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14 Year-Old Genetically-Altered Martial Arts-Trained Slugs–pin-ups from then and now by Dan Murphy

  DAN MURPHY and I had bigger and better plans for the 14YOGAMATS (including an issue of a “company-wide” crossover series about how much we hated these two fat tracers in our middle school), but nothing ever came together after the 3 tales you just read (though the introductory tale of that crossover was made. But you’ve been through enough with these SLUGS comics, so I won’t bother you with that anytime soon…or ever).  Dan did a few pin-ups here and there though, and here’s a pretty cool one that has survived the sands of time:

    With all this recent SLUGS business Dan felt compelled one night to revisit the gang, and the results are pretty sweet:

   How cool is that, huh?!  Being the nostalgic bastard I am my first thought after seeing this was that 2011 marks the 20th anniversary of Dan and I collaborating together, and how cool would it be to make a collection of what we did back then with our “modern” takes on our old characters.  Will anything come of that sweet drunk talk?  Who knows, but I still think it sounds like a good idea.  What do you guys think–you up for a trade of barely legible comics 14 year olds did mixed in with a few sweet pin-ups like the one above? 

    Anyway, thanks for putting up with this trip down memory lane for the past couple of weeks.  As for the immediate future…well I’ve come into possession of some pretty amazing pin-ups that friends have done lately that I’ll share,  a couple of things both old and new I’ve done, and then come October we have a COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN with a monster and zombie filled TOMMY CHICAGO yarn by BRIAN BASTIAN and myself.   After that I imagine I’ll get my upcoming 24 Hour Comic posted and then I’ll FINALLY get back to posting some MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–including the ALL-NEW issue #8!!!  Remember to check in every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY for all that and MORE!  Thanks for reading!


14Yogamats 2–by Dan Muprhy and myself–part 4(of 4)

   Regrettably, DAN MURPHY and I never did that TMNT 3 parody…in fact now that I think about it, I never even saw TMNT 3.  What have I done with my life?!?!?

   Ok…one more SLUGS post and then I’ll stop wasting your time with this stuff forever.


14Yogamats 2–by Dan Murphy and myself–part 3(of 4)

   OH SWEET JEEBUS!  What a climax!!!   Anyway…if I ever travel thru time I think I’m going to stop by and give a young DAN MURPHY a ‘visual dictionary’.   The weird, highly inaccurate woodtick and salt pellets I can forgive, but LEACHO just makes no damn sense.  But neither does this script, so consider us EVEN!


14Yogamats 2–by Dan Murphy and myself–part 2(of 4), also: “CHRONO CHOAS” continues!

  So when TMNT 2: SECRET OF THE OOZE came out my friend(and future inspiration for SUPER-MARKET VIGILANTE) Josh went to see it opening day.  As we were waiting to get picked up by one of our moms, DAN MURPHY and his brother arrived to catch the next showing.  I probably went on and on about how great it was.  Looking back…it was no INCEPTION.  Anyway, Dan went in to see the movie and Josh and rounded out the waiting by standing near a kid who had a key-chain thing that said different swears when you pushed different buttons on it. “FUCK YOU!” “KISS MY ASS!” “EAT SHIT!”  were made audible over and over and over and over.  It was about the best thing ever.  INCEPTION could have used more of that kind of thing.

   ALSO:  Don’t forget–There is an awesome new page of CONTINUITY GUY: CHRONO CHOAS up.  As always it is written by me and drawn by BUD BURGY!


14yogamats 2–by Dan Murphy and myself–part 1(of 4)

Seriously, how cool is it that 14 Year Old Genetically-Altered Martial-Arts Trained Slugs works out to be 14Yogamats???  Anyway, that is probably a lot cooler than what you’re about to endure…A MOVIE PARODY!!!

**   Again–JUST LOOK AT THAT COVER!  My longest-time collaborator DAN MURPHY has had the goods since the start! 

**  MN comic fans will instantly recognize SHINDERS as a haven of 80’s and 90’s suburban nerdiness.  I think at the time we did this the SHINDERS in our ‘burb had just opened…AND CHANGED OUR LIVES!!!  Before this there were 4 separate convenience-marts I would bike to every week to get what was new, and then–like MAGIC!!!–it was all in one place.  That was the last time I ever exercised.

**  Can you find the one glaring inconsistency in these 3 pages?  Is it that Murphy forgot to draw one of the Slugs right off the bat?  NOPE!  It’s that I foolishly decided to draw the missing Slug myself instead of waiting 12 hours to see Murphy at school and have him do it.  I still think that my slug ruins what is a pretty nice page.

**  The posters in the bottom panel are all comic characters Murph and I did at the time.  I swear to god I will NOT post all that crap in the future.


“14 Year-Old Genetically-Altered Martial Arts-Trained Slugs #1″–(part 3 of 3)–by Dan Murphy and myself, also: “Podcasticus Rex!”

And now…the thrilling conclusion…

   WHOA!  CONTINUITY NIGHTMARE!  So I guess the next SLUGS story I’m going to post next–14YOGAMATS 2: “Secret of the Salt” (our TMNT 2 parody)–actually was done before we did this story.  Oops.  Now that Paprica Spice reference isn’t funny at all!   Yeah….that’s why it’s not funny…  Ok, just one more 11 page epic SLUGS tale and I’ll have all this out of my system.  Thank you for your patience.

   ALSO:  My friends and local cartoonists LANCE WARD, BUB BURGY, ATHENA CURRIER, and TED ANDERSON have started a radio show called “THE GEEK REPORT”, which is all about the local indie comics scene, as well as the ‘bigger picture’ in the geek world.  Technically the show isn’t on the radio yet, but it will be soon.  In the meanwhile, they have been doing ‘test’ shows which you can download as podcasts–and I’m on the latest episode!!!   It’s good clean listening fun.  AND my friend SARAH MOREAN also has a new indie comics podcast going called THE CROSS HATCH PODCAST, and you can find that on itunes.  So there you go–some good listenin’ for you while you toil away at the art desk (or whatever it is you do when listening to podcasts).  ENJOY!


“14 Year-Old Genetically-Altered Martial Arts-Trained Slugs #1″–(part 2 of 3)–by Dan Murphy and myself

   For all it’s faults, this little yarn by middle school sized versions of DAN MURPHY and myself occasionally pays off.   Moe’s profile panel on page 6 is pretty nice work by Murph, and having  just read this for the first time in almost 2 decades I can say that last panel on page 7 still makes me chuckle.  So, good work little me–you’re still hitting your target audience!



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