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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB LIPSKI!!!…you as well, Green Goblin…

   Hey everybody,  today is “UPTOWN GIRL” creator  BOB LIPSKI’s birthday!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOB!!!  To celebrate, I ‘m going to push back the Ryan Dow “tribute” comic a couple weeks and instead bring you today the cover and first two pages of the previously unseen:


     There are lots of stories that go into the origin of this tale,  but let’s start with why this story–which was done in early 2008–has never been seen until now.  Well, in the last few years I have taken part in two UPTOWN GIRL stories which have been deemed by Bob as “unprintable” in the UPTOWN GIRL canon.  One, which Bob has the possession of the original pages for (damn him), involved me killing-off UPTOWN GIRL in about the most horrific way possible.  Bob swears that one will NEVER NEVER NEVER be seen by another living soul.  The one I’m running here isn’t so terrible in content.  Some things implied in the following story were deemed just a little to questionable for the family and kid-friendly UPTOWN GIRL comic.  I can accept that.  But this is the internet, and it’s anything goes here, baby! 

     So may I present the long-delayed and even-longer-in-actually-getting-around-to-doing-in-the-first-place UPTOWN GIRL/STAPLEGENIUS crossover (more on that in a minute): 



    The reason I chose to do a UPTOWN GIRL crossover that actually has nothing to do with UPTOWN GIRL or any other main cast members of UPTOWN GIRL, but rather three obscure characters from early in the series run, is because TRASH looks exactly like a character I used to do regularly pre-MANLY TALES called “LIEDERHOSEN PUNK”.  So much so that one day my friend Matt and I were at much-missed Lake St. DREAMHAVEN COMICS.  We were standing in line and Matt said: “Hey Danno, what’s Liederhosen Punk doing on the cover of that comic?”  THAT COMIC he was referring to was the new issue of UPTOWN GIRL (#4, I think) which was on a stand next to the cash register.  I was dumbfounded!   The was a homage/rip-off (who knows which???) to my comic and no one had told me.  I asked the guy running the register if he knew who did it and he said: “Yes. I did.”  That man was of course birthday boy BOB LIPSKI.  So I went and got a copy of STAPLEGENIUS “It’s War” from the mini-comic area and showed Bob the eerie similarity.  As it turns out Bob and I had both been highly influenced by the punks from “THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS” when we designed our characters. We had a nice chuckle over this, and have been friends ever since.

   Anyway, I believe it was at this point (2003, mind you) I said “Hey we should do a crossover of these characters.”  I continued to toy with this idea for several years, but never did much about it.   Then in January 2008 Bob, BRIAN BASTIAN, and myself got together and did the UPTOWN GIRL vs TOMMY CHICAGO vs MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE crossover (to be posted here in 2010).  When it was done we were all juiced for the idea of doing a sequel.  But our schedules wouldn’t permit time for that for another year or so.  I was still inspired from “inking” over Bob’s 50-some pages of pencils and decided instead I’d go it alone and did this 11 page yarn over a couple weeks while “watching” TV at night with my family.  I also drew it mostly in Microns and Sharpies to give it that ‘danno pre-brush pen’ look.   It was a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoy it.  So be back tomorrow for more, and I’ll let you know in a couple days when we get to the ‘dirty’ parts.

   Also, my client is now 3 for 3 on his Daily Sketch goal.  So may I present his latest selection, The Green Goblin:




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