ZINEFEST is SAT, Sept 22!!! Also: Process of a pin-up

Hey all. So while I’ve been working on things like my LUTEFISK SUSHI E contribution and some other stuff, it has come to my attention I will be tabling at MINNEAPOLIS ZINEFEST 2012in a week! ZINEFEST is 12pm-6pm at Powderhorn Park Recreational Center, 3400 15th Ave S., Minneapolis MN 55407. Admission is free. I’ll be tabling along with cartooning friends like BUD BURGY and zinesters of all kinds. So come by and check it out! In the meanwhile, read up on interviews with myself and other Zinefest exhibitors HERE.

ALSO:  You may or may not be aware my cartooning friends MATT CHIC is currently in the midst of posting his graphic novel EGYPTIAN SHUMBA!  Now, I’ve known about Matt’s work on EGYPTIAN SHUMBA for quite some time now, so about a year and a half ago I thought I’d do a pin-up with his many (10!!!) Night Light Comics gang teaming up with my MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE gang.  So I sketched out an homage to Kirby’s FANTASTIC FOUR #1 cover.  Not being terribly familiar with drawing Matt’s characters I decided I’d start by inking my characters first. So I inked in BETSY ROSSBOT with a Pentel Pocket Brush…and immediatly hated how it looked. So I put the pin-up aside and figured I’d get back around to it someday.   That someday was about 2 weeks ago. With SHUMBA chapters being posted every week I figured now was the time to get it done. The first thing I did was decide to ink initially with the Pentel Stylo before moving onto the Brush Pen, so here’s how that looked at first:

Eventually I Styloed in everyone, added some blacks, and made the monster a menace:

There! I had completed the pin-up. And after a year and a half it turned out pretty good.  The final step was to just scan it in and do some digital tom-foolery, and…

So there you have it!  Be sure to check out Chic’s EGYPTIAN SHUMBA graphic novel as it posts every week (and then buy the book when it’s avaialable)!  So I’ll keep plugging away, try to update this blog more, and in the meanwhile I hope to see you Saturday at ZINEFEST!!!

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