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MATT CHICOREL vs ‘MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE’, also: ‘GEEK REPORTICUS’, and’When Cartoonists go camping…”

  One of my favorite things about doing a series like MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE is seeing other people’s drawings of the MTOC cast, and I’ve been lucky enough to get lots of said drawings.  Recently I got a whole slew of’em (yay!).  The first came from Milwaukee cartoonist, ‘MUSCLES and FIGHTS’ co-contributor, and a guy I feel I can (after a weekend of hard-core nerd partying) actually call a friend–MATT CHICOREL:


   You might remember Matt from some rad LOST jams we did together last spring.  And while he lives far away, there is always a chance you might be seeing us do something else together in the next year or so.  Maybe.. Just sayin’…

   ALSO: It was a big weekend for me!  Not only did I get to hang out with some friends and guest host on their THE GEEK REPORT  podcast (with special guest/old friend ALEX KUNO) I also went camping with some of my other friends for the 1st ANNUAL CARTOONIST CAMPING TRIP.  Not surprisingly, all hell broke loose:

   So yeah…I was pretty drunk…and I’m MOSTLY sure events didn’t go down EXACTLY like that.  For instance…

  Here is KEVIN CANNON and I enjoying each others company–about 10 beers and a couple of glasses of Lemonade/Root Beer/Whiskey concoctions before the ‘pretty lights’.  So who else was nearly killed you may be asking…

  ATHENA’s “BOOTH BEARD” JASON , myself, ATHENA CURRIER, LARS MARTINSON, KEVIN CANNON, JAMIE SCHUMACHER, BRITT HAMMERBERG, LUPI McGINTY, and SARAH MOREAN (Click on their links to your immediate right for more on them and their wonderful works.  NICK, MARK, and STRAWBERRY MAMA not pictured).    Thanks for fun times, gang!  Can’t wait for next year!  And thanks again to MATT CHICOREL!   YAY FRIENDS!


“BIG FUNNY” is tonight…”STORY TIME” is tomorrow

     It’s finally here! Tonight! 7pm! ALTERED ESTHETICS GALLERY (!

     At BIG FUNNY you will be able to buy as many copies of BIG FUNNY as you like for only $5 a pop! As Alfred E Newman would say: “CHEAP!”  (You can also buy it online at, but the shipping is pretty spendy.)   

    At BIG FUNNY there will be lots of beautiful art on the walls–and lots of it is for sale, perfect for displaying in your own home!

    At BIG FUNNY you will be able to buy boxes of LITTLE FUNNY from the AE vending machine for $2!  CHEAPER!!!  And if you don’t know, LITTLE FUNNY is a box that contains 6 randomly inserted ultra-mini-comics.  There are 30+ LITTLE FUNNY comics all together, so if you try buying 5 boxes of LITTLE FUNNY to collect’em all, you’ll probably get doubles–just like packs of baseball cards!!! …We’re such jerks…

     At BIG FUNNY you can buy one (of the only 150 copies) of DAVID STEINLICHT’s ( new collection of his Friday comics he does for St Paul’s PIONEER PRESS newspaper.  The collection will run for $15, and is over 260 pages!  Again…CHEAP!!!

    At BIG FUNNY you will be able to buy booze and eat spaghetti!  CONFUSING! 

    At BIG FUNNY you will be able to view vintage videos of newspaper production!

    At BIG FUNNY you will be able to do all this and MORE! 



   And then the next day–SATURDAY–at ROSALUX GALLERY ( my friend ALEX KUNO will be premiering a ton of all-new and deliciously creepy paintings as a part of the two-man “STORY TIME” show.  The other man is NICK HOWARD and his pen and ink drawings are equally creepy, but in their own and different way.  

   So Friday have some laughs–BIG FUNNY laughs!–and Saturday its time–STORY TIME!– to get creeped out by art.  I hope to see you at both!


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–the Super Fantastica short–pg 3(of 4), also: I’m an “Art Hound” on MPR tomorrow

pg 3

pg 3

   …Concludes Tomorrow…

We’ll get back to that page in a second, but first…

***Tomorrow on MPR (91.1FM) at 8:25am and 4:44pm I will be one of Minnesota Public Radios “ART HOUNDS”(it will also be online, and I’ll link it tomorrow when it’s up).  “ART HOUNDS” is where local artists promote local art shows that they themselves have nothing to do with, and tomorrow I will be promoting ALEX KUNO’s “SPRINGTIME FOLLIES” show at the SooVac gallery ( The show itself has been open since June 6th, but it runs until July 26th so if you’re in the Minneapolis Uptown area you should check it out. Or if you miss that, Alex and NICK HOWARD will be doing a delightfully creepy show called “STORY TIME” at the Rosalux Gallery in August (  Enjoy the beautiful horror!

***Back to the MANLY TALES….As I mentioned on the post for page one, this story was originally a title (“THE REVENGE OF SANTA’S GHOST”) with no actual story formed in my head other than the fact it takes place in the Arctic/North Pole.  What was I to do?

    Well, a few weeks before sitting down to do this story I had finally watched “AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH” on DVD.  I had put off viewing AIT not out a sense of trying to ostrich myself about how we’ve doomed the environment, but more because while Al Gore was on the tour doing his Inconvenient speech a co-worker had mine had gone to see him here in Minneapolis.  She returned to work the next day and basically laid the whole thing out for me. Most of it I was already aware of, but some things she told me made me want to just give up on the spot.  So yeah…this stuff really depresses me.

     Anyway, when I finally got around to watching AIT on DVD it (no surprise) really bummed out.  Shortly thereafter I decided to this story.  After trying to beat around some ideas about Santa’s ghost and vengeful elves and rabid reindeer I realized: 1) This would be more than four pages (which was about all I could get done in the allotted time),  and 2) it really wasn’t working anyway.  So I had to come up with something new.  And in my post AIT depression I thought “Geez, even if there was a Santa his workshop would have probably sunk to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean by now.”  And strangely, this made me smile.  Then I remembered that during AIT I cried like a toddler who had skinned their knee during the animation of the polar bear drowning, and I realized that Fleming(despite his seemingly black heart) probably would have had the same reaction.  You throw in a frozen Captian America joke and a four page story was born!

     So I just wanna take a moment to acknowldge Al Gore and all his work(  I think I speak for the world when I say: “Thanks for bumming me out, man. I needed that.”


MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–issue two–pg 4, a contest, and art shows you should attend tonight/this month

pg 4

pg 4

    …To Be Continued…

    A CONTEST!!!  —  Ok, not counting the 2 obscured pictures (one behind Fleming, one behind a word balloon) there are 14 items visible in Fleming’s artifact chamber.  The first person to correctly identify all 14 will WIN the ORIGINAL ART from this page, AND you’ll be featured as a character in the upcoming MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #6 (due sometime this year).  The contest will run until JULY 1st.  If no one gets all the 14, the person with the most correct guesses wins.  So post your guesses on the comment section (I will delete your message as soon as I read it so no one else can profit from all your hard work).


    ART OPENINGS/SHOW!!!  —  Both of these open tonight and run during June/July. Go see’em!:

  1)  ALEX KUNO’s “SPRINGTIME FOLLIES” 6-9 p.m. today, free. Soo Visual Arts Center, 2640 Lyndale Av. S., Mpls. Ends July 26, free.    612-871-2263

the person with the most amount will win. In the event of a tie, a coin will be flipped.     Send your guesses to:    danno    at    staplegenius   dot    com

  2) ALTERED ESTHETICS “BIKE ART IV”  7-10pm. today, free.  1224 Quincy St NE, Mpls. Runs thru June, free.  612.378.8888



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