The Collected ‘MULLET CLOWN’ (2001-2004)

So, the call went out into the social mediasphere to see what else people wanted me to post. The one lone voice of was STAPLEGENIUS “Super Fan” DONN HA** who wanted to see more MULLET CLOWN. So I combed the archives, and not counting the grander adventures of IT’S WAR and the such, I was able to put together a 59 page pdf of MULLET CLOWN goodness.  Well…I don’t know how much of it is goodness. It’s old, immature, and in places barelt legible. But if you’re up for seeing the evolution of a cartoonist over 4 years, by all means, check it out.  Also, it’s pretty funny.


** Why is Donn the “Super Fan”? Cause he’s the one who programmed “STAPLE GENIUS!” into the game “5 MINUTES TO KILL YOURSELF!”

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