and inked it.  Then Ryan went back and glammed it up with his fantastic greytoning skills.   And now, some thoughts on page 1:

RYAN DOW:   This was the most unnecessary page of the whole story.  I was trying to go for a Golden Age-style start with an action splash page from the middle of the story (which then transitions to the beginning of the story).  But it just ended up being a lot of redundant exposition.  Alliteration is always fun, though.  I am kicking myself for not calling this, “The Curse of the Porcelain God,” but it had already been inked by the time I thought of that.  Great inking by the way, Danno!

DANNO KLONOWSKI:  Yeah, the writing may be a bit redundant on this page, but it’s still loads of fun.  I can’t imagine it starting any other way.  Thanks for the compliments on the inks.  Right before I did this story I had inked BOB LIPSKI on a 60+ page crossover story, and when I say ‘inked’ I mean I basically redrew the whole thing with my brush pen (sorry, Bob).  So when it came to Plunger-Man I made a very concerted effort to actually INK what you drew.  Sure I added a few details here and there, but I think I did all right staying true to your original lines.  It was lots of fun.  I also inked this whole thing while “watching” TV at night with my wife and kids as a way to save time.  What this really means is I remember inking this, but couldn’t begin to tell you what was on the TV during these couple weeks.

  Also:  RYAN, DANIEL J OLSON, KEVIN CANNON and myself will be in ALTOONA, IOWA this Saturday (Nov. 7th) for the I-CON comic book convention (it runs 9am to 5pm).  Come on by if you can.

*** BTW: just cause you’re getting the PLUNGER-MAN milk for free, you should still totally buy the MUSCLES AND FRIGHTS cow.  It’s full of a ton of great stuff from some wonderful creators.  But…you don’t have to take my word for it.


SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE–24 Hour Comic 2009–pg 10(of 24), also: ‘CONTINUITY GUY’ and a pin-up by AMADO RODRIGUEZ

pg 10

pg 10

   OK,  so here we go with another AMAZING STAPLEGENIUS.COM(ics) ORIGIN STORY!!! : 

   As I was “writing” this story in my head on 24 Hour Comic Day, I decided to have SMV fight a Right-Winger who shops at the Godless Communist Co-op.  This stems not from the ridiculousness of such a situation, but rather because my own local godless communist co-op who supports nothing BUT a left-wing lifestyle–including their almost comically leftist magazine racks at the checkout–would not carry copies of FALSE WITNESS: THE MICHELE BACHMANN STORY.  I was told there are evidently some conservatives who shop at my co-op and they don’t want to offend them…with one product…out of the thousands to choose from. 

     Anyway, when I came up with the scenario I decided I would name the character CLAY BERTRAND–which you may recognize as the alias for CLAY SHAW who was one of the conspirators in the JFK assassination (if you believe that kind of thing).  Also cause my  friend Matt Risnes and I always laughed our asses off at Tommy Lee Jones reading of the line “CLAY BERTRAND” during the scene of his arrest in the movie JKF.

   Well as 24 Hour Comic Day wore on, I finally got to the pencilling/actual writing phase of this page (a couple hours in to the event) I completely blanked on what I was going to call him.  My mind raced and raced, but the name CLAY BERTRAND was gone.  So instead I named him REICH after KEVIN REICH, a great progressive fellow who is actually running for City Council here in Northeast Minneapolis. I wish him all the best, and should he somehow not win(unlikely) I will fully take the blame that this very comic was the stake in heart that did him in.  So…don’t forget to vote….whenever it is people do that. **


BUD BURGY will have TWO new pages of our CONTINUITY GUY graphic novella up this week, and they are sweet! 

Also, AMADO RODRIGUEZ of MUSCLES AND FIGHTS fame did this amazing MANLY TALES pin-up:


  Amado also did an equally awesome MANLY TALES pin-up two years ago at FALLCON which will finally see the light of day next month when MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #6 is printed! (You’ll have to wait awhile until it’s online here)

   Is that enough content for a Wednesday?  See you tomorrow.

**November 3rd.



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